While i study…

An excuse to eat as much chocolate as you want to
An excuse to watch any repeat telecast of a show however crappy may it be
An excuse to listen to the same song again and again.(don’t as why)
A chance to wonder, what exactly was this moron thinking while developing such and such idea/theory/thought/film??
Also another reason to think (which should not be the case cause my attention should be on notes and xeroxes err photocopies)
Sometimes i wonder if I’m dwelling too much in the past. If ony we could concentrate on the present. Maybe some of my present reactions have been because of certain things happening in the past or because i have reacted in a particular way in the past and thats triggering the current reaction.
Don’t confuse yourself nothing’s happened to me..its just me pondering..
Also I’m quite sick of all these KFC’s pizza huts and ccd chains and basically all chains, because it seems like entertainment has become limited all of a sudden..why can’t people come up with something new and unique instead of  malls, nightclubs and another one of those food or coffee chains??
Why not bookshop cum library with an open cafe? (ok i know crossword and oxford have their own cafe’s but why not something quiter, not playing blaring music nor do we want an atmosphere so stiff sophisticated and formal that you’d feel weird picking up the next book)
Why not a theatre showing short films only and who’re not mega expensive ?
Why cant our zoo’s have breakfast with the chimp sessions (ok thats highly inspired by Singapore Zoo..lol)
Ok yeah i wonder about silly things

37 thoughts on “While i study…

  1. I know it was coming – jeez…i love exams. Now esp im over with it.
    10 more days!! haha
    But you are rite, these coffee chains are becoming too – commercial. Cant sit alone for sometime and drink a bloody coffee. Shouting and music. Lets start a book shop!!
    And its green here.

  2. hmmmm i looove those coffee shops,theatres,gaming zones,clubs..i love loud places… but yes your right you need the quite places too..have you heard of cheers?? its a place in bglore..its library..where you can borrow books or read it there..then they have this awesome cd and dvd collection where you can either rent home or watch it there.. and a small coffee shop… its nice.. and in mglore there are these places called ld houses… they are usually like one big room with a little seating capacity and they play movies on ld\’s…you get to see all kinds of variety\’s its more secluded and nice….. i guess there are places its just tht they ar not available everywhere….
    in fact i had this concept of building aplace where ppl can go after work or after they feel tired…to read different books, or get massages, individual cabins to watch movie..headphones provided of course…, sleepin cabins with perfectlly controoled temperature and ambience of the night sky… jacuzzis, lounges playing transcendental music and a food court with only food thats nothing short of an aphrodisiac for the soul… a total rejuvenation center… damn its only a concept…dont know when it will become a reality…. sigh…..

  3. i only said SOMETIMES …now that may seem a lot  but in reality thats only sometimes 🙂 and yes exams are an excuse to go to the library to check out girls 🙂 more coffee and hot chocolate 🙂 and u dont know how much i miss coffee day and barista here…so enjoy them while u can …they\’re precious ..
    and the RARE enjoyment occurs not when there are exams , not with the xeroxes, not in a class….just when someone explains you something in the simplest of ways , like someone untying a knot with so much ease u\’d never thought possible …those are the  sometimes, which are far too few to make studies actual fun but till then …pondering is all we do ….and we shall do coz THOU SHALT BE DISTRACTED WHILST TRYIN TO STUDY !!!!

  4. hmmm
    add to list: making a list of all those things you are gonna do when exams get over
    telling yourself over and over again that the next time ull study in advance
    praying that ull pass…
    take care and best of luck

  5. Why Why Why?! Lol!
    Anyways,I think capital,lack of innovation,risk taking and sell outs are sum of the things that mite be keeping the builders from creating new stuff…and then agn Indian mentality wherein u\’d rather jus copy stuf,Lol! Out if all,I liked auntyji\’s response to sona belt the best.it was funnyyy…
    Go study now woman!!

  6. yeeeesh,,,,i said sorry???? i really really am having a bad day!!!….;p whaddaya expect saturday night im stuck at home with the sniffles….poor poor me….

  7. din i say u ll be back soon??? hahahaha!!! hmmn now i realise that may be i shudn hate myself so much for the distractions during the exams… i have company 😀

  8. k i swear i cudnt have xpressed mah feelings in a better way….ya i am dyin 2 watch rang de basanti…..no time……i am sure 2 gain xtra kilos…i cant even count how many chocolates i have already consumed……..i have watched the same episode of OC like 3 times already……..n ya i have no idea wht i am doin here….gosh! i need to go n study…..

  9. hmm.. and i guess also a reason to study.. i think u forgot that ..lol …kiddin…
    anyways best of luck for your exams …i m sure u\’ll do a gud job…
    and dont eat too many chocolates… u\’ll puton weight like me…
    anyways…kemo na chey … 😛

  10. to know it u have 2 face it……..n i guess for those of us who have ever come across such a situation ever, will empathize with me……n no i am not maru…but i guess this is the mentality of our society, whether maru or not…..
    my sis n i arent stayin together so roomz all mine…..lol…..i have been tryin 2 push her in2 doin MBA so tht ppl can shut their mouths 4 atleast 2 yrs…..till then  the war shall continue….;)

  11. hi sups…
    ur new pics r gud….. 🙂
    hey ..one more excuse…
    An excuse to keep away from helpin ur mom/dad…
    i\’m never asked any help..wen i had to study for exams..

  12. mine are over!! a sigh of relief i tell you..btw *tagged*
    you\’re supposed to write your own 20 weird things. yes i decided what ur next blogs gonna be like!

  13. sups…situation same here too…..hahaha..bought morrre chocos today(stock got over…faaast)……n\’ now im having farewell party in two days..yuck..gonna wear saree otherwise will be da odd one out…..i had to xperience lil\’ eeeeks slllllightly blushing scenes wid sarees(in 10th n\’ 12 th std)……yikes ..hate ppl lookin  at me when i go in tat……newazz don\’t wanna know how its gonna be….hav \’ fun \’ n\’ im having here too..ditto…:)tc

  14. You know I remember SRK\’s stance in Kal Ho Naa Ho wherein he persuades and successfully relaunches Jaya Bachcan\’s restaurant in pure desi style. I\’m sure there must be restaurants around which will satisfy much of your desires. But hey, you\’ve given good ideas to spice up those entrepreneurs. A cinema hall or a screening joint for short films is a damn good idea. Having made a short film myself, I know it would make a world of difference to all those film-making buffs out here, who know to deliver a story quick and short.Cheers!

  15. yes, i am from himachal!!!! and it rocks , not in the sense of fancy cars ,not the money, not nike and reebok but in terms of people …in terms if peace n quiet , i know its a lil boring at times but its home n i loveeeeeeeeeeeee it 🙂
    the reson y im not too happy with starbucks is coz in every coffee shop, u gotta have ur coffee…i mean one coffee which u love …havent found love as yet (with the coffee, i mean)

  16. hmm.. i can see that u ponder a lot while u study.. btw, the ideas r quite good.. we need to have quieter places now.. the only place we get to hang out on the weekends is the city centre.. i\’m sick of the boring CCD.. and the KFC .. n the pizza hut.. n all that.. same old crowd.. and same old everything.. hmphh!! 😐
    happy studying! 😉

  17. hehe….u kno wat..i think its quite normal to think of silly things durin study leave…if not now, then wen!?!..lol…bt hey, im sure u like the coffee shops n all deep down in ur heart sumwer…at least i love d ambience of such places…nt too sure abt d Singapore zoo idea, im sure things will get quite shitty (*ahem* pun intended) around here!…how about a weird botanical garden cum coffe shop cum drivein theatre cum open air readin area…hmm..:|  4gt all tat…i hope u\’ve watched RDB by now…if not then…err..jus study hard yea…sorry..till ur next blog, ciao
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  18. Ooops, silly me, always thinking the whole world consists og
    \’Bengaluru\’! Okey, now there is Kolkatta and Bengaluru :)!! So how was
    RDB?? I didn\’t get tickets :(, instead watched \’Hostage\’, loved it!!
    Hmmm breakfast with the chimpanzees, bannanas anyone??

  19. Th green as in lay out green 😛 Too much of books aye? 14 – 6 = 8 Days.
    Luckily im not chatting with Viking too much to come up with 3 😛

  20. yup.. there\’s one called fusion.. i liked the ambience n the food is good too.. havent yet been to forum 😦 m sick of CC now.. 😐
    btw, u were right.. it IS a girl sitting with her hands clutched 😀

  21. hey sry bout d font..hehe…n BTW…i DID mean d Indian zoos…dude S\’pore zoo rox okay!!yea moi 4m Bbay bt i hvnt been 2 d Mahalaxmi breakfast place (i din kno abt it either..)my frnd hd gone 2 watch d derby yest..will ask her…n even i a suburbs person n even d suburbs r so bad…ova here i think town as in main Bbay is better..luv it there!!…n Im proud of u girl…very happy u watchd RDB!!!:D:D
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  22. LOL. U sure are really " SUP(er)S "! Ur blogs does the talking! Good..but hello u have ur exams gal…whats this u r upto?! Come on,get back to ur room or table to continue with ur studies! lol..
    1 suggestion….can u plz increase the Font-Size? Its difficult to read it actually. I gotta strain my eyes!
    Take Care

  23. Well, hello again! Glad to know you\’ve got a subject like film studies. But trust me, no amount of studies are gonna make our films better. We just need good writers. Wel, about my short film, it was a 12 minute film I\’d made myself for a short film festival at KC college, Mumbai. It was a comedy of errors about what happens when two internet friends who\’ve never seen each other and never spoken to each other, decide to meet up for the first time. And that\’s when the fun begins…Cheers!

  24. wats with u ppl??? orange juice?? orange peels?? leftovers???
    now wat do i do?? waaaaaaaaahhhhhh :\'(
    wait… i ll have my revenge…

  25. miss bitter sweeeet ya sups…i chose one of the most pretty ones of mom n\’ its striking red ( used 2 b my fav color now blue..ah! used 2 b dangerous..hehhee jus jokin).n\’ abt posting photos i dn\’t trust  abt posting in the blog  or anywhere in the net.ok ok to day was thanksgiving  tat  is teachers n\’ students speak abt their xperience n\’ even i did tat saying abt my sleeping….soooooooo many …its funny but apart from fun n\’ though its a gurlz college
    there was a teacher – student relationship…..oh ! oh! we were in the end on the verge of tears n\’ tomm…its goiing to be teary farewell..can predict tat….the days of our pranks n\’ fun in college r over….oh god im b\’ comin emotional…bye..will tell ya the rest tomm..

  26. well here we have library with open cafe and bookshop and i udnerstand wht you r saying but the world wasnt created in one day i think it will take some time to improve it but dont worry it will happen soon

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