Adult behaviour can sometimes put an immature child to shame.
Its funny that they actually expect people to listen to them after that.
Whats even more dumb is that i end up being an obedient listener to them most of the times.
And then i curse.
Or else they curse..(ok fine they don’t curse…we all know what they say)
Lady Luck and Destiny—-hate these two.
Somehow they are never on my side.
I envy those who enjoy their company.
Opportunities  too evade me, when i need them most..
or is it that i don’t grab them?
even when i do, maybe i end up making a mess of it.
And i should stop blaming myself..anymore..
and stop pitying myself too..
i know all the issues but i’m unable to tackle them–i don’t agree with stuff-
i seem to have lost a lot of my own qualities.

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  1. <!-True, indeed. As for myself, I\’ve stopped believing in luck, I am now a whole-heartedly embraced the Karma philosophy…if something happens to you (good or bad), its beacuse you deserve it…either way everything does happen for the best!I guess you\’d written the lyrics of Sunscreen in one of your entries, listen to it a few times..it will definitely help your mood lighten up…and put a lot of things into perspective..Write On!peregrinus–>

  2. <!-As for updates, if you ever see Indecision – III coming up, assume that there is progress. If not, be assured that the matter has been laid to rest!–>

  3. Hmm.. I\’ve always doubted the Lady Luck and Destiny.. I still do, but, at times, things happen such, that I\’m forced to believe that it was destined!Dunno if things are destined or not.. but I always try to change things related to me and around me.. 😐 It\’s so confusing.. so just let it be and be happy. Let everything happen the way it\’s happening and keep trying to make things "happening" arnd yrself.. 🙂

  4. Hey Babes,two things – 1> you can analyze the situation pretty well…altough u do it late….but u still manage to do it ……!gud very gud 4 u….the same with the dedication <eyes rolling> remember lol2> you can put it down in words really well….u no……!!!!!! u certainly deserve a pat on the back for making the reader, actually get into that situation and make him/her feel thts a page outta his own book …lol he heh e he!!!!!!!!1chalo nice bloggin keep up…….n this space hopper will defint. keep cumin bk to planet sups. he he ! ;-)Take carel n lrock on»-(¯`v´¯)-»VelVeT~\\-/~ACid~\\-/~ChriSt»-(¯`v´¯)-»

  5. allooooseems like in your that stage in life when everything is just not moving…. cookie… it does get better you know…. sit back, take a deep breath and stare at the sky for a while…and then come on msn and we\’ll talk…take care..

  6. aahh xcuse me babes,i just read this comment of urs.OKAY ankur… a) no offence taken b) i hope ur not angry over that comment…cuz it was meant to be taken in a funny/teasing sense since it was said in the same sense. c) if the comment didn\’t go too well with u..i\’m sorry. d) i sort of got your point..you typed SO MUCH over such a small comment..(were u in a pissed off mood??) i was constantly wondering -err what the hell did i do?? e) so will i not recieve any more song dedications? I promise NOT to question ever 😀 tc! best of luck with new work..Chill maddi…..do u think i can stop dedicating songs to my dhacs ……yes, u r rite …….i can…. the day u stop br**ing…eeeh haw…….n dhachu dhachu 2u lol…. { ;-D he he he good thng u already promised not to question my dedications now…coz my dedications r quite wierd some times…..here listen to this song http://www.filelodge.com/files/hdd2/31849/scooter-nessaja.mp3Chalo cya..bbye tc l n lRock on babes, »-(¯`v´¯)-»VelVeT~\\-/~ACid~\\-/~ChriSt»-(¯`v´¯)-»

  7. At times like these I guess ,thinking abt what u can luk forward to might help!Adults can be unresonable sometimes and we\’re stil fed with the \’they know best\’ spoon..anyhu,point is we cant argue our way out of them!Simplest thing to do might be to switch off sups,jus do that,stop listening or perhaps tel them hw much it bothers u…anyhu I dun no the stution so stil cnt say what exactly shud be done..But as for nw,jus hang in there..And no you\’ve not lost any abilities,with time and age ur only polishing them to take on the real battle when it comes.at that tme you\’l be thankful to these issues for having made you so strong!Take care…it\’l get better,I promise 🙂

  8. Hi…Cud chk many of ur listed so-called problems as ma own……so u knw wht i discovered? Wid so much crap around us i think we sumtimes deserve to pity ourselves……feel sorry for ourselves…..!And as for Lady Luck and Destiny, i think they r like parents who come to an orphanage and always pick sumotha kid except me!sigh……if u eva figure out a way to accomplish whteva u list….lemme knw….pensive,….ekta.

  9. Lady luck looked askance at me many a times.. So what Supriya..we will manage – you ,me & others..yes the poem is a dream- for the unknown, unheard & unseen! whoa ..how we live in vaporous dreams!take careHowz clicking life going on in BTW& any other match?Nidhi

  10. luck and destiny.at times i doubt their existence.You decide the life you live by the decisions u make..but then why don\’t our decisions lead us where we want to go…

  11. oops..i pressed publish before i could complete tht..cmon girl don\’t blame urself! if u can understand what it is..u can tackle it too!take care, keep writing!

  12. hallooooo thnk you for your wishes….buuuuuuuuuut i deleted the whole post…. i changed my mind of sharing it with the world…;pits my good news i tell you mine mine MINE…loli loooooooove dramatics…anyways sweetie cookie you…. i wont be able to chat much..cuz although i will be online it will be for work…so pliss bear with this miss..;)corny iam corny corny corny….yeeeeeeeeesh ignore me…!!;p

  13. adults are like tht !! .. you cant help it .. you just carry on with your life .. adults thnk like old tht is why .. they are over possesive – IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED TO SAY YOU STUPID GIRL ?? .. just thnk it from thier point of view !! .. then you will reaslise !! hha !!!!!:p!!!

  14. lol .. so what did they have to tell u …and ah!! probably .. they never thought u to be a grown up .. haha .. lol .. (just kidding 🙂 )

  15. how r u dost…so sups ji aap ki lohri kaisi rahi ..??Makki di roti te sarson da saag ….suraj diyaan kirnaa …naal khushiyaan di bahar ….chand di chandani teapneyaan da pyar …mubaraq hovey twannu eh lohri da tyohaar …if u celebrated lohri with moongfali..rewari..and gajjak.. and that too with bonefire then do post osme pictures here…saurabh

  16. There is some serious hatred or should I say feeling of being betrayed by someone who should give 200% to you (or that is what you think is due to you)… I don\’t know what the issues are so it would be presemptious of me to comment, the only thing I CAN AND WILL say is that you should try airing these issues otherwise they will remain inside you, becoming sores and septic sores on your physche… Try to talk it over…A.

  17. the easiest way to stop blaming yourself is to probably tell urself that even if ud done what u feel u shud have, things wouldnt have turned out better anyways. other things would have gone wrong. so just stop thinking. it never helps. whatever ive just written is the same thing that i tell myself everyday. if ur successful at implementin it in ur life, tell me, ill congratulate you. for although i know that this is the solution to all problems, i still havent managed to avail of it.

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