waiting for the warning bells to ring

Yes I’m trying my best to study…UNSEUCCESFULLY
No more posts for… say a week..
lets see if i can stick to this.
And while i can’t seem to help coming online. i have full rights to get my frustrations out..and im gonna do it here..cuz i just can’t help getting distracted:
I’m trying my best to study, my concentration decides to play games, it just doesn’t seem to stay with me. I think of the stupidest possible things.
I swear i will seriously think of taking up meditation once these stupid exams are over.
Photoshop is THE most distracting software EVER created.
I fear i will gain a few kilos in this entire examination period. 😦
i want to watch rang de basanti really badly now.
i want to click pictures…i was dying to buy those digital photography books at the Book Fair today.
I have suddenly developed a big interest in Kane and Abel which i was trying unsuccessfully to read since the past month and now its half way done. ..oh i’ve finished the book..Amazing ain’t it ??
If i had the patience to tackle Theory of Distribution or theory of interest i wouldn’t be here.
I seem to be becoming a master at wasting time..what in the world is happening!!!
I want to study..(AGAIN) but its not happening!!!!!!
I’m thinking of doing another subject, maybe that will seem more interesting.
I advice all college people to study every month without fail, or else they will be typing stuff like this.
Oh well im trying hard not to think about the future anymore.

49 thoughts on “waiting for the warning bells to ring

  1. ring ring…
    see now warnig bell r ringing.. ding dong dong…
    study yaar.. coz that is the only thing u can do right now..anyways its january… and u might have to write exams in mar-apr… so study….
    and dost where did u take all these pictures..looks like some farmhouse sort of thing ..near by some outskirt areas of delhi…
    and who are all those sweet kids..??

  2. Yes Sup better study darling though I gonna miss ur posts…but studies have to be done
    But do keep dropping by in btw…well sar-cas-tic is too sweet that its missed..hehe
    cheers & enjoy the study hours…burn the midnight oil..if not now then when?? Hain na

  3. Hey girl…yea..plz strt studyin n yea, think abt RDB l8r bt js make sure u watch it lyk DEFINITELY watch it…mo than nethin else its cuz its a freakin cool combo of..i duno wt..ill stop here abt RDB;) ..yea Photoshop is distraction personified!…photography is drawin my attention too these days..like im a \’wannabe photographer\’..lol…throw up ALL ur frustration rite here, we\’ll love to read it..hehehe..n hey, im a lot like u haan…talkative, pranker (if thats d wrd)…almost entirely lyk u…even i cnt stop bloggin durin xams..:P..neway..blog on..(i mean l8r ofcourse) n yea…kick ass at d exams, ull do well, n THEN watch RDB in peace, asap n tell me hw u liked it..i mean my frndz n i thot twas \’GOD!!!\’…divine!!..so yea..do watch it..!!
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  4. Blogging distracts mind for sure. I think every blog should carry a Statutory warning something like:Excessive blogging is injurious to studies…Good luck for your exams.Greetz!!

  5. hmm.. i understand 😀 happens baby.. btw, it\’s actually good to study regularly.. regularly as in once a month.. helps a lot at the end 🙂 ok nw i\’m not gonna gv any more lectures on this :p
    RDB is cool.. DO watch it 😀
    oh so nice of u to include me in yr list.. ;;) thnx!
    n i saw the chronicles of narnia yest.. do watch it as well 🙂

  6. haha, so true.
    photoshop and msn. love them. yet hate them.
    spaces-another distraction.
    meditation. didn\’t quite work for me. hehe. kinda get distracted there too. 😛
    and, btw, no men? lol.

  7. This sounds so *sigh *familiar.
    Meditation..hmm That has such an interestin ring to it!conjures up images of swamis and tantriks..
    What I\’m wondering is..are they meditating or are they sleeping??hmmmm…I know I\’D be snorin..
    oh and have u noticed/???? its some kinda conspiracy..The best movies come out bang in da middle of exam season!!!Always!

  8. Oops! how could u possible like digital fortress? not that it concerns me… but definetely intrigues me. by the way, a hi, and i feel terribly upset for not makin it to ur elite list!! whaaa….

  9. Hiya!
    hey…its really hard  to study the last moment…we guys use to do the same…anyways the way one use to graduate….
    days these  are like a hell…infact, i damn interested to watch RDB….canna find time ….Hey God, cant these movie halls deal in IT stuff.?:)
    All the best…!!

  10. when u try something too hard, u r rarely able to do it; if u r not able to study, then just think not to study, go out and see Rang De Basanti, then comeback drool and doze over it. It used to work for me, if noth9ng is working, may be u can give this one a try too !

  11. Oiii……Study and stop coming online Lol!
    I know you\’re online right now but I\’d rather pull ur leg here.
    Strangely so, each time in the night that I used to sit down to study I\’d feel as sleepy as a log and as soon as I\’d close the book,I\’d be up at raring to go as if I were superwoman!
    Anyways, go study woman!!
    Take care 🙂

  12. Awrite. no movies :-p
    Guess u\’re busy studying these days.. 😀
    look at me.. m blogging (writing as well as reading) inspite of a HUGE workload.. my deadline\’s extended too :-p

  13. ya sups situation is same here 2.. my concentration is transferring to different places esp da computer.. my blog…..yuck i think time out byeeeeeeeeee
    .best of luck….:)tc

  14. its a well known truth that all things imaginable and unimaginable…pop up in the head of an already overloaded mind during the strenuous course of extreme violence against students… the EXAMzzzzz….;p
    AH poor poor cookie…. i think those strawberries with hershey\’s syrups will be the death of your figure yet…;)
    anyways dont break your head.. read it once.. like you would a story book..and trust me they willl suddenly appear when your writing the exam…dont try to recollect thats when you panick..cuz u feel u dont know anything…
    so dont feel guilty ..do as much as you can…dont force yourself ok????
    cheers cookie..hug hugs tooo it aint over till its over…the last minute also counts….so breathe and write….

  15. i went to pixies place and damn MSN pasted my one message four times individually. ever hear of strange things happening? well that was mystical for sure man, phew. i hope dat doesnt happen here and yeah ur going thru some sorta phase. LOL.

  16. oye!!! Stop commin online! study, study!!!! Padhai is sabse important!!! Though been there done dat is wht i feel like sayin!
    Man, when i had exams i developed interest in da msot trivila things! hell i even helped ma mum around da house to aovid da books! it was tht bad!!
    well there is a trick, wheneva ur concentrations wanders, think abt the last day of ur exam and tell urself its onyl till dat day u must suffer! worked for me a bit! u try it too!
    all da best kiddo!!!
    = ),

  17. Couldn\’t help noticing the fact that you\’re 19 and I presume you\’re in college. So um what exams??! Exams are training courses in verbatim copying here..I\’m having a ball.:D Except on the occassions I get copied from, of course.

  18. ha eeeyore…. one of my favourite winnie the pooh characters…. so your bitter and sweet now huh??? i told you..tooo many strawberries…;)
    yes i know the combination… and more if your interested…did i mention that strawberries are my favourite fruit?? i didnt??? well now i did…
    my mushy post is posted now…go gag after reading it… i hate msn…everything is twice as hard…i cant seem to add snaps either… grrrrrrrrrrr
    wht u doin commenting anyhow…. remember books…exams…;)
    poor poor cookie…hugs hugs

  19. Whoopiieee I like,I like! :)))))
    almost reminds me of the song"bittersweet symphony"
    Nice pic…so that means that sarcastic is vacant and up for grabs now…double somersault:dd

  20. Sweet bittersweet .. lol :-p.. now I know wht u do behind the doors >:) even i get the best ideas while im at work 😀
    awrite thn..  happy studying! 😉

  21. studyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….;p
    yaayyy now i can do tht to someone….well my piece didnt turn out mushy…it turned out realistic…hmmm maybe next piece can be something of a comic love tragic story involving strawberry\’s….sorry cookie u hve to bear with the love theme until feb 14th….. i never back down from a challenge… unfortunatley its left my mind blank…
    now when was your exam again??…;) poover poover you….

  22. aaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhh msn swallowed my comment…….. it was another master piece…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    i totally hate this my computer hangs up everytime now…..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    anyways cookie u have to bear with the love theme until the 14th …but dont worry it wont be like the one i posted….it can be comic and invovlving strawberrys…;)
    now studyyyyyyyy hahahaha i love saying tht… study study studyyy lalalalalla…..

  23. rang de basanti, oh yes…anytime you say…im desperate to watch that film as well…as for your exams, dont worry…take it on step at a time and im sure youll come through with flying colours..best of luck!

  24. tralaaa la laaa traaa-laaa
    trala trala tralala laaaaaa
    Since u cant post neither come online, I think we can take this space over for some time; doing whatever we can! Posting unance things and painting a graffitty!!
      *      *
    *  *   *  *
    *          *


  25. Hee heee !
    I was actually trying out how to copy and paste a big skull image over here, and if the new n improved msn lets me do it. But in the process I managed to hang this borrowed PC – so u survived!!
    BTW – this also means that u r not studying and keeping ur eyes glued to msn and ur space, so tht themoment someone comments u jump back and read and respond.. aint u? haan?

  26. Have u ever tried Cadbury\’s Bourneville Dark? coz thats exactly what comes to my mind everytime I read ur nickname. Any trip to the malls and shops I rarely miss picking up one – its the Bestest Bitter chocolate around!

  27. You got to schedule your diversions and then sit down to study. I gave myself 10 minute breaks on the hour to play or to do anything I fancied before coming back to the books. Whether I studied or not I took those breaks religiously 🙂 But that made sure I did not try doing anything else during my study time and at least had the books near me whether I studied them or not. One trick was to keep turning pages of the book from start to finish…after such browsing the chapters usually made more sense as they fit into the bigger picture. All the best!

  28. I tell you sup, the distractions are too many but dearest focus ..just focus on the immediate goal which is ur exams and the prep that u have to do for them.
    Set small goals as decide how much you will study before u gift urself some time off for doing fav\’ activities like blogging..
    Unless u accomplish the task deprive urself of favorites and this way u\’ll study as well as enjoy..
    rest of the activiites like Rang de basanti & clicking can be put on the foothold…sweetheart you\’ll hv all the time in the world once ur exams are over… but you can indulge urself if u study exceptionally well by doing these too only if u are satisfied with urself..
    I say study girl..academics are very imp.Just sit quietly & ponder what is of immediate importance and u \’ll realize urself.
    In BTW Kane & Abel was beautiful & very racy..

  29. Poor poor you, exams, now what\’s that again *evil grin* ?!!! Don\’t worry, \’last minute panic\’, will have you reciting \’Theory of Distribution or theory of interest\’ and much more like never before (at least it did for me)!!
    Ok *putting away my horns and red tail* ,seriously,  good luck with the exams buddy!!

  30. My dear dear girl, you mistake me, I am not Mr. Pezz *sniff* , I am
    Miss Pezz darrrliinnngggg!! Gassspppp, RDB with exams around the
    corner, bad bad girl!! Are you coming to PVR coz I\’m planning to go
    there myself, so incase you see somebody in red with glittery horns and
    a shiny, pointy tail and throw in a pitchfork,  you found me :))

  31. Tomorrow mailing your CD. Now the thing is when you send a courier they have the perfect strategy, even if you send a stupid card weighing a few grams you gotto pay for a kg. HAHA. :O 😀 😛 . So u want me to burn n send some music videos i got ?

  32. SO WHAT ? haha. ur da theme.Your blog is you.
    The pay for a minimum kg is a cost cutting and marketing strategy. Seems like extraction and deceptiveness  is the basis of marketing these days. Lol

  33. well how was the movie????
    ok ok enough with the pity…but  still can say go study cant i???;p
    grrrrrrrr your getting a cd of ads and music videos from the ostritch???? how did you manage that??? hmmmmm i think its time for me to be nice…nyaaaaaaah …..
    dont telll me bout valentines day…utter bulll

  34. 😀 hii.. so hw r the studies gng? :):)
    fr that pic, ive given a hint now.. apply some imagination ya! 😀
    i took this pic at the lake opposite to 89 cinemas… eerie place! :p

  35. kane and abel is a good book…..and as far as the studies go….dats the whole point of having to study…dat u cant study …..its funny …ironical…dat u cant study when u need to study the most ……
    i thiink one of my entries is on the same topic as well…check ot out if u feel upto it ….

  36. dont think i can see any of those movies soon… stuck in boring old home for a while until my next short trip…waaaaaaaaaah…. this place sucks big time…let it be gods own country i want out… no good cd shops anywhere!!!!!

  37. Hello whats ur name???bitter sweet???wooo…neways hi man long time no visit on both sides of the spaces..lets have border talks and begin cross space infiltration…LOLZ…NEWAYZ YAAR PLEASE VISIT SOMETIMES…

  38. Yeah surely worth a second watch..my exams are in a months\’s tyme or less but there\’s a family wedding (my cuzz\’s) so like ill be really busy n no tyme for ishudies so i have 2 ishtudy rite now only..well…yeah i luv being called a kiddo…u noe like i used 2 have a nik name LADDU wen i was a 2 saala ka baccha..my mo used to call me till bout a year ago NOW THE NAMES MY DOGS UUHHHHH…but well i go 2 ccfc n there from the uncles to the bearas THEY ALL CALL ME LADDU OR LADDU BHAI!!itrs so nice

  39. Im here to make you feel more guilty!!
    10 more days!! Whoo Im so lookin forward for your exams than my Monday morning. 😛 And sorry, i kind of slept while chatting with you yesterday 😛 Been a long long day. They are making me work hard!! 😀

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