You wake up, with somebody reminding you of the time..gently at first, not so gently then on. Drag yourself out of bed, no time to read the newspaper, gulp down milk/juice, a quick shower. Breakfast- depends how much you can force yourself to eat, hunger somehow does not strike you when you are expected to eat. A long,tiring day. Hunger strikes hard in the afternoon-with all the delightful restaurants/road side stalls to choose from. Calculating and ordering. Oh how we have mastered the art, Rs. 5,10,20, 30, or 50. Sometimes its nice to be treated 🙂 Back home, dead and tired. Blogging occupies most of the attention. Television seems a drag apart from a few odd shows which you catch up once in a blue moon. Dinner again is a drag. Books have taken a back seat, or have they just been thrown out of the car?There they lie-the ones unread-seemed irresistable at one point of time, now all you do is read a bit before dozing off at night. Friends, phonecalls and other distractions.
Pray, whatever has happened to your life?

19 thoughts on “Addicted.

  1. Whoo!! Im first to comment 🙂 FIFO :PLife gets boring when its kind of set in to a routine. The excitement gone and them? Pondering and musing about life!! Just come out of that myself realising that life is all about routines. The fixed things we do everyday. I know ppl will advise you to get out there and do some stuff but not everyone ends up doing that. Try to find something exciting to do in between the routines. Do the routines differently. Or pray for an routine that is exciting 🙂

  2. Wow…Ur life sounds.. Well.. Exciting.. & buzzing with activity throughout the day..If I ever did have to write a day\’s events.. It\’ll be filled with ZzzzzZzzzz.. & then some of this.. *Sound of food being chewed*.. & then some of this.. *Sound of fingers clacking away on the keyboard.. & then some more of this.. ZzzzzZzzzzz.. LolErrrr.. I\’m addicted too.. I guess I could say that now.. Coz my mom threatens to lock me in my room & throw away the key if I don\’t get off the comp.. :PAnyway.. Nice Entry.. The books part is sooo true.. I\’ve a lot of unfinished ones actually.. :PCiao.. & TC..

  3. hiya!It a shedule followed by me….!lol/../some one life\’s real fact….its honest portal of someones day schedule..!its seems a good additiction….and one use to be there for …a great way to explain urself..!cia…!

  4. Next months are gonna be harder .. guess the blog heading would then change to \’Dictated\’ .. EXAMS … BOOKS … SCRIPTS … i detest all … 😦 .. arunshush: too much reading induces insanity .. lol ..

  5. haha…tats how my day starts…my dad would be back of me almost everyday.."hurry up…hurry up….oops..i could see my dad commin…byeSwetha.

  6. same here dude.. routined life is so boring! guess wot, i was in offc on sunday too.. hw cruel of these ppl to gimme so much work and call me on a sunday! 😦 😐

  7. Hi Supriya,The exciting things in life wouldnt be exciting if they happenned regularly would they? That\’s why sometimes the ordinary can help us just focus on nothingness unless something catches our fancy again 🙂 BTW not much news about your adventures with your new camera?Have fun!Vijay

  8. hi sups, u no i guess its nice to be busy and some thing to day out…..its actually very nice……ask those who have no wrk the whole day and sit ideal…….he he he hechalo babes,rock on,tc l n lankur

  9. Sooner or later, man will fall into a routine.Be it days of college,work or just being at home..The silver lining happens when we do something to break the habit! Blogging is my way of breaking away…but as long as ur comfy in that routine ,who cares? 😀

  10. sounds familiar.. 🙂 it just seems like life\’s bcom so monotonous at times doesn\’t it? and then i just wanna break free.. i do try n take a break.. go away from the net ..go out.. but then it again comes back.. well most of the times we\’re tooo involved in our lives to even think how routine it\’s bcom.. the best option is to keep urself busy.. really busy.. keep doing stuff, pick up a new hobby.. do something u hvnt done in a while..and hey real bad u got knocked out.. but u sure fought hard 🙂

  11. <!-I couldnt ask for anything better from my day!!Oh well…Is it just me, or does MSN seem to be getting painfully slow??Write On!peregrinus–>

  12. <!-I couldnt ask for anything better from my day!!Oh well…Is it just me, or does MSN seem to be getting painfully slow??Write On!peregrinus–>

  13. know you rock!!!…..sorry i didnt keep in tuch sooner…i needed to get back to the abnormal me…;)i am ok now… dont u worry… my decisions great… the guys sweet and i learning to be monogomous…lolanyways ..i AM NOT STOPPING BLOGGING….why should i?? i still talk too much and when ppl get tierd of me i need to put it down somewhere lol…. besides i dont want to miss you ppl… shhheeesh im getting sentimental here…ignore me….and you take care and will be back online and we can chat then and i will give you details…;)whats happening to my life these days…nothing routine i can tell you!!!….i did feel wht you wrote before….damn you still post great stuff….!! how do you do tht???

  14. after reading your last comment….i pondered a bit..and then summore…..and then i shrewdly deducted that you are of rajasthani origin!!! 😀 coolie…dyu have parents who have those wrinkles near their eyes??laughlines…i think..i love those…guess everyone there gets those because of the regular sun baking et al..i have to go now….3 mosquitoes binged on my legs while i was typing and now i have to settle some scores…t\’

  15. yeah life is becoming huge drab!but that\’s how life is led and goes on……anyways I hate routines; except those of yoga & walks…hmmmm & now MSN blogs..& I have whole lot of books to read but blogging is eating into me & I cant start my day without newspaper..habits!loveNidhi

  16. hey! Iam Prithvi from Mumbai.I liked ur site….its pretty cool..keep up the good job! also,do visit my space..hope u\’ll enjoy it

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