Impromptu blog

Oh well was just going through my archives
just wanna thank the following people for being SO sweet as my first few commenters (now all u other commenters who "discovered" me later–u guys are sweet as well and some not so sweet too but thats another blog)
(yeah not like its my blogs birthday or whatver–but i think sometimes we should thank people for being there!)
So thank u
Mr. Hawk (1sT commenter)
These were the most consistent commenters right from the beginning 🙂 they’re the best. Krits u came just a bit after them..:) and M , Icy u’ll… camE long after that! prat and sniggerboy–SHUT UP! prat i said others r sweet as well and sniggerboy–well there would be something wrong with u the day u start acting sweet. lol

23 thoughts on “Impromptu blog

  1. hawwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! m no where in it !! HOW RUDE !! .. you just watch out sups ! m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo angry with you !!!

  2. Hmph!!A sheer desperate way to fill out something to avoid Prateek\’s taunting "Where are the updates"..But anyway.. An update is an update..Though, it looks like not much thought has been given to this entry… Alright.. Make that \’not much\’ to very very little.. :PWhat else can I say here.. Hmmm…Maybe I can advertise.. I have updated ur honour.. Oh yes!! I can\’t take Prateeks taunts either.. :PCiao.. & TC..

  3. You are welcome 🙂 I remember the days when your blog had a different layout and that updates were little late to come by…hehehe Just emerged from water – Little scared to get my laptop anywhere near the tub but cant stand the heat. Im going back again to ice filled water!! Wish me luck :PBtw, Yking psst!! Y u have to investigate and all? May be she consider it to he a real blog or something. I would be so damned if i get dethroned. I will haunt you. Will get a new elf!!

  4. Hiii…Cool, sayin thanks usually rocks! And I also think tht its a minor miracle when u see a comment on ur blog and think, ppl actualy read wht i write! yea…its gr8!So thnk u too, for stoppin by mine and leavin words…..much appreciated.As for da pictures, hmm…well engineers start out a babies, anticipating awesome things, then go on to gettin confused like da monkey was, den they realise tht its a grind, tht wht day gears r for, and then finally turn out as gritty, well calmes individuals, ready for neethin life offers!seeya,….ekta.

  5. hey …..good to see this blog….no worries supriya…me 2 will be a regular commentator ! do read my new blog,a hysterical one!

  6. hey…sorry to hear about your cold..hope you are feeling better now. and that was nice of you to thank your regular commenters…hopefully i ll make it on your next round of thankyous…hehe!Cheers!

  7. thats nice to appreciate … so how r u dost…how the things r goin… i thot u r lost somewhere…then i chkd my blog and got to cee ur comments … so who is the culprit… i guess its me… sorry sot wasnt able to visit u frequently… its not like that i wasnt active on blog… i were ..and was visitin tons of blogs everyday ..dnt know how can i skip howz life treatin u.. so its 1 yr for ur blog….??saurabh

  8. WHAT???I\’m gone for hardly a week and I dont make it to the elite list *hmph* katti katti:PPPThis was nice,I\’l steal this idea and do something on similar lines:PPP But lissen what the heck I want to be in the elite linked list or else….warna warna ….I know Mr.shakeel [its another story if he doesnt know me!]:PPP and hulloooo,I\’ve also been a very highly consistent commentor,I wudnt miss this blog for the world.Ur one of my fav lively writers and more than that a friend now, and NO this is not buttering!!Take care:DDDD and err…shhakee:PP

  9. Hmm.. nice gesture sups! I had fever since the last 2 days n cudnt catch up with anyone..i wish i make it in tht list sometime.. <sigh> :-p

  10. Thats it, u r not getting ne cookies or cakes! And I will dig up the recipe of Nilgiri and I know how to bake a Plum cake, but I am not giving you; u didnt mention me. I know I might not be the best commentator on ur site but u kno if u want those cakes and cookies, what shud be done !Our fav joint used to be the Scoop on the Outram Ghat (now, nearly extinct), and Hot Breads near Minto park, apart from 100s of small but unique places. Naay I am not jealous, I am rather nostalgic of all those places we used to just spend hours and hours.Kotak Securities ad – no yaar, not yet; but seen Sharukh\’s Airtel ads – the same one on Radio are much better!

  11. i see i have some stealing to do….lolz…im honoured old sups old buddy old commentor old chum old pal…. yea this is my trick to get into the elite list after tht///wink winkanywayssssss……great idea i must do this tooo…

  12. As far as i know, Scoop always have been a dating adda, it was that way in oour times too; but it was more full and fun that time… and what got in to the head of Hot Breads? escoffier -one might break a tooth or two even before they enter!May be u shud switch to Radio for the time being. It always used to help me concentrate; but now I am grown up u know! So I can do whatever I want, so I work at home while the tv keeps going on… no one to stop me from that!

  13. Now sup honour the newcomers!Anyways sweetheart as alws good one! the feeling behind it -thanking ppl is superb!take care; studies et.alNidhi

  14. See thats y i call you dreamer U always DREAM not study and think of excuses…btw u shud be happy  UR DREAM CAME TURE THAT YOU WOULD JUST DREAM!!!

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