Sizzling hot

Its not everyday that you cook (i don’t) and its not everyday that whatever you cook turns out Correct 😀 and Yummy 😀 (unless u count the tiniest mistakes grannies point out).And its not everyday that you photograph your culinary creations 🙂 Me made sizzler yesterday and it turned out absolutely heavenly ( ok obviously i took, sis, servant and grandma giving her wise advice even though she probably detests sizzlers and refused to touch it..apparently it would burn her tongue..she did later on taste the boiled veggies from the putting the food on the sizzler plate would change the taste.)

I hope u ppl can make out what all i’ve put 😛 raided my mom’s recipe books..Corn garlic rice (impromtu recipe-lack of ingredients) the green is broccoli sauce with paneer patties and boiled vegetables. Ahh we should cook more often..only then we’ll get better at it..though standing in the kitchen is honestly a pain. All credit to moms, housewives (grannies..) who toil hard everyday in that dreaded zone.



18 thoughts on “Sizzling hot

  1. and then .. where is the rest of the story ?? .. what happend in the morning ..?? burp! bush!! drrrr… 😛 …ha-ha …anyway .. nice to knw that ur trying to cook … or otherwise .. its gonna be pizza corner all life…:)arunshhh: and ah! me .. right now in Dortmund, maybe for the next 18 months .. then .. hmm!! guess, its got to be … well i dont knw .. and oh! yeah!! … yes definitely .. u must taste my stuff .. especially my bread, egg kichadi sounds funny…but tastes great

  2. Wow!! Take lessons from me and you shall be a better cook. Even your granny wud appreciate you 🙂 Even im going to put some snaps of my creation – bryani, kesari, chopped onions, Pepsi, Chardonnay, hmm…may be ice cubes too?? 😛 :PHappy new yr mademoiselle…me taking break for few days and gonna counts ships and yatchs.

  3. mmm.. sumthin smells good here.nice u cooked.nowadays i neva enter kitchen than 4 myself …\’coz dn\’t want others 2 suffer….newazz happy new year:)tc

  4. hey! \’Prey\’a (err.. or is like cooking .. some times it taste good, and at times the pan gets too hot …lol …wow!! looks like we have been talking abt food for a long time ..and ah! sure .. when u reach dortmund, and if i am still here .. definitely…the egg bread kichadi is all yours…hahaarunshush: and ah! i figured out the problem for my bad blog .. i havent spoken to mom and dad for a month now .. and now that i did .. peace 😀

  5. i want ,,,,i definitely want…recipes!!!… not only looks yum but sounds yum….damn girl…you can cook??…hmmm i dont mind as long as someone cuts everything for me..i just like the mixing..;)AAAND IM honoured..thnk you for the award..hmmm maybe i should start a column..the many awards…lol…neah i hve another column..planned..but evrything after the new yrs….by the way i hve already strted enjoying it…. its beautiful and its scary here…pretty isolated place to host a private prty tho…they r cooking smthing so got time to go online and see whts hppening…with my actors..see if they r faring well…aparently you are so no payment…;phppy hppy new yr cookie(cook)(how mny times hve i wished u already??)

  6. Hey Supriya,You\’ve got us all hungry now…hope you are couriering it over by the next flight n with enough hot pack to keep it sizzlin\’ :)Wishing you a Very Happy New Year! May the new year see your dreams come true and bring a lot of joy for you and your loved ones. Vijay

  7. ooooh .. that looks yummy!!!! i need to go eat out and order a sizzler now! you made me want to order a sizzler at 4.45 am! :Sif i ever come to cal promise you\’ll make that for me! :DPeace…p.s.: i\’m not going nowhere now! 🙂

  8. I will faithfully upload all the photos in my blog. Btw, have a look at my Aloo Gobi too 😛 I told ya…im a better cook than you :DIm singing off!! Catch ya in the new yr.

  9. your home city or town !!!!! my god !! .. its soooo polluted .. and so conjusted .. so many people live here !!!! .. cant you help CALCUTTA !!!! .. by the way .. dnt try cooking … please .. m telling ya !! .. hahah !! 🙂

  10. Yummy!!sumptous it appears..I wud have eaten it all.send some my way and plz dont harass us with such delicious pics.. hahaHappy New Year Supriya. Hope all your dreams fulfill.I wasnt able to get to ur space these days so asked Krit abt u in my comment..Good to get connected with youLoveNidhi

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