gOODBYE 2005

Inspired by Vidya..i’m having my own walk down 2005…though in a different way ofcourse! 🙂

Wedding in the family, a reunion of sorts, everyone from the age of 1-80+ present..memorable event..met my adorable cousins 🙂






Girls evening out on valentine’s day (lol more like dateless..with a guy friend acting driver,date,guardian whatever)





Happy Birthday to me! I decided to treat everybody throughout the day, rains played a bit of spoilt sport and by the time i went for dinner with family i was exhausted and dead tired. (learn from my mistake- dont treat everyone)




Errr what happened in April???




Dark Months begin


Time for hoo. torture, troubles,mugging, cramming, copying, practicals, torture again..practical retest..i passed. phew




Shattered dreams. Face to face with the Real world…ad horrible truths..confrontations..Mess



An extension of June


ps: I start Blogging!




2nd year College begins..



Freshers party and its aftermath- we shook the entire college up..tee he hee

Shifting..we move homes


October /November

Exams again. our college has no work. Bangalore trip 🙂

trip to God’s Village.


Beginning of troubled times.



I found new friends on spaces, guys rock 🙂




Probably the worse month all year..or maybe i’ve forgotten the dark months..




I know you have a lot in store for me..I just hope i have the courage to face everything..

 as much as it sounds moves on right?




cuz as the picture says- Life is the greatest journey we can ever be on.


Goodbye 2005

Damn i wanted to put shots clicked by myself..but time’s not on my side..and nor is the mental


Happy New Year all you spacers.

You all have been Truly Great!




46 thoughts on “gOODBYE 2005

  1. aww this is such an amazing idea..!!been a tough year for u! well tough times don\’t last..tough people do!!i hope you have a fabulous year ahead, and get everything u dream of :)take care

  2. this was beautiful…sniff sniff,,my little girls been thru so much…;)but on a more serious note…amazing post…pictures do speak a thousadn words dont they??…sigh..2005\’s over….2006 …hmmm i think its going to be very..memorable year for me..lots of things going to happen…anyways…the ending of this year bought me new frenz such as yourself…who would hve thought???…anyways yeeeeeessssssss finally…"HAPPY NEW YEAR "…and i hope you will hve the best times ahead of you….no more harsh realities…take care..cookie..;)

  3. nice way to kiss 2005 goodbye! :)) hey have lots of fun and hope 2006 fulfills all your dreams and you and your family enjoy good health throughout and for years to come! take care! 🙂

  4. hi sups..HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U…wat is the theme of latest photos u put up??is it a candle stand…if i\’m not mistaken??Swetha.

  5. hey..a good new year to you too lass..i dont know how you manage to update your blog so often..ill try to keep up…the voices in my head keep telling me to do so many things i get lost sumtimes..nice idea for a season finale post btw..i need more target practice for my photogrphy…maybe soon ill have more to put really lethargic now…which is ironic cos im typing quite a bit for a comment..i go in peace now…to spread some goodwill and joy or just eat summore sweets…iv been on a sugar high since december 20…diabetes looks prominent in my thought for the first of jan..anywayscheerioMe.PS: hope your new year celebrations were good 😀 or as good as mine

  6. Oye!What mean woman?!! Lol :DThis was a really great idea…very pretty and a great way to bid farewell….!The pics chosen r rightly picked!Awesome work:)Abhi also i don have time,jus managed to get 5 mins off,happy new year to u motitoo many reltives and kids arnd.will get back to full time blogging once they leave tomm:Dtake care:D

  7. Yeah Supriya, I work there n it\’s my dream company where, by my work there, I hope to keep it a dream for the generations to come! Help or no help, you defnly took the time out to come up with that sizzler…so well done! It\’s a great idea to think of how the year has gone past when it draws to a close and then prepare for the year ahead with some focus areas. Hey…I\’m good at advice n not gr8 at following it…so no resolutions here…it\’s jus take things as they come 🙂 I hope for you 2006 turns out great…all I can say is experiences good or bad leave us with lessons that can make our tommorrow easier. We can fail n learn when young and live comfortably later or …that\’s too bad to think of. Let\’s just enjoy the experiences n learn what we have to…our tommorrow depends on it.Take care!Vijay

  8. Wowie!! Quite an bye bye. I had mine with ghost stories, liquor and music. And some waterfalls and streams. And some flora. Photos too. :PSaw the comment on Zeros and Ones. For a sec i thought i was reading mine 🙂 Esp the 3 AM email thing 🙂

  9. well SAME have a rokking year head..well..umm same again keep dropping in and u noe what uve become th 2498th visitor so visit 2 more times frm me n itll b 2500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAYYYAYYAYYAY!!!

  10. i hate msn..i made alove ly comment and it got deleted..i hate msn i hate msn i hate msn…their crappy way of greeting us??

  11. well hi babes,i just hope u remember me this time….he he henyways a very happy new year to u too……hope u ve a successful and a prsperous yr ahead………nice blog………cool idea…..i like itluv n lukt.c.ankur

  12. <!-Hell, am I misunderstood or what?!I had not even in my wildest dreams imagined that people would consider my entry to be a form of retribution or an outpouring of my jealousy at the popularity of other blogs – least of all your\’s or Kriti\’s!!!Please allow me to clear this up – I did not even remotely wish to indicate your or anybody else\’s blog for that matter. It was an expression of what I found lacking inside me, an endeavour to change something which wasnt quite right. I have always been a firm believer that any person gets simply what he or she deserves – without exception.BTW, nice entry this, would have been better (as you put it) if you had taken the pics yourself, but its pretty cool as it is!Write On!peregrinus–>

  13. oh by the way abt tht dedication which was questionable once the flattery wearde off……..i mean wats wrong with it……y cant i dedicate if i not no u …… it important for a mother to no her new born b4 she hugs him/her……… ti imp for a person to no a elderly person b4 he/she hlps him/her cross the road…….is it imp for the dog to no its new owner b4 it licks his hand……….or is it imp for u to no tht breeze before it wears off ur tiredness in the evening….or the sunset b4 it sooths ur heart and calms ur mind down………….i guess u must have got the message……..anyways i really felt like dedicating tht sng to u ….coz at tht particular tme i was just thinkin abt u and i can bet it was a deep deep one………and u, for some reason, were goin too high as a lady in my opinion ……specially after tht (forgettin)meeting in ur school…….well fankly speakin i wouldnt have said and tght like this after our meetin in march ( no offence ment)………..bye!!luv n luk,rock onankur

  14. i hope this comment prints damn….i still hate msn…anyways..what i wanted to say was thnk you for your blushing with joy..i love compliments as much as i love insults…haaand i might write more poems im trying to reduce the nonsense level in my blog…and dont worry i dont believe in long flowery words…maybe its cuz i dont know long flowery words..lolanyways cookie where are my recipies!!!

  15. hi su, i couldnt find your comment on the friendship, can ou pls send me the link, and btw do how do you manage to read so many blogs? i found many many blogs linked or netweorked, its like a rabbit hole, the more i go everywhere i see your comments, Wow, wats your daily routine pls, and i think i should start take some tuts from u in rgds blogging 😀 , anyways catch you later. i have very bad memory, im not sure if i had wished you my new year good wishes, but if not, i wish u a great satisfying new year.bye

  16. wokay now im as usual chnging columns..and what are you doing as usual?? procrastinating….lol,,,updaaaaaaateeeeeeee so your truly can comment….

  17. Yea, I do manage to churn up the short ones in a couple of minutes.. bt at times, i sit fr hours and im not able to write anything.. :Dkno wot, i visited swabhumi yest eve n bought some nice stuff.. a bag, a pair of slippers, 2 mugs, n sm junk :Dbtw, when r u cming up wth the nxt one? 😀

  18. Another year gone by….life moves on..I like these sea kinda colors on ur blogAm happy that you are nearing 5000 mark..keep going!Let our spaces be our dens.. I love blogging and have been immensely happy and surprised to know that I am able to write things that I feel..LoveNidhi

  19. no clue……….ny diff.well didnt quiet get wat u ment………do i sound diff…….must be the rising level of comfort…..he he ……..cyarock onluv n lukankur

  20. Hey Sups,Cudnt come here for some time yaar, so read all ur blogs that were waiting to be read. Hmm – some of the snaps have really come well, like the one with those purplish glows.Boout cooking, my Mom gave me just one great guideline, keep salt n sweet rite, add lots of time and love, all you cook is bound to be good. And thts how I cook, twice a week to fill my fridge. And it feels great to experiment every now n then. Its an art u know… and yes I too salute to all those great ladies that spend so many hours everyday inside that room called kitchen!!

  21. hey sups ,don worry it was just the fact tht it was the 1st day of work……as the day goes its gettin more interestin… being a workaholic feel bored if i ve no wrk n i guess ppl at work realised tht ……so i m already on two projects…..1st is a web store and the other is tht of a i pod add on goin to hit the market soon the i load……….i love it when i ve some work and moods also generally nice then…….so is now ok now to call my client so bye………….damn i aint busy ………….!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 ha ha ha ha harock on female,l n lBest RegardsAnkur BhalotiaXponse Technologies Limited, India Website Designing and Website Developement Subservice Line: Project ManagerEmail: ankur@xponse.comYahoo : ankoolin@yahoo.comHotmail: hotmale_ankur@hotmail.comGmail : ankoolin@gmail.comSkype: ankur bhalotia

  22. Do u mean the one where passengers are shown latkofying from one bus, from all sides; and when its shown from back it shows Fevicol? If thats the one then its one of the oldest ads of Fevicol. The Piyush Pandey\’s one of the best creations won the Cannes Golden Lion in 2002.Or is it a new one you are speaking about?

  23. wow !! u did so beautifully !! ahh… an year of lotsa events… happy n sad !! or is it just an year like every other … happy n sad…??!! *humm….*Loved it …. gud idea…nd ya … would have been Greater with ur own shots frm ur own precious one..(camera)

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