Caught out! Worth all the fun!

Unsure. Unenthusiastic.Unexperienced. Embarassed. Clueless.

It was obvious. We did have a bit of an idea, we’d seen others play, this wasn’t really our area of expertise or priority, nor was it the kind of thing we’d generally be busy with…My spirited friends wouldn’t let the other team have a walkover. Eye-ing the open field unsurely, looking at the other team in their tracks and sneakers while we were in the our usual jeans/pullovers and jackets…one or two in salwaars (footwear varying from chappals, sandals, heals, shoes). Someone offered to lend 6 pairs of sneakers since her home was close by. We definitely needed a bit of practise before jumping into the game.

Oh and the guys- now they were very supportive..(well who wouldn’t be if class were on the verge of getting cancelled). There came one of them..being our coach for the day (or a few hours actually) Dragging the others, encouraging them,cheering us, motivating us….afterall the other team comprised of girls too, who would be matching our ‘calibre’ and ‘talent’

Afterall it was just a matter of 8 overs.

And practise we did..practised to make sure the line is correct (forget everything else..the importance of a straight ball, right on the wicket-i realised yesterday), practised catching- one or two were just afraid of the ball flying in their hands…practised how to hold the bat and swing a bit since drives were way beyond our capabilties…actually practised so that we can hit the ball atleast, few of us just missing it

This was our team afterall..and with practise for about half an hour we marched onto the field..cheering loudly..screaming names..getting excited..spirits on an all time high.

Thanks to some great shots by our opening bats-uhh-girl and another experienced player down the middle order (who thank god had played cricket with her brothers) and a special thanks to the opposing team who gifted us a whole lot of wides..we managed 66 runs with a fall of few wickets 5 or 6 i think…(i stuck around for about 3 overs facing a lot of wides…each wide ball, and i followed my coach’s loud shout-Leave it!! Yes sir! ….don’t ask how much i bit more than a duck ;))

Our experienced player turned out to be an amazing bowler and the opposing team couldn’t manage to score the required runs..

So…we won!! Our victory celebrated with the famous huddle and shrieks..

Moments from the match :

  • Our HOD actually saw the entire match and came to congratulate us in the end (hehe)
  • One of our fellow feilder’s bf actually took out his cell phone to record the ‘moment’ when the ball came rushing towards her. The smartie actually picked up the ball and just wouldn’t throw it until the rest of us started screaming from all ends.
  • A big six one of my team mates hit…
  • lol another one actually got out cuz of hit wicket
  • since there was a shortage of bats..we had to manage with just one..:D

But all said and done….we had a blast! Next round awaits our team now…

*all excited now*

College actually ends up being fun for reasons we are still discovering.


34 thoughts on “Caught out! Worth all the fun!

  1. when did this happen !!!!!???????while i was in cal!!?? then ow come i wasnt invited !!.. watching supd play .. wow must have been a treat ..and tht also 3 overs .. 18 balls .. one ball 5 secs ??..then 90 secs .. 1.5 mins !!wow not bad !! … must have been fun nah !!so did you ppl win or lose !!??ahaan .. see you didnt write .. so what shuld i thnk ?? a tie!!?arre you culd have borrowed a bat frm me .. i have 4 of thm .. though i dnt play cricket with any of my bats ..!! haha !!

  2. is it actually fun… sounds damn hilarious and take a cue from the women\’s cricket team..they won the ASIA CUP!!! Cheers!!!

  3. Wow – Wow – Wow!So already in the tourney – eh? Way to gay Sups… now raise ur bar, we need a few more balls and a few more runs next time.And yessss… now when you said, I do remeber the one; Mother finally makes her sit on the fevicol can !! Fav one, Jiyo Piyush Pandey or may be the OM team !!!

  4. now tears geard up reading, i always loved to play, when i was a kid, i was pushed to tutions, when i was in teens i was put in hostels, when i was graduate i choose something else, now life is so buzy that, job and job and ……….thats it….well i will have to say, all these moments are very precious moments, im leaving not to leave some sob comments, but understand that there are people like who loved to do things but the times are against them, so just get out the best of the time, friends, and GROUNDS 😀

  5. Hey Supriya,Ah the new year brings more competition for Sourav Ganguly 🙂 It is enjoyable playing games one is not familiar with as it ends up being great fun n yes…there\’s beginner\’s luck too like I disovered in my snooker/billiards game :)Have fun!Vijay

  6. Congratulations… Congratulations…Glad to witness you hath finally found ONE thing you are good at.. Errr.. Welll..ALMOST!!!! Lol..Anyway.. I was always under the impression girls played cricket pathetically.. That was a shortlived thought..When I was a kid, we played cricket inside the apartment grounds.. & I got bowled by this girl.. (In the cricketing sense mind you.. ;)Anyway, I was shocked coz I didn\’t expect the ball to have perfect line & length.. & I was grinning holding the bat with one hand.. :PMy Bad!!Anyway.. One more congratulations..& Adios..Tc..

  7. I love when gals play sports…esp in a mixed team like the other team i play hockey for :PCongrats and hope your victorious run continue without getting run out. (?)!! :DBtw, elf wants to know who the elf is?? Care doing the honours?? 🙂

  8. daaaaaaaamn….i seem to be starting most of my comments today with word for some wierd reason…sheeeesh…looks like evryones hving fun thts why….sigh….so congratulations…maybe u should have a clip of you playing..or at least some pictures of your team posted..up…well??…;)anyways this gets me all nostalgic and reminds me of the time we played rugby with the guys in the football ground…and it was raining and muddy and i kikced their butts..and tore their uniforms and got a black eye…sigh it was beautiful…daaaaaaaaamn..i hate getting nostalgic…im off to play at least with my siblings…sheeeesh..

  9. sh*t man i should ve been there……god …..tht must ve been a treat to the eyes and tickle to the funny bones……..god 12 females playing cricket…..ha ha ha hahitting sixes and catching and stuff………kul kul kul kul good stuff manh aha ha ha ha ha this is so god damned hilarious………ho ho uff uff grasp…..let me take breath man……i mean too good………..i must also compliment u …….u sure do rite well…..i was into the situation for once…..then realised tht the toilet is actually the toilet and not the pavilion..the cubicls were not the ground……the stands the designers cubicals and seniors cabins – the club house…………you sure can grab attention…….rock onl n l take care,»-(¯`v´¯)-»VelVeT~\\-/~ACid~\\-/~ChriSt»-(¯`v´¯)-»

  10. hi first of all wish u a very happy new year hehe i never had the oppotunity to play but would love to try whn r u giving me my first lesson ??? waitin to hear from ucheersshikha

  11. i just realised that yous aug 20 photographs are just too amazing……too good very kool ideas but u need brush a little on your skill of clicking………rock onl n lt.c.ankur

  12. hey, firstly, CONGRATS on the victory! Keep us updated on how far you reach in the tournament! 🙂 On a different note, well, it was not my intention to make Shanghai sound boring. It has a few sights. But, since i already saw them all. Besides, it is COLD and i dont have any company to go anywhere with. So, makes it extra boring for me! 😀 anyway, Have a Great Year ahead. 🙂 Take care, Bye.

  13. congrats Honey! you did it..Keep up the high fives going!yes college life is all fun for different sort of reasons but I relished school more – you see co-ed school and all girls! so where was the fun??So sweetie keep hitting the ball cheersNidhi

  14. Wow.. sounds great sups.. n u didnt even invite me huh! 😐 playing in a mixed team is always fun.. hehe..Cheers on yr victory! 🙂

  15. YAY YAY!!!:DFinally got time at length to read u!Some memories are fun to capture forever n ever!Cricket is a crazy game…an u guys proved it :PThese r the days….aaahhhh *drifts into dreamland*:DDD

  16. hai supriya…hey just now checked the aug fotos….hey good job yaar….i liked the push the button, parking,temple behind bar,cocunut tree,bell :)….actually everything was cute…rajeswari

  17. college is fun.. have to keep reminding myself tho! 😛 Nice.. happy to see you\’re enjoying yourself… not a huge cricket fan so have no further comments! :DPeace…

  18. >>Is she beautiful? Sups, you have already got both of us in to trouble by suggesting \’other birds in the sky\’ couple of months back. Im not going to answer that question of urs but \’Oh yeah she is very beautiful. The moment i saw her, my heart skipped a beat and i felt that i have realised the meaning of my life. I wanted to touch her but at the same time, i dont want to touch her and adulterate the beauty of hers. Her dark curly hair fluttered and fell on her face and with a beautiful fingers she flipped them off her face. The big black innocent eyes instantly grew when she smiled and when she smiled, it was like thousand lightning bolts\’Ok im trying hard. Sorry for being filimy im watching Shakespeare in love atm. And the best laid plans…check \’in\’ the \’box\’.

  19. lolol..tried playing cricket once with my cousin and his friends. they obviously despised the intrusion of a girl in their game and so to convey their annoyance, they aimed their first ball at my stomach..or maybe it was just bad luck…whatever..great performance..way to go!

  20. This entry took me back in time when i was in college. We were forced into playing for the college. Now i admit I had played my share of gully cricket with the boys from my colony, but when d day arrived we were in surprise. we had to be padded up. ITs one thing we looked like sumos in all that padding up and quite anoter that we were having difficulty walking to the crease. The season ball now that was another cup altogether. YOu cant imagine our humilitation. that day. But in retrospect i find the incident hialrious.

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