I’m not particularly fond of ice-creams…the good old ice-cream seller probably never earned much on my account… People, my friends included are amazed by this fact. So all the Rasperry duets and Jiggly wiggly’s and Cornetto’s generally don’t figure on my craving list. When it comes to Cola’s I have to sheepishly admit that i CANNOT finish a single bottle on my own.

Despite avoiding these two common culprits, I don’t know how i catch colds, and coughs too for that matter.

Yup i know colas and ice creams are not always the reason behind colds and coughs, maybe its the chilly breeze, maybe i caught it from someone, maybe i should just take an extra blanket at night…

After a serious dose of medicines and pills (and a whole lot of ginger juice and honey-courtesy darling granny) i managed to recover from one of those horrible coughs which seem endless, with people actually freaking out (hey are you ok? have some water..) and extended colds where you seem to need a paper napkin every half an hour or so…it seems like I’m about to have a randezvous with my two old bum chums again..

Apparently you cough all night (you’re not sup2 know that since you’re asleep) and wake up with a sore throat..the kinds where you feel—Oh Shit! I’m about to be attacked by the cough-devil again.

And..they start attacking–first-the small fits, occassional. By evening its a little more than that.

By now, your throat burns slightly, with warning bells ringing in your head–this will be worse, if you don’t tackle it.

So tackle i do..

Mom–hot water..Now!

Now gargling is not something I’m good at, and nor am i used to it…Simply stare at those who can manage to gargle continuosly without throwing up all the water.

So to shield myself from the cough giants, i enter my bathroom with the yellow light shining brightly above my head, the glass full of hot salt water, which i manage to hold for a few seconds since i can’t even tolerate boiling hot stuff in general..lol

Staring at the glass, with the white grains floating randomly i say to myself…*Ok you have got to do this, even if you don’t know how to gargle, even if it means guzzling down half the glass full of boiling hot water–it matters a lot, even if it is hardly effective–it will save you from all the trouble of coughing loudly and distracting the class, you will sleep peacefully and so will others, atleast it will not worry your grandmother to death (oh even coughs worry her a great deal)*

Round 1 begins *bang*

You sip a mouthful of water, only to realise its wayy too much, first attempt lasts barely two seconds, and the water somehow goes down your throat wayy inside. Shit, stop yourself from gulping it down!!

Round 2 *bang*

Less water this time. attempt lasts 2 seconds too, cuz nose is blocked and you feel all choked so there… you throw up all the water. awesome

way to go gargle queen!

*now i was laughing at myself—saw my bugs bunny teeth laughing back at me…*

Round 3 *bang*—-i will do it this time! Somehow!!

Ok sip, there less water..keep it there hold it..gargle..no don’t gulp it yes..thats about 10 seconds not bad! Enough..there all the chocolates stuck around your teeth comes tumbling out…

And then there were a few repeats of round 3…managed a few quick glances at myself in the mirror and realised it was quite a funny site…with me trying hard not to gulp the water down…also saw how i would look with my cheeks even more chubbier, right now they seem quite normal..ok i’m rambling now..so over and out!

Water Water Everywhere.




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  1. well,the comment was good…..and ofcourse as u said,big,but it was worth reading!..and it looked like,the WOMEN POWER was coming into picture!lol….i dunno whether u liked my entry or not..i was like a dog,with his tongue out,waiting for that particular sentence..i mean,i needed either "applause" or a "boo"…so whazit? u commented,but didnt write that thing..

  2. Hi Supriya,Fun with gargling? Maybe u should write a book on that one LOL. Hope your cough got cleared up though.Take care!Vijay

  3. u know sup……i hav ice sscreams n\’ then gargle\’coz if i don\’t do tat its evident tat nxt day i \’ ll be down wid fever.n\’ speaking abt gargling ..by accident da watersplashes out n\’ rest gulped(not purposely)…….sumtimes ice creams act as life saver too …….if by any chance i remember at da eleventh hour tat i hav test i jus rush 2 hav some fluffy wid cones + ice water n\’ nxt day a fever is 4 sure(100%) .i used to do tat..but not now ok…don\’t worry abt coughing..everything will be alrite.even my frenz got a sudden fevern\’ when da fever left..horrible cough got them n\’ when they cough almost barking like(no no no not teasing)..they lost almost their voice n\’ she spoke in actions…….now improved….keep writing dear..newazz…..:)tc

  4. hey my names karen and im from ireland and i jst visiting random spaces commenting!im trying to beet the record of 31 comment on one blog on my space so it would be really cool if u could comment on my space?your space is deadly!well thanks again love,karen!

  5. hahaa.. lol.. tht must hv been fun.. trying to do the gargling act :-p :Di\’ve tried tht myself a couple of times.. failed most of the times.. and now, i\’ve stopped attempting tht 😀

  6. zzzzzzzzz yeah nice idea was jus thinking bout it…OH YEAH BUT DON TELL ME 2 CHANE THE RED COLOUR COZ ITZZZZ MY phbharith….oh well i got a cell phone!!!CHAL CHALA CHAL…..jks jks reminding u of tha horrid ad…oh well bhai bhai(bye bye)

  7. AN EXPERIMENT…i must surely say…but the best thing i like is the way you describe the things around you is really cooooool…i mean you know what is going arnd and it has the capability to make you feel it too……amazing writting skills….keep up the good job…megha

  8. maa … lol .. and ah!! .. as for the fun of moving around .. yes .. there are lots of them .. i am sure you must had your share .. 🙂 anyway .. exams are fast approaching .. HELP!!!

  9. Rite, this one I am master at. At every change of season, I will first sneaze, then cough and then have a fever. So slowly I started smarting up. Now I know how to arrest their movements; still they sneak up, cheat – jump from sneeze to fever directly. But yah…coughs can do pathetic things to your throat and chest. Try clove in mouth and vicks on throat at night…And yeah – "Anti Marie Bureau" sucks… big time now… seen the next parts….seeeeeesh!

  10. hey .. water water everywhere .. and you also coughing coughing .. everywhere ..!! .. amazing rite !!?? haha .. lol even i cant gargle .. or am atleats bad at it .. though i dont drink any of the watre .. !! .. and salty water reallly tastes bad !!

  11. Heh heh!Water is good for you.Drink it. Sweat it. Gargle it.Mix it in gin or whisky.Lots of stuff you can do with it.Do you know how to make holy water? You take ordinary water and boil the hell out of it.

  12. water water everywhere but not a drop to drink…u have tolove that ancient mariner for shooting down that bird…lolim baaaaaaaaaaack….. said in a creepy voice reminscent of poltergiests "they\’re baaaack" in case you didnt understand my comment so far…dont be alarmed its the mucus from all tht cold stuffing your brain….lolpoor poor garrrlll…. do not worry if u visit my hot to column on my blog there is a cure for the common cold to be taken everyday…..it even helps u loose wieght!! chk it out…u know the wierd thing is when i get a cold…i have icecream… it sort of diminishes the germs into oblivion….lol the oblivion comes from the many sci-fi movies i seem to be watching these days…anyways ta ta i need to get around cookie… nice pictures where is tht place??…your making me drool again…lol

  13. Wat? You dont like ice creams?? The tickets and lebanese dinner are valid only if you eat ice cream. It will be choc ice cream too!!And wats that with you – always talking about chaat? I found a place near my place…gonna try this weekend. Then i will tell ya. Whoo!!I thought i died. Yeah been busy with project – 12 hr and 14 hr days. Just gonna sleep the whole weekend!!!

  14. Hey Sup plz this is blasphemy…how can you not love ice creams & colas…I thrive on them!! water water evreywhere but not a drop to drink… sure they say gargling is good for throat but can never do …mostly i end up drinking that saline warm water and that\’s the end of my gargling trips…try it! drink it in one gulp surely will help..haha!So long.Hey Sup you know some yogic breathing exercises are damn good for colds etc…I have experienced their benefits..the virus has been keeping away from me on that accountloveNidhi

  15. awwwwwwwwwww thanksfor the big hugs…. lol but me still not in my hometown…but im back to blogging anyways…wont be on msn tho…cant chat …too much work no time so just blogging for now i guess….hope the cold thing worked… i like your other version of laugh..tee hee… imagine if everyone did fart togther tho….the world might actually be moved off its track around the sun…. wow…lethal weapon we have here…;)….anyways updaaaaateeeeeeeeei will as soon as i get time…sigh times so precious these days….

  16. i used to go around telling everyone that im not susceptible to coughs and colds…and now im down with one of those very same horrible coughs when the time between the moment you start coughing and the moment you stop seems like an eternity- i hate it!!!!!

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