Prepaid schemes–recharge for Lifetime  seem to have become the latest trend–everybody seems to be joining the bandwagon

Be it Tata indicom, Airtel or Hutch.

So how many of you have hated the Ajay Devgan-Kajol "Tata Indicom Kyun"–ad?

Thats what we were asked by one of the industry professionals addressing us today.

Most of the hands shot up, (mine included) few actually claimed that its a funny ad (almost seemed as if they were mocking the ad)

The ad is actually quite good came the is actually brilliant. Eyes shot up, eyebrows turned up. I’m serious, apart from maybe the way colours were used, presentation…the concept is good enough.


Thats because it succeeds in giving its message to its Target audience..its target audience being the common people, people from small towns, who might buy a cell phone for the first time–not students like you who maybe change handsets every year or are more techno-savvy.

Target audience being the keyword here.

Considering its target audience Tata Indicom seems to have hit the right zone (or so i hear)

People have actually noticed the scheme…though the ad in my opinion–Kyunn??!!!!

Airtel on the other hand, has come up with a sardarji taxi driver–talking about the scheme in a typical punjabi feel good way.

Hutch has the famous actor Irrfan Khan talking about how having a lifetime prepaid scheme would assure a good reputation among your friends…(naak nahi kategi!)

So which one would work?


Anu and Meethi are two sisters, an age difference of 18 years among them. Their life revolves around each other, their dreams, the men in their life. It is the story about Anu’s unconditional love for her family, how she struggles with her life–never leaving her schizophernic sister’s side. Meethi who always pined for her ‘own’ world, how she felt  misunderstood, the only man whom she thought understood her leaves her, her traumas, her dreams, her world…Go watch 15, Park Avenue.



42 thoughts on “Kyun?

  1. i am the first commentor?? oh my gosh!!!….i told you i hate saress…grrr grrr its nothing but a 6 meter tablecloth i tell you!!…damn the movie sounds interesting…why damn?? cuz i duobt i will get the dvd…my bloody local video wallah had no sense to get movies… evryday the answer i get is "no no movie not here" yeeeeeeesh….about the ad…the tata indicom it is as appealing as a donkey braying and a cow mooing…;)…… buuuut target audience is they key here… tho i dont understand why they play it on tv channels which the target may not even watch…hmmmmm i liked all the airtel adds so far….and even hutch with its minimal use of stars… and more of real ppl like you and me..and that dogggg ..tht cute dog and kid…and the theme song…you and i….nice real nice…

  2. Yuck FEW in the series of the tata indicom ad category suck ya. Have u seen this NEW ANTI MARIE BUREAU. hOLY SHIT . that was the death of CREATIVITY.

  3. Everyone seems to like the pug in the Hutch advt. Had a glimpse of Tat Indicom advt when i was in India – I guess you are rite about Target audience.Its same as movies – some movies are made just for the C and D centres. You would be surprised when you realise that lot of flop movies in your town did very well in other rural centres. Its all about target audience. Movie sounds good – As long as i get a subtitle, i will be alrite.

  4. ok .. i know its is a nice movie … willwatch it …who is telling you to switch toone of those schemes… they ae beneficial for somepeople .. and they are taking it.yes they know how to target the audience . they wuldnt have become millionares for nothing !! hahahah!!

  5. hehehe did u know wat Mr.Prateek commented on Rang De Basanti\’s promo space of Aamir Khan??? go find out!! hahahahatarget audience is all that matters when your products are for niche market! gotta watch tat movie.. but.. considering the fact that i have frens who refuse to watch a movie in a multiplex if the seats are anywhere near the first 3 rows… i don\’t think its possible!

  6. hey! first of all,A BIG thanKs for commenting.Iam glad that u found my blog worth-reading and interesting,insightful etc etc!and regd ur blog,this one seems to be a good review of ads and films!So,i guess i must looK upon to ur site,if i need a review of a film or even an ad for that matter! Kuddos! Keep visiting my site…and inturn i too willAdios!

  7. <!-Seems like a time for disagreements – the Tata Indicom ad is fairly sad on all counts. I would even accept that Japanese thingy ad as acceptable, but this one is really sad. I am referring to the ad with Ajay Devgan as the sardarji and Kajol with the fake accent – somehow it does not even give the impression of being made for the target market. For that matter, even the Irrfan Khan ads dont really seem to work. the best has to be the Airtel sardar ad, endearing to everyone.As for 15, Park Avenue, while the rest of the movie deals very beautifully with human emotions, especially between the 3 women, the end is far too abstruse. Its almost like Aparna Sen got sick of making the movie and decided to just finish it off somehow…that keeps it from qualifying as brilliant…IMHO.Write On!peregrinus–>

  8. hmmm….lemme think…..i luv da airtel(theme song)….n\’ hutch(da cute doggie)…. nothing more…….itz all da same…luring us to take……….i used 2 be influenced by ads ..aha but nt now….even da ads r boring…..get irritated…leave da ads……newazz i \’ll be watching the movie only after xamz…jus trying 2 cut myself off from all these….wat 2 year na…..:)tc

  9. now i am intersted in what ll ahit things you do while dancing….;)…yes yes the ever usless junk collector i am….lol….anyways cookie…me leaving for a long its not the red saree thing…. its the me want be with few frens alone and freak out thing…lolanyways taking a break suuuuuuuuuuu take care…will be back…write more… on behalf of me too…lolmoi tired of blogging….for now..u know i cant stay out for too long…byeeeeeeeeeeeeee and miss me when im gone…;) cuz i will miss you

  10. hey hey hey have u seen the hutch ad..???thats fr middle class ppl n children like my frndz(coz i don have a cell)…IJJAT BACHAO PAISA DHALO NAI TO JAB KOI PHONE AAYEGA TO RECODED VOICE BOLEGI "JIS PHONE PE AAPNE PHONE KIYA HAI WOH IS WAQT SEVICE MEIN NAHIN HAI" IJJAT BACHAO….but please tata indicom is stupid…i just tries to make one laugh by showing kajol n ajay dancing like chimpmunks but they don understand that its stupid not funny…oh well cant stop gaali nikaloing this ad ill probably go on till tomorrow but newasy gtg 2 prepare fr tomz debate ciao tc

  11. ya..i\’ ve jus started tat act..4 \’ sheer pleasure \’..jus started yesterday…feels good to do it but somewhere inside there is some sorta…guilty..dn\’t know wat feeling..but its jus makin me more concerned abt my \’ act\’….mebbe \’ coz its 4 first time im doing sumthin like dis n\’ usually we rivals make up but dis is a strange one…neva met b4….newazz…:)tc

  12. No comments on Airtel, Hutch, and Indicom.. they\’re crazy!15 Park Avenue was amazing.. and a brilliant performance by meethi.. what I loved the most about konkana sen is her voice..

  13. First of all, whatever said and done, all the people who commented has seen that ad; love it or hate it, you have seen the add and remeber enough to comment. Doesnt it mean that it has carried it task well? U know they say even bad publicity is publicity! Well for me I have loved Irfan\’s Hutch one most. I guess again – the target audience IS the keyword. All tuned for diff groups.I usually dont miss aparna sen\’s or Rahul bose\’s movies. Love both of them… but not a fanatic – so will wait till I get time and chance to see it, but I am sure they must have lived upto their reputation.And there was no dedication in my love for Bro or for that matter from his side. It was pure brotherhood 😉

  14. mmmm, I can always watch and talk about adds u know; infact as I mentioned somewhere, there should be a 24×7 channel on adverts only.Well yes I have seen the anti marie beureau adverts; well as for me, they have definitely raised some eyebrows,, and thats why the adds are for aint they. I am waiting for the next ones. See there are difference between adverts and campaigns, and i am sure this campaign is off to a good start. BTW – what r u studying? and U must have visited http://www.agencyfaqs.comAnd u can prepare the concosion without the milk powder too…

  15. I really like Irfan Khan thus like the Hutch ad too ..But besides that Kajol\’s ad is atrotitious with her doing the \’chenises,japanese and badtameez\’ bit. Its repulsive!…besides that the Airtel ad is tolerable I guess.:P These Brands wil go any length to grab their audience sups,sure I guess the common illitreat inidan might be inspired by the ad and buy that ph.I havent seen 15 Park Avenue Yet! Will do most definately…..Checked out the Country Road pics. boy this place hardly looks like its in India [except for the men pulling some rickshaws]My personal favourite was the one with the swans and the setting sun in the background.You\’re talented woman,Start on that course soon.Take care 🙂

  16. I really haven\’t seen either one of those service provider ads U talking bout..But I have always loved the hutch ads.. & they seem to capture ideas far better even without endorsing their services through some high-flying actor..But nowadays ads are getting very sad.. I saw this Cyrus Broacha ad for \’50-50\’.. Sheeesh!! PATHETIC! I tell you..Sigh.. This is what happens when advertising agencies don\’t pick such creative ppl like me.. :PAnyway.. Ciao.. & TC..

  17. Interesting entry! I somehow like the rest of you did not take to the Tata Indicom ad! But did you actually know that there is a catch in the \’lifelong incoming free\’ schemes?!! Did you know that you have to recharge every six months if you have to keep your sim functional??

  18. i remember we did all this analysis in coll……we used to do it a lot……i actually got a lot such interestin fact if u wanna no…By the way …..yes, it is scary but the person who does it………his pain is more than wat the blade can do or shld i say he just overcomes tht scare….The fear of blade is negligible infront of the pain tht he is already goin thrgh and the blade looses it shine again……..

  19. Mail me your postal address. I"ll send you two cds with the best commercials that i have around 100 must be. Send it to my gmail. Obviously its free. Hahaha. Sups Blog dost. Lol. Kidding.

  20. lol..yes i am dodging bullets and blogs…lolz…nea..when i sign in my system automatically i get in msn..then i sign out of it..cuz i really dont have time to chat… i have so much work!!! i hate it…. i am off on a holiday..sposed to be morning but it got postponed to today night…then now tommorow….irritating the hell out of me….thats why i say never work…just remain unemployed…;)when i do hve the time i will chat..for sure…capiche?? besides i still didnt complete my story…dont remember which?? ha guess…..take cares cookie…. i hope i cleared the reasons for my remaining incognito…;)

  21. Hi….Totally agree on da Tata Indicom ad bein comepletely classless, but like u said, wrks at da grass root level and i guess dats wht dey\’re lookin for…..Lifetime Incommin free scheme frm Airtel!!!! arrrggggggghhhhh! is da wrd, dont do it, neee1, coz its got vicios hidden rates in form of everything on outgoin doubled! I did dis recharge and had to change ma no. to get rid of dis scheme as it is a blocked 1! drat da airtel for a crappy offer! Love dier service hate dis offa!And i so wanna see 15 Park Avenue, but cant find nee1 2 watch it wid :-Sbeautiful pictures,…..ekta.

  22. .ahaa….!seems u doing smthing in marketting …and reseaching the concepts, to be a best marketer…but anyways…this way of sellling the products is doing the cheating with the people from bckward class..who allready dont have much knwledege about these techi things….real nice pics…:Ocheershimanshu

  23. raman ka indicom chal chala chal…chal chalaaaa challl…….lol… i hate those adds.. its very true… and i wont work for either of them..coz i dnt work for small comp .. 😛 …so howz life goin on dost .. ?? do check out for my next post …saurabh

  24. Well its not reaction they seek but recall; if whatever the campaign does, it makes people recall the messege, then I guess its more succcessful, than an ad, which extremely good to see but noone remebers what the messege was! Next comes the feelgood factor, which makes the target audience to feel gud to associate themselves with the advertised messege; if one achives it then the recall terms into results.Recalls gives you intangible benefits though brand value improvement and the next gives you the actual return!I believe in looking forward with open mind; a prejudged mind actually closes some of our view points… dont they?

  25. Tata Indicom ad looks garish but its absolutely correct about hitting the bull\’s eye! The Hutch ads with that dog & child; You & I makes it suavve & I musta say Tata has got the publicity what it sought!Hey Sup pics are excellent! Atta girl you have it in You!Yes I m keen to watch this shabana, konkana & this Rahul Bose & of course the lady with the best known addresses – 36, chowrangee Lane shifts to 15, park Avenue..cant help it Sup i have a thing or two in my heart for Bengalis..I adore them! Babu moshai..the Bhadralok!loveNidhi

  26. i wanna see this movie too!! just don\’t hv time right now..the ad is quite irritating..but if it works..well..good for them!thanku btw 🙂

  27. hey sups86 wast up??lolz yaa man but hutch kaa ad i love it….n u noe wat a coincedencei saw the ad n next minute i tried 2 call my frnd on his cell and the cell said THE SERVICE IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILIBLE haha taht was funny as well as a co-incedence…oh well gtg drop by ciao

  28. hey..naa..i am not at all affected…rest i cant be one of my aattries stopd wrking on 13th friday…and i will gonna know on next 13th ….ha ha..u have damn gud of my friend is directing his movies after doing mass com..and evn my cousin for the same….keep it up..may be saw ur movie sometime on this blog…soon…ciao…all the best..

  29. Oh no not me my dear friend….but hes got his recharge…but seriously i prefer hutch 2 all(although i don have a cell)…i guess cozza the dog ad n irfan khan ad…oh well im purposely not gonna update whole week cozi wanna start with thought of the week on monday so do visit…n yeah ill keep changing the song n stuff

  30. Hey Sup that was a beautiful compliment..surely I would have loved to be ur sis( aint I now?)..we are! ok.Loved the pics ; the merry X\’mas ones..Mass communications you are doing? Great!study hard. yes the key to rid oneself of the blues is to get busy..just occupy the devil\’s den! hahaloveNidhi

  31. 39 comments!!!!! omg..awesome! cool blogs..hey,I\’am Prithvi from Mumbai,I had come to ur site once,remember? come on,drop into my space…i\’ve put up a new blog,little interesting and a hot topic!

  32. Hi Supriya…I saw 15 Park Avenue today…..and have to agree with you abt da sherr brilliance of da movie\’s presentation and da actors trueness to deir characters. But da end got me quite addled……i didnt quite follow why she suddenly disappeared…..though i think dat its symbolic of her bein finally able to find her delusional reality and be happy wid it, and because she tracended to her world, da others cudnt find her…….wht do u think?lemme knw………ekta.

  33. the ad sucks no doubt but i agree with that industry professional guy,since the main aim was catching the eye of the audience and that  purpose is well met through ropin in devgan-kajol. and even with those who hated the ad, at the end of the day the fact remains that hate it or love it, you just cant ignore accomplished.
    15, park avenue thats the 2nd movie on my list.loved the rahul bose-konkona sen sharma-aparna sen team in mr. and mrs. iyer. im sure 15, park avenue is brilliant as well

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