Formula nahiiiiiiiiii

Its a funny co-incidence that each time i switch to a particular music channel…all that i see is half naked girls, thin or fat depeding on whether its a b grade video or a c grade or a gradeless video.
And the music–all remixed versions sound same, and even the girls look the same, wear the same kind of clothes (oh whatever it is of that they wear) , have the same kind of makeup, the same pouty expressions, take me to bed looks or trying to look excessively seductive…and somehow looking equally artificial each time…!!
What is wrong with the movies being made in our country??!! (Not that they were ok earlier)
Even the formula seems horrible now.
How to make a film recipe# 34578
Sleaze + Music remixed by some DJ or sung by some music director who thinks he can pass off as a singer + 25 smooch scenes if not an MMS clip or some rumor + Brand new director who apparently has a new story/ old director copying an english hit frame by frame + SRK.AB if not then old flop ‘heriones’ who ‘dare to bare’

I’m hoping to cut down blogging as m apparently sup2 be studying, its a diff thing im switching channels on tv or browsing other blogs or generally wasting time or being dragged to social-do’s!

17 thoughts on “Formula nahiiiiiiiiii

  1. About them sleazy videos. They may be hot to look at but come on man everybody knows in real life u dont want some hot ass sweet looking and seductive young woman jumping all over the place. okay okay i\’ll cut it short. They are truly miserable. Period.

  2. man….i jus hate such videos…..its a pitiable situation……so i \’ ve jus switched myself from tv 2 ipod n\’ my stereo………really these ppl make 4 da sake of making one…wat in da wurld is these music videos going to…even da originality of music is lost…n\’ da recent films r jus jus jus….oh….neva mind..we know wat it is….blah blah………….a gud advice sup ..during ur study breaks channel urself to stereo n\’ dn\’t bother 2 touch tv..ok…:)tc

  3. I stopped watching movies long time back unless they come with a big review. Movies are becoming cliche. We had international students festival long time back and India was theme that time. I wish i could stop the plethora of remix videos being aired! It was to new lows when some started copying the dance moves!! Of course there aint any but :PStudy hard mademoiselle…after thats gonna be your date on Feb 14th. lol. They chose the dates well in the uni. So says the valentines.

  4. well i m kinda partially agree with you…i cant deny the fact that i love to watch punjabi videos and jazzy b ..shinda…are one of my favorites..and they all do the same sort of stuff in the videos…infact in the new video of jazzy b u can c amisha patel dancing and jumin all over… cant forget the video of "chadhti jawani " with 3 fairy gals dancing with white lingerie and white wings on…u knw what this called… i think we call it soft porn… i havent watched that moie called nikki and neal ..but i have been toold by some1 that it is a soft porn too..its not like that this is the formula.. but i gues that this is the only formula to make a hit…the only thing i think we all can do.. is stop watchin this stuff… but to b honest i can tell u it\’ll b kinda hard for me to change the channel when spomething like this is on and that too hot one in a punjabi video…lol…i know i am nerd..saurabh

  5. hiya..seems ur quit fed up with such films…anyways public demands….these days nthing like a create…its all about the money for what they direct…and make scenes……y dont ya try smthing ya almost in same profession.,.??haan..?anyways…trend…isnt it.tata

  6. Hey Supriya,Hope you can shake off the distractions n study well. Some times in life call for effort so we can enjoy the times after that. N yeah…when the distractions are so bad it makes studying a better thing to do…no?Take care!Vijay

  7. yeah i made that . took an existing image and put a thought and words behind that. i do that all the time. Lol. images from getty images or corbis. they have some great pics up there.

  8. Har har:D! Honestly, the word is sleaze is also less for sum of the videos, I mean not all but the bad ones are like 90% and then given that we have ppl like Rakhi Saraswant, who thinks that clothes hud only be worn in cold countires like ALASKA!
    Its disgusting,I usually avoid such songs when I\’m wid J!
    Nice,wish u\’d written more on this topic, now that u\’ve read the comment, GO STUDY!
    Take care:)
    P.s. Dude whats wid msn man, Totally revamped eh? Now i can add bold letters in comments also, Its a li\’l confusing but we\’l probably get used to it soon!

  9. lol :)) i rarely watch the movies now just bcuz of this crap!
    hey btw, watch range de basanti! it\’s so cool!! saw it yest 😀

  10. Hmm.. new color 😀
    I\’m still a bit confused with the new msn look :-s
    btw, why\’s the cursor moving so slow here? :-s

  11. well .. dont blame the directors … they are just following the age old custom .. \’supply and demand\’ .. and dont ask me .. who\’s demanding .. 🙂

  12. whats ur prob with the videos ??  .. who\’s telling you to watch them ! ..  why dont you just study … full day toh you are online ..  stooooooooopid !!  lol j/k!! yeah i fully agree .. these vidos are rubbish  .. just want to attract attention !..  haha

  13. Hi Supriya,
    That wheel one kinda came to my mind when DD still telecast most of what I watched including cricket matches. Now, I need to redo it at some point in the future.
    Have a nice weekend!

  14. they are running out of ideas,i would say…what ever they had to create,was done long,they are just remaking things.For  eg : A film like,Sholay is being re-made with some fresh faces..who else could do that? Yes,Ram Gopal Varma.And in the end..that is ,my comment for ur P.S is,that ,there is no harm in blogging and commenting on other\’s spaces,but ofcourse,u need to concentrate on ur studies too…this "blog" things are so interesting that,it makes u a net addict.My mother questions me,on what i keep writing…lol…she feels that am chatting with gal etc !…but this blog thing is kinda, ur online diary,due to which u get addicted..too much of anything also isnt good,but we all are enjoying this till date..dunno for how many days more..but life goes on with blogs !
    P.S : A new blog read it.

  15. \’Take me to bed\’ looks..So true. The good girls come to your bed, the bad girls use their own and the worse don\’t even need a bed. Every single channel, even the news channels show tantalizing bits just to keep the horny surfer keep visiting their channel. Don\’t these pathetic people realise that they basically cater to to losers, perverts and a combination of these two?

  16. hate remixes…absolutely hate them, except for perhaps instant karma. and dont worry about them movies, as far as my analysis goes, their quality\’s improving…but ill guess well have to just wait till you are ready to step into the world of movies and change the face of indian cinema..:-)

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