Ideas and all that jazz

There are certain moments when you look into the blank screen and wonder how you can fill it up..what you could write you would fill up the page with words. But that doesn’t happen all the time…so this one’s probably my blank blog..a blog about nothing call it whatever you want to…

I had several ideas about my next entry…but none seem to have materialised (keep reading maybe something Will materialise eventually..:P) lol

Talking to few of my friends, there were several opinions- each entry doesn’t have to be Great…its your space- write what you feel (exactly what i am doin)…if you start bothering about the comments- then you’re not writing for yourself….people expecting a great entry each time..n then living upto it….blah blah..

Last week i wrote about trains (somehow that entry satisfied me a lot..there are times im not satisfied with what i write, i just write or ramble..but thats normal..i mean i can’t help but write..if u want a great piece each time then go read a

This time i wanted to write about my old friend’s group..the school group- the nostalgia and all that..pranks…then and now stories..what they were, where they are now..but then maybe im not really feeling all the nostalgia since im with them every alternate day now..holidays etc. Also im certainly gonna put up certain stuff from my old slam books (the ones they filled up in class III, IV,V,X damn i read it out to them and we died laughingg..My childhood friend who cannot read books at all ( probably has Erich Segal’s Only Love on her shelf for the past one year) , writing in my class IV slambook that her fav author is Roald Dahl-lol everybody was into fits of laughter the day i read this out..

Also would have liked to blog about my Dad’s Uncle who loves to be the center of attention (his silly speeches which he gives for religious/community "samajik" gatherings..are sometimes shown on local channels..and he loves talking about which local channel is covering it and at what time..even the hindi newspapers- he makes sure that he is present somewhere in front of the camera for such occassions..*rolling eyes* like we actually would like to hear/see his boring speeches..bragger…and like we care a shit..) And today he kept talking about the malls in gurgaon pronouncing them as ‘maaaals’ lolol

Adventures of my brand new camera could be a nice story

alright i say i have run out of ideas but i have not..this blog might be helpful for future

26 thoughts on “Ideas and all that jazz

  1. you had 101 ideas… humm… and yet you wrote what could be an idea… lolz !!I can imagine the slam books…. must be a good read !! I think with frends you can just sit and laugh about old times… best thing to do in whole wild world!err…and btw… is there any way ur uncle could be reading this ?? lolz…

  2. liked the experiments with your new camera… specially the third pic… and like the fact that you have clean toe nails (presuming they\’re yours in that pic!) *zonked*Peace …

  3. :)Would love to see a blog on ur new camera.Writing doesn\’t happen just like that with me. Sometimes when i am working seriously…there a silly thought…followed by an urge to write about it and I am done within 15 minutes :)No wonder most of it is gibberish.


  5. great ideas sups! plz suggest some ideas to me as well :-p cuz each time i think abt writing on something, i end up writing something similar to a poem on a weird idea! lol

  6. I was warned by Pixie about the rambling!! Jeez…i thought i had the better ramble but u beat me to it really.So you died too huh? *No cheeky but a Villain smile*

  7. talking about jazz .. i just couldnt stop thinking about the other real jazz and ah!! have u watched the movied \’The Terminal\’ … how Tom comes to New York for a promise that he gave to his dad .. pretty senti stuff .. isnt it??and FOrest Gump??? .. thats the best movie ever … 🙂

  8. good enough….im waitin for the blog in which ur gonna read out what everyone wrote in ur slam book…thats gonna be fun…if what i used to write is anything to go by.

  9. oh do send in your queries….i like to pretend i know a lot about things..particularly in the area of photography,:Dalso im flattered that likes me photus.over and out.Ballerinian Me

  10. I dont know Sups…im really not that bothered about the course of my life…its good as it is. I proved myself but wat im looking for is another challenge i guess. May be i shud come back and join Air Force or something as i always wanted to be? I dont believe GF can be that missing piece…i had enough and though i felt good i wasnt peaceful either. Im close to my family but i cant express myself emotionally. Im just going to let it go and i shall come out of this pensive mood soon.

  11. Lol! There seems to be so much of jazz goin aroud,Anyways, u\’ve succesfully made an entry out of blankness too lol! :POh c\’mon, u cant type what we chat about on msn as a comemnt,wudnt i have all the people in my list then!:PTake care 🙂

  12. ahhh! nice way of pullin moi leg sups…….u know im nt in school….these games r jus for havin suspense n\’ fun wich i luv…unfortunately sinz itz final year we included teachers……wat do u xpect 2 do in a gurls\’ college….its hot n\’ happenin place bt u feel borred 2 death if u come from a co -ed institution…tat is my situation… we hav fun n\’ tremendous shows…bt there is somethin missin …. i regret goin there but me n\’ frenz try to mak da the best outa this…still tryin dear

  13. Its just a passing phase…i will be ok much before that i guess. U r right mademoiselle – i will put that link from my blog and will advise viking about that too.So you will publish a link from your space aye? *Cheeky smile* 😛

  14. the first guy u described was a dream guy… brain n brawn and even more … am loving it !!*sigh* ….!! anywayz… so wat topic didcha settle for .. for the next entry ehh ??

  15. Hahah..!I like the last point in Interests ting ting til ling :PPJallu just bought a Nokia N-70..which I whacked in not time..!Muahaha! 😛

  16. nice description…sounds like a dream though…. and looks like u r really enjoyin ur camera….yaar i wanna gift one to myself … but dont know when i m gonna do it… there is so much to spend on and i am just one… eish if i cud spend my money to buy everything i want…unfortunetly things doesnt work this way … and 2 pics i\’ll talk abt are like… the one of ur schandelier..the night bulbs…and the second is ur toes… looks like u r a short gal …lol … no offence…saurabh …

  17. just checked out the pics!good stuff 🙂 keep experimenting !hey u noe wat the other day i had some friends at my place and we jus did the same thing, took out some old slam books n boy we had such a good laugh.. we guys were supposed to sit down and do some work and we jus left it all and jus kep reading n laughin.. there was this one entry which i had made myself int he name of suchmita sen(dont askme why, i dont noe myself) n it was so crappy they cudnt stop teasin me abt it!

  18. So I guess you figured out what to write after all…hehe…nice space btw….now waiting for \’adventures of my brand new camera\’ 😉

  19. Always surprises me by the amount a person can write even without any premedicated ideas.I love going through my slam book. I remember one of my friends had written cockroaches and spiders in the \’favourite haunts\’ slot . Is that silver thingy your camera? Sure looks shiny. But you\’ve got the nokia n series cell!! that is so cool! i\’m so jealous. Love the new profile pic.Happy new year!toodle-oo.

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