Merry X-mas. Am finally happy.

I guess i haven’t been in a good mood while i’m blogging..but im certainly in a great mood while am Meryy Christmas to all you spacers…
Check out my random clicks…all of them have been taken at home..was just experimenting, trying all those modes- twilight mode/candle light/ landscape blah blah…not too great..but no big deal.
btw who ever is this ‘Provide some comic relief’ person – better leave ur URL or just dont leave any comments at all…if u have a problem with what i feel n what i’m doing u could leave your address and i’ll get back to you if i want to.
PS: m close to 5000 hits..:)
Santa links
Some of the BEST christmas photographs i came on view slideshow:

22 thoughts on “Merry X-mas. Am finally happy.

  1. I tried seeing my leg…but my belly wont let me!! Guess being a Santa has its own share of troubles.u got choc at home!! Mind passing on through a mail attachment?? Please!!Thought of uploading \’Last Christmas\’ but as much as i love dat song, it depresses me!! Christmas is depressing enough why a song to induce more?? And digital wallet is my storage space – my backup CD, memory stick, online & network storage spaces. I give them a name & calling dem Digital Wallet makes sense rite??

  2. nice feet..lolzeven prettier slippers…;)and nope honey it is still SUNDAY…read S U N D A Y..;)tomorrow morning first thing i post ok??until then merry merry merry christmas….

  3. hey chnged it to trick or treat…the troublemakers can come under trsick and the good ones can come under treat..what do you think??if its not good lemme know will chnge it back to tributes/troublemakers

  4. heyi really liked tat night lamp(the two lamps hanging) foto….and the fan shadow pic a lot…..actually every pic is cute…..regardsrajeswari

  5. Hey Sups..A Merry Christmas to you too..Nice pics.. Most of them were.. Well.. \’Kaleidoscopic\’.. :PThe lamp pic was fab..Don\’t have the time to check out the links.. But will do when I get back sometime..& Not another one gettin 5000.. When will it be Me??Lol…Ciao.. & TCP.S: Tomorrow is MODAY!!!… Excited?? Lol..Trust me.. Its well worth the wait… 😛

  6. ok ok .. dont go over cutting them .. hmm!! how abt putting some nail polish 🙂 … haha and ah!! … they better do something abt the security … its really sad … anyway .. merry xmas once again 🙂

  7. hi dost…happy .. ?? good for u… so whats up… and btw how was ur xmas…very well said…this x\’mas i\’ll ask only one thing form my waheguru ji and if he can give that to me that i wont ask anything for the rest of my life…i m gonna ask abt the love n frenship for mankind… coz peace is the only thing that unite us all… dont know when we all will understand this…this life is so short to love people…and we kill them… sad..i hope this sweet year was ok for you and the comin next one will be the best one ever… i pray that the next year will bring peace love and joy for u…saurabh…love from india ….

  8. hey Sups,Elf and I have created this space sort of as our Christmas offering for fellow spacers – to try and help solve fellow computer related problems. Please drop by and if you have anything that need an answer, knock on us :P\’Where shall I begin, please your Majesty?\’\’Begin at the beginning,\’ the King said gravely, \’and go on till you come to the end: then stop.\’ The Hawk

  9. I\’m hear to reclaim my position on top of your list!! I request you to edit everyone name so i will be on op again!! :)And wats with that cheeky dude thing?:P Am i cheeky or wat? *Cheeky Smile*

  10. Hey Supriya,How was marry Christmas? Did the wedding go nicely LOL. I had a fair share of those Marry Christmas greetings here in Bangalore too. My schoolmate has come down here n we are busy swapping stories of mischief and mayhem from good ole school xmas was a blast. You seem to have gone click a blink with your new cam…have fun!Vijay

  11. Merry Christmas sups,Sorry,was just tooo caught up yesterday…:)Pics are awesum man, I especially liked the lamp\’s and the shadow of the fan against the wall…u better start on that photography course now..!Take Care,congratulations on the 5000 hits..and the theme if to ur liking shud be kept…Will drop by againTake care 🙂

  12. Hi sups.. The new color is nice.. n the new pics too!Christmas was good.. i went to the church in the morning.. cooked sm delicious food in the afternoon, and just went arnd the CC with sm frnds in the eve.. overall, it was a great day! 🙂

  13. your place has takena a major turn..i like the chnge suts ur pics…anyways..u need more scenes involving violence…it can be arranged with a ceratin amount of cough cough money cough couhg,,,;p\\warned u we were cheap directors to begin with…lolanyways thx fer the comments…my aim is to please..;)

  14. <!-5k? Looking at your comments count, I\’d estimate it closer to 50k…did I misread??BTW, the candle doesnt mean just candle light, but incandescent light in general…did you fidget around with slow exposures? Thats what is used in my best digicam work…Oh, wishing you a very happy new year in advance!Write On!peregrinus–>

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