Well its impossible studying at a stretch….2 hours at a stretch with the notes and xeroxes i feel i’ve crossed a mountain!
And i hav to get up 2-3 times between such stretches..i just cant sit still without getting distracted!
(im sorry icy, viking it just DOESNT happen)
And my wonderings continue..
We all talk about empathising, and imagining yourself in somebody else’s place, put youself in the other person’s shoes etc. etc. Be understanding …blah i mean how many of us can actually do that, rather how easy is it to do that? Unless you have probably experienced it yourself.. is it easy?
Can u put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes who is about to grill the candidates?
Can you put yourself in somebody shoes who suffers from depression?
I dont know WHY all ads involving little baby’s–johnsons etc. the babies are JUST wearing diapers and nothing apart frm that–its something really stupid i observed!
Also why cant be control our dreams and imaginations?? I sometimes see the most horribly negative dreams ever…they say u dream about stuff you want to see/ or you want it to happen!
i want to be positive and i always end up negative! its weird!!

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  1. Hey Sup take it easy…study as your mind & concentration allows..& it is alws good to take breaks in btw..I suggest take naps..Psycho says naps are very good for memory as sleep forges the learned material into permanent memory..good for assimilating the material ..I hv tried it myself..
    Dont take it hard..follow ur own schedule & temperamnet…& need a break come knocking blogging ..just dont carry it too far..

  2. I dreamt about picking a fight this night – I was banging his door and shouting over the phone. Ah, how much i wish for that 😛
    Exam time gives you weird thoughts and you are did rambled well. Long live ramblers inc.
    All the best mademoiselle. Do your exams well. FYI its just 3 more days away. Psst!! Thanks for the card. I\’ll mail shortly.

  3. i heard you have nasty dreams if u have a stomach upset. anyways all this dream  analysis is something id rather not do. especially since ive dreamt about being chased by a crocodile in a closed tunnel and have enough pursued strangers on mysterious mountain roads. thank god i dont remember most of my dreams. i dont know why babies are always dressed in diapers in ads, but they look cute anyway. i dont think you can truly put urself in someone elses shoes unless uve been in a similar situation before. i wonder if supriyas going beserk. i mean she has an exam on tuesday…why is she thinking about dreams and baby diapers??

  4. i wont offer tips… we ourselves offer few to everybody arnd us.. don\’t v?

    shudn the babies come out against these ads for showing their .. watevers on air, to people across all ages!!! wats the censor board doing against this???

    u cant control dreams… pls.. let atleast them to be out of our control… we have our day dreams anyways…

  5. your rambling again…;p
    poor poor sups..studying eating at your medula oblangatas huh?? and thats all the biology term you will get from me…for the rest ask buggy boy aka viking who apparently seems to be obsessed with the censor board…;)
    and while your at doing nothing again pls visit snigger boys blog with the message "UPDATE YOU PRICK"
    thanks thanks…
    let me tell you my method of studying…sleep with the book under your head..pretty darn uncomfortable…then since you cant sleep open it and loot at it for a while read a few lines…dream…read…dream….read…dream…
    hmm no wonder i still dont know anything oh well..so much for rotten advices….
    cookiieeeeee go studyyyyyyy..;p;p;p

  6. hey Sup…
    Am fast approcahin da stage where am gonna be struggling like u to hold ma head in one place long nuff to understand and study neethin……brrrghhhhh gives me da chills
    Cooffee, breaks, a bit of music and thinkin of ur happy place i.e da last day of exam and havin a mental countdown as to how many days of this torture r left……those r my helpers for these times…..try em, maybe they\’ll wrk for u….!
    And think, the baby whose but da mother touches in da powder ads frm Johnsos\’s, his/her embarrasment at having their ass flaunted for all of da nation to cc!!! hehe
    luck to u ma friend, study well…..

  7. I come from word of the falcon. I sense much fear in you. Fear is the power to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to bad dreams. Negativity aint good small sups.So stop fooling around young bengali and go study.Im not a racist, i just like to put things into perspective.lol. See even i can use abbreviated internet terminilogy. Now go study or you"ll be just another earthling lost in space.

  8. Hiya…
    seems u are quit involve in ur studies….
    thats you are seeing such a weired dreams…
    this happen only…people try to do rare tasks…which they are never into…
    ha ha..:)
    never mind…next time u will gonna see a  most beautiful from the world…

  9. well i\’ll put myself in anyone\’s shoes if they\’re pretty! 😀
    also, if you find a good way to study will you let me know too? i got exams too u know and not attending classes the entire year combined with blissful ignorance about the texts in my course till about a month ago has ruined my life. :S
    All The Best!

  10. hmmm, seems like my global locator is malfunctioning. i must stop literal associating of people with places. Imbalance in the force perhaps.

  11. \’They call it the great American dream coz you only see it when you\’re asleep\’ – lines from The Guru. I believe in chasing dreams which I see with my eyes open. So all I can suggest (can I?) is that you don\’t worry about dreams that trouble you. Although, they make for hilarious conversations, sometimes.Cheers!

  12. Hey, people say that you dream about things that you think about. They might, just might be remotely linked with things you thinks about during the day.
    Well, I have\’nt been studying. Drop by to see what exactly happened.
    You got your exams comin up? Good luck for those. If you need some inspiration to study properly, think bout what ur folks could do seing ur results!!!

  13. Whoa! you still aren\’t done with studying, eh? the last time i came here… i read somethin similar! Hmm! by the way, i think we wud make gr8 friends… i am as good a cribber as you! a positive one that too! :))

  14. Dont worry girl! Even now I cant sit at one place more than 1 and half hours! Its good to take breaks. I have seen that my concentrations levels come in deep short spurts – may be thts with you too!

    About putting yourself on others shoes! I guess Geminis like me have tht special ability. We see both side of nething. Helps us analyze the issues from both the angles. I have seen this a number of time when I can actually start thinking the way the person sitting in fron of me, from just the way he/she is putting forward a thought! Once you get into the other person\’s skin, u r in his shoes too 😀

    About ur dreams, its much much deeper science. Mostly its not the Conscious mind that induces dreams, it either the un-Conscious or the sub-Conscious. And we might be thinking or feeling a totally different thing in there from our Conscious being! Its a fodder for deep analysis – may be Nidhi is a better person to help you. Though I read and researched about it a lot – I dont think this is the right time and place to discuss tht!

  15. Hmm.. I wonder how you wonder abt all this while studying!! I thought only I do.. :p
    dreams r something worth wondering! cuz u always end up wondering WHY u saw tht stupid dream last night.. n WHT it meant!
    abt the babies, i guess tht look cuter in the diapers.. lol 😀
    hope u\’re studying properly.. keep popping in with yr wonderings.. good luck fr tomorrow 😀

  16. Good for you – the less we worry the better! Worrying never helped neone – finding answers always did!
    Oh – so you celebrate ur V-Day with exams – I mean the Paper would be a nice Valentine gift 😀
    Best of Luck dear! Go and "Pharke ana"! 😉

  17. Hey yo sups! Wondering,what exam is it? Which goes on and on? Btw,happy v day to u. I have enterd a controversial blog! Lol..Sry yaar,me cmntng 4r mob so cant type much! Bt u surely r a hit amngst cmntators! 50 cmnts ! Man! And ya,no probs if u dnt want to add my name as link so soon..Take ur time. Bbye

  18. Hey yo sups! Wondering,what exam is it? Which goes on and on? Btw,happy v day to u. I have enterd a controversial blog! Lol..Sry yaar,me cmntng 4r mob so cant type much! Bt u surely r a hit amngst cmntators! 50 cmnts ! Man! And ya,no probs if u dnt want to add my name as link so soon..Take ur time. Bbye

  19. Hey yo sups! Wondering,what exam is it? Which goes on and on? Btw,happy v day to u. I have enterd a controversial blog! Lol..Sry yaar,me cmntng 4r mob so cant type much! Bt u surely r a hit amngst cmntators! 50 cmnts ! Man! And ya,no probs if u dnt want to add my name as link so soon..Take ur time. Bbye

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