I will let the picture do the talking. I miss School!!


24 thoughts on “I will let the picture do the talking. I miss School!!

  1. what share yaar !?? .. it is really shitty shit !! haha .. hey a similar basketball net is near my place as well … strange isnt it !!??????????????????????????/ ahahahahhahahahhaha !!

  2. i miss my school too… school days r just so glorious that no1 can eva forget those… i think thats why some ppl call itthe golden days….and hey dost… ur name wasn there actually so no question of takin it out… no offence ….saurabh

  3. the pictures says…1.the net is up der2.u still gotta reach it3.the view is gud.4.u were dropped from/through it5.that i am nuts if i cud type all this…

  4. You are absolutely right..I miss school like hell too..I was really broke when I stepped outta school and into college..there\’s no place like school and no teachers like school-teachers..schooldays are truely the best days of our lives!!

  5. Supssss…No wonder ur msn tagline says the same…Alright lemme give u reasons to un-miss [pardon the pathetic angrezi]1. u get punished alot nd are made to stand out everytime the teacher says she\’l take a test on twis-day!2. U HATE sports but ur sports cap\’n insists u becum an athlete or basketball player cuz of ur height!3. ur friends laugh at u 24/7 cuz they find u so darned funny!4.ur sitting in class and yawning with ur hand on ur mouth when ur teacher punishes u cuz she tinks u were secretly talking and ur stuck cuz u cant tel her that u werent talking but yawning instead!!!DAMN u sups,I miss school too nw…wwaaaahhh!Those days were fun!:(

  6. well well well…….just a picture….but its says so much more! every 1 misses school days! me 2 ! a good picture,if not a blog…….but then,1 pic says it all .

  7. should i remind you about the reality check ? .. EXAMS .. FAST APPROACHING .. HELP!!! .. thats the sing board i carry on my face ..lol ..upadates .. yes .. perhaps .. no promises though 🙂 have fun .. cyaarun

  8. Schooldays were oodles of fun!! About doing research, yes I love digging up stuff, find it interesting and a good way of killing time ;)!!

  9. dahmn…i missssssss schoooool…actually i dont miss the studying part…. i miss the frenz actually why should i?? they still around the buggers wont leave….lol….. i miss the games yea tht one i do, i miss cheating on my test papers…yep i sure do the thrill of getting caught..;)… i miss the bunk beds, the midnight parties, the dancing in the pool, the events , the competitions sighhhhhh i was in boarding school for 4 yrs and it was the best…all my "bestest" frenz are from school…sigh sigh and a little bit of sniffing tooogo study cookie..you either make me drool or sniff over what you hve written…next time i come to your blog i keep a tissue paper handy!!!no i do not want kids..!! i am a self proclaimed dink..best of luck for your eggjams and try and flirt with the eggjaminers u never know…;p

  10. i posted a comment here. stooopid MSN. damn errors. arrrrgh. basketball is my fav. maybe i was sleepy and i didnt post after all. dunno. lol. Im not as ostrich okay. pixie i will bury you in the sand for this, kidding , kidding.

  11. *sniff*..oh those days…sups u r really saying aloud my thots…seriously use telepathy by any chance???? ….jus now i was thinking abt my skool mates…da fun we had during class party..ya we used to stannd on desks to open da cola bottles which fizzed straight on our frenz ……ya n\’ by da time we leave…its a irrepairable mess……….ya da days we used to zzzzzzzzzz..hehhehhe sleep whadavever during special class esp wid nudges in between…..ask silly q\’s to waste da hour…….oooooooooooh….looooots 2 speak n\’ oh ya ours were da most unpopular class in da whole skool.we used to butter up teachers……….newazz dreamer*me 2*…im havin fun…n\’ hoping same 4 u 2….:)tc

  12. hmmmm…those days …ahhhhh its sumthing tat is stuck 2 my mind 4ever..esp da xcursions..ok will mention one incident…well! i jus drowsed off in jus past midnight during journey n\’ my frenz put 4 me a moustache n\’ almost painted my face wid close up toothpaste…..yyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuccccccck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i got feeling da freshness of mint n\’ so n\’ so….n\’ those ***** of mine told my computer sir n\’ boys who were awake n\’ saw me….a red faced creature…yyyeeeow….n\’ stopped in da middle so tat i cud giv a face wash…..n\’ u know wat i din\’t sleep 4 da rest of da day….well i gav them back da same way……………:)tc

  13. waaaaaaaaaah! i cant believe i missed the reunion…seems like u guys had a blast..real wacky snaps…and what was the whole deal with posing infront of gents toilets??

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