Oh well Aksha tagged me, and im sup2 write about myself (errrr…) that too weird things! (brilliant!) now i don’t know if my list turns out to be weird..wonder if i’ll have 20 things too
di i say i cant write about myself!
btw for a more humorous list–please visit Viking (he’s at his best in this post!)
and yeah please throw a few oranges at him while you’re there!
so here goes
20 WEIRD and maybe Not so weird things about me
1) I like talking to myself. And there is one place where i sing the loudest and talk to myself the most—you guessed it— the bathroom!
2) Sometimes i also imagine having conversations with people–those that i’ve never had before..i know its weird..especially with people with whom my conversations haven’t been going on normally…or with people who behave strangely with me or sometimes with ppl i havent spoken to in a very very long time.
3) I like keeping a low profile. Have also been told a few times that i need to be more assertive…maybe i’m horrible at first impressions..though i do know that they matter the most! But those who know me, know that im a (quoting others here—chatterbox, caring sweetheart oh and a true friend indeed 🙂
4) This is getting more serious..shit! I’m a very loyal person and i expect complete loyalty..honesty too for that matter!
5) Ummm what else..ohh i suffer from the ‘ek minute’ tendency. Every time i’m assigned some work/ someone calls me…my immediate reply is ‘ek minute which stretches a tad bit longer than one minute 😀
6) my current fav word is: Brilliant! (and say it with effect like–Brilliant with the R rolling slightly )
7) Sometimes i think too much before doing something and then it never turns out correct or the way i want it to, when i don’t think and do stuff—still doesn’t turn out as expected!!!
8) 8…8….8…. In class 8 we had a chalk fight!! lol and it was great fun
9) im not liking this list AT ALL!!
10) Ok here goes the big publicly known secret…The only person who can force roti down my throat for dinner (only dinner that too on weekdays) is my Mum. My sis and bro have now started copying me, such copy cats these siblings i tell u…so my mum has to feed all 3 of us for dinner on the days roti is made(almost everyday on weekdays hehe)…i have no plans to stop this ritual and u all should let ur mum feed u once in a while 😀 (if u do it everyday u’d be copying me :p )
11) People get terrified when i say–‘I need new clothes’ lolol to say that my shopping sense is crazy is like putting is nicely. I’m indecisive, choosy, moody, embarassed–everything while shopping!
12) whaa now am sleepy. i sleep like a log did i mention earlier?
13) I firmly believe that there is NO such thing as a perfect relationship. All that there is compromise, adjusting and some fools call it love and sacrifice :/
14) If there was one thing i’d change about myself–it would be my confidence…
15) An unknown melody is a track which is truly deeply completely soulfull. Its by some turkish artist, i dont know the name of the song or the artist.
16) Sometimes i feel, that a few people try bossing over me, and me being stupidly compromising gives in…and sometimes i so desperately want peace that i agree to them.
17) i prefer people who are down to earth
18) My sense of timing is so good, its horrible! People at home think i’m terrible impunctual, and the rest of the world knows me for my punctuality.Beat that!
19) some people know me as the gossiper/adviser/organiser and now official person with the camera!!
20) this is the last point..maybe i should change some of the points above? i don’t sound like myself? or is this me..did i say am confused? yeah yeah viking Confused is our fav word. I suffer from extreme emotions. i try to control them doesn’t happen…when am happy am terribly happy, over excited, enthusiastic and nothing can dampen my emotions then and when am sad…well nobody but me knows about it..i suffer from a major problem of not sharing my problems..even when i confide to my best friends i make it sound like its just a small thing troubling me, while am actually losing it inside…did i say am Brilliant at panicking….and then the horrible phase passes and the problem is forgotten and later on it doesn’t even seem as bad as it seemed that time..so basically thats how the cycle continues.. this is SOME long point.
Btw thanks Aksha (mean mean girl u tagged me while i should be studying) and Viking who finally pushed me!
i still hate this list! maybe its not ok to write so much shit bout the self with mostly strangers reading it…still my space yeah lets do whatever we want! i might remove this people…
and now i guess i should just stop blogging for a few more days atleast!

45 thoughts on “*tagged*

  1. Sup you hv done it and I am yet to embark on this journey but its nice in a way..getting in touch with ourselves..

    As for ur last entry..when I used to sit for my studies my mind would take all flights of fancy and trvel to territories unknown…
    Those were the days of glory!
    cheerio my girl
    study hard

  2. Hahahah! I\’l be doing that shortly i.e. If I can find time and all that jazz…
    I know ur ek minute tendency,I face it all the time on msn,shit!Did I speak too soon?!!:P
    I\’m gonna say \’Aye Aye Cap\’n\’ on the 13th point.That is sooo true sups,U\’ve no idea,I mean sure u might love the person but it is mostly compromise!
    Dont let anyone boss you around,ranple all over them,thats what they desrve for messing with the would-be,highly-paid,celebrity exclusive photographer ;))))
    I know ur habit of not discussing issues,thats sumthin that I\’d have to oppose,I mean friends are people u can unburden on lol and share things with no,I do remember that post in which u were troubled cuz of ur cuz in Bang  think?!
    Anyways,You know am always here [so what if its more than 1500 kms away?!!!A fren is a fren is a fren right]And I\’d always listen to ya
    I\’m gonna stop writing now.This\’s gotten too long.
    Take care:)

  3. You talk loudly in the bathroom , lol ,lol!!
    I will watch RDB this weekend maybe and i was talking about my corporate mail ID with continuous flow of junk!! :((

  4. Oh no, another person complied! Just when I was feeling happy thant none other than the Viking has complied on the tag – heres one more…ufffff!
    btw, I just read ur last entry too ( actually I was not expecting one, as I thought you would be studying sincerely. 😀 you know what, never stop wondering – however silly they may be. I always love people asking silly questions. People also called kepler, columbus and so many others silly too? Didnt they? Philosophy is basis of all knowledge and questions are basis of knowledge. So how can questions be silly?

  5. ek minute 🙂 I can imagine telling it to our customers here but then I would have to make it ek minute. After all they respect us only coz we keep our promises! N chalk fights? I guess we didnt grow up even in college 🙂
    Have a fun week!

  6. whoa..sups …we had, hav n\’ will hav chalk fights in class (skool n\’ college)..its fun…in skool guys used 2 throw duster followed by gurlz n\’ during one of these sessions the duster landedon my face…..funtastic!!!!!!!!!…..half my face was white ..like two sides of a coin but i threw it back to the sender straight on face n\’ the whole class was converted into a throwball court xcept tat duster was the ball here…..hahaaa tat\’s fun n\’ ya speaking abt my shopping…u know wat…..its hard for me to decide which one esp clothes to buy n\’ choosy kind..hmmmm takes atleast a day
    …n\’ abt today\’s farewell party….omg..found it difficult to walk n\’ almost tripped. …felt uncomfortable n\’ wanted to change into top n\’ skirt or jeans …..had a small ramp walk in one of the games of farewell party n\’ had lotsa fun… n\’ got prize for one of the games……..can\’t xpress in words how it was……in one word terrifc
    …..newazz study well miss bitter sweeeeeeeeeeet:)tc

  7. thnx for increasing the font 1st of al !!!! u cud made it  "Large" infact. but chalo…good to see that u hve actually written all this ! pretty long though ! 20 hain tho bada hoga hi !
    neways,I\’ve put ur name as a link in my space,so that its convenient to come here ! i guess u 2 can do the same.
    neways,i\’ve just posted a new blog….hope u like it!

  8. aha.. so this is why got a msg @ 2 am!!! wait is it 3??
    Brilliant! (read Brilliant with the R rolling slightly ) 😀

    i doubt if you can keep up with ur "No Blogging".. i ll keep a watch in the nyts… somebody keep a watch in the day!!! she shud not appear online… tehehe

    and yes thanx for the oranges again… i ll get the juice and mail it 2 u :P.. every morning

  9. 1) ok thats not so weird. i know a lot of people who do that. i would do, especially in the loo, but then i have my fone to give me company then, so not required  🙂
    2)perfectly normal again. i do the same..an aries tendency or what?
    3)i agree with the ones who quoted you, word for word..lol
    4)aries tendency no. 2
    5)umm never encountered that problem with you, touchwood
    6)i use that when i want to be sarcastic
    7)thats life!
    8) shit i missed that. y didnt all this happen before class 6??
    9)whaa?? i love it!
    10)hmmm no comments there. i prefer feeding myself
    11)blindfold urself while picking up stuff..that ways at least ull have some fun lol
    12)dreamless sleep…thats luck!
    13)lol what seems like adjustment to you might not seem so to other people.at the end of it all, its worth it. and thats what makes the relationship perfect.
    14)if ur unhappy with it, dont worry. trying to change it wont be of any use, it will happen on its own
    15)transfer it to me someday
    16)when you find something thats truly worth fighting for, u wont give in. so ur not being compromising when u give in to trifles. ur just being smart
    17)aries tendency no 3
    18)yeah that tends to happen. life..hah!
    19)official person with the camera is right, u give great advice thats for sure, gossiper..who??
    20) used to be like that..maybe still am..dont know..whatever!

  10. yayy!  😀  this list looks good. And dont know about the other fellow spacers or whatever you call them. This list rocks. Well a fun_er read than mine anyway.
    you go girl! And STUDY!!! making weird lists when you have to study. Ugh!
    take care

  11. you should have added one more "i write blogs then i delete them.."…;p
    oh yes i know bout the many blogs you wrote and deleted girl…
    your not deleting this one!!!
    it is good to read..things need not always be humorous..although i find some of your points funny…i can imagine u talking to yourself in the bathroom..and with the echo in there…the poor elves in the toilet must have gone maad….yes their are elves in the toilet and pixies in the tub…;)
    chalk fights…ahhh i dont miss em cuz i still have em whenever i can in fact i made most of my frens by hitting them with chalks..u can also use a slingshot kind of apparatus using a rubber band and some fine paper pellets..those hurt but its fun..ur in college right?? well u can still do it…and sigh since i stopped spitting grape seeds maybe you could try that too???
    am not on msn cuz it does not work properly for me anymore..my comp goes reallllll sloww
    nice tag…you shouldnt be complaining…there are quite a few ppl im looking forward to reading hope they write..

  12. Hey even I talk to myself (Gimme five!) and though its not always in the bathroom, it can be anywhere…in the streets..trains, buses..and the worst part…people actually give me weird looks when they hear me talking like that!I also agree with point no.2 you\’ve mentioned and know what, I actually pronounced Brrilliant as I finished reading point no.6. (Some exercise for my tongue, eh?)I\’m still drooling over point no.13. Should have known about it once WE (me and SHE) were in love. :(Anyways..keep visiting..and yaa..even I love Ehsaan Bhai and Gajodhar Bhaiya and his toothpicks!!Cheers!

  13. pretty funny .. i see that your addicted to msn .. study girl .. u need to read for your exams .. they are coming this monday .. can you believe that ..

  14. hey there!
    your first impression is great sups…atleast as far as i am concerned!
    study darling…valentines day is coming soon!!!!!!

  15. 14 – 8 = 6!! Sixer!!
    U made your list and im gonna start on mine. Hmm…i dont know where to start. Shall we begin from the beginning??

  16. Hahaha.. Brilliant (I rolled the r).. lol
    so amongst all the studying that u\’ve been doing, u found time to come up with this great list hmm? :):)
    Btw, u\’d surely make a great gossipper who\’s can stay organized and confused at the same time.. lol :))
    Btw, i loved it! 😛

  17. ahh now tht i have attained mush status lol…i know i know i havent..well you know one thing im lousy at…your brrrrriliant is catching on dahlin..;)
    and while we are busy rolling stuff..roll me to chapathis and some sabjhi…im hungry and my tummy cant take it any morrrrre…;p
    toodloo while i go stuff my face!!

  18. omg!u scare me.. this sounds so much like me..lol.confused,sleepy, thinkin too much..low profile..loyalty n honesty.. i could relate to all of those.. n even the ek minute syndrome.. i keep pushing things off fr later!very nice tag 🙂

  19. haha first of all thanks for ur post and there we are with the replies ho wdo i do to have that nothing to lose attitude easy yaar seat down and see things around you now for me how can it go bad well the most horrible thing which can happen is lose my job but wht the big deal can get a new one rt or maybe money probs bt thn u can take a double job i mean each problem has its solution its so true tht i have nothing to lose so i think its not an attitude  its just a fact ehhehe… wow an hour to writte that alot i was sure that it not easy to write about something like tht tht 2 20 points heheh i wouldnt be able to do it i cant keep focused on one thing thats the reply of the second thing intrests are goign from one extrem to the other cauz i get bored of stuff soon so i try to keep different intrests like tht i am not focused on the same thing again and again jewelry designign was supose to be my career but it became a hobby IT was supose to be a hobby but it became my career writting is a passion organising asian parties hmm i was supose to be in music field but i cant sing nd i dont see my self as a dancer can dance in disco only so organising gigs was the best way hhahahah now i m stopping boring you cauz this comment is kinda long now hahah
    take care of u nd the blog cauz i want to come back nd read more stuff here


  21. still waiting for those rrrrotis…;)
    im fasting actually darn it ..todays the day moses crossed the river escaping from the pharoah so we have to fast..doesnt make sense does it??… we should swim today…ha well when has the rituals of religion ever been sensible??
    i do not wish to be mush queen..let my better half..;) take tht status.. along with i shall be the one to spend moeny status..;p
    anyways…i tagged you..how see my space..maximum 10 points you have to write…
    i know u hate me now…lol

  22. Ticket after your exams okie? 14 – 9 = 5 more days!! Ahhhh 😀
    And i sadly ended up home coz one of my frnd fell crook but them weekend is just here.

  23. Heya I am delighted to see no updates for once..means my girl is busy burning the midnight oil…burn it ..few more days and will come days of rompings..
    cheers babe
    Enjoy ur studies..you are at the best time of ur life I say & believe me!

  24. nice blogs……..didn\’t i comment earlier?????? I was just searching for the earlier comment that i gave here. It was me thanking u. coz,u finally changed the font size ! lol.

  25. hey girl 🙂 list or no list..why are you saying "thanks"? This made a good read. Better than mine anyway.
    take care 🙂

  26. so was tht the killer mush entry??? yaaayyyyyyyyyy i can quit now… i have officially passed… !!!
    i give you time till you start goofing around again to write those points…
    the countdown has begun…..

  27. Hmmm…yeah thanx yaar thanks alot..but like only give it to ppl who are interested…otherwise you waste ur own money sms\’ing…hmm yeah and like ask them 2 if they know any1 n if they do 2 contact me…pls pls pls…i know this is like a little too much but please!!!Theyre adorable…i just cant resist visitng them everyday…!!Wish i could bring them home but how many will i take care of???..lol thnx neways ciao ciao

  28. hello!
    i think you forgot…i also have exams around valentines day!
    after tht as many pictures you want!
    best of luck for the exams…and you dont seem to be studying!look at grandma neha!

  29. So howz the prep coming along?!! All set for your exams? When are they
    btw?!! I must say its been quite long since I met someone who actually
    said \’You and me and a dog named Boo..\’!! Hehehe, I should listen to
    some of Lobo\’s songs this weekend, longtime no hear actually!!

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  31. well…..its exam time for u,so  i guess u r busy studying ?! good going….hey y don\’t u put my name too,like u put   laddu\’s ! come on….and yeah,this blog that i added jst now,i hope will prompt u to add my space as a link ! lets c………….
    Happy studying !

  32. Theres no doubt about Javed\’s talent! And I kinda liked the add too – though its not something outstanding! But I am sure its gonna click with the target audience.

    Oh u know I fell quirky when u call Nidhi as ICY on my space :D. All my life I have been know as ICY – IC u know, so when u talk about someone else as IC in front of me – I fell like "huh! who was tht?" 😀

  33. not bad…atleast you have managed to pull on so many comments eh??…..lolzzzz…..newayz gud space….keep rockin…

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