Happpyyy V-dayyy!


Not that you need a day to say I love you to your loved ones. Not that i have time to celebrate V day. Not that i have a someone special yet for that matter haha but if i DID have one, i would have probably asked him today what ms. horse here is asking her honey 😀


Have a great V day people, celebrate or not, follow it or not–do enjoy yourself, if you dont have a honey yet, pamper yourself 🙂


Photo courtesy: www.shootinglove.com

Distortion courtesy: Mee mee mee who else lol



30 thoughts on “Happpyyy V-dayyy!

  1. Hey thnx for the info on tagged…u gave a wider idea bout it…had some idea bout it and like is it related to that site tagged.com????neways umm…ive seen rdb twice n m goin fr it again soon…WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE is a long time from now for me…See i aint obsessed with nething esp girls…although i get along with ppl of both sexes….neways whats up wiht life????whose your valentine????HEY DUDE JUST REMEMBERED I PROPOSED TO MY DOG AND HE SAID YES…YEAH YEAH HES MY VALENTINE HES MY VALENTINE…LAST TIME HE WAS BUSY WITH SOME1 ELSE BUT THIS TIME HE\’S MY VALENTINE …!!!HEY ONNIE IO LOVEEEE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy V- day to you my dear..though i am cynical about such events..yes me too sometimes cynical about certain things..& these western fads do dismay me..
    Musta visit Viking & esp. Krit\’s spaces today for some V specials..hehe…poor viking guy guess oranges have taken a heavy toll on his heart..Saan the devil!
    & lots of bear hugs to you..
    When does ur B\’day fall?
    happy study hours in BTW..you\’ll kill me for reminding ..yet again..my girl!!!

  3. Yeah im pampering myself with beer and cricket. Oh Australia gonna win. How did you go with your exam? Did my expertise rubbed in? 😀
    Btw, what would Ms Horse would be telling him…:P I will shut up nice and easy.

  4. happy valentine\’s day to you too…same like u,i 2 don\’t have any valentine..but then,does it matter? exactly…my latest blog is on the same topic….a little abt me,if u don\’t know me,and want to know me..

  5. now im interested besides asking for gift what ELSE would you ask ???;p;p
    happy valentine\’s day cookie ….
    and why are you not studying??;p;p;p;p
    you have the red saree i have the go studyyyyyyyy.
    all\’s fair in love and war…;)

  6. achoooo…sups craziest thing b4 v_day(ah!not interested)  … im having a terrible coooooold n\’ cough..sheesh..jus don\’t like it..aaaaaaaachooooooooooooo…x\’cuse me plz….
    suppy……my nightmare is gonna start from mar 1..
    hmmm..ms.horsy is asking mr.horse (honey) for a bag of oats n\’ a stick …hmmm thinkin y stick is for….ya ok..4  4getting her for the
    rest of the yea n\’ jus givin him sum treatment…achoo

  7. my internet just went off at the crucial moment….arrrrghhhh
    did you guys miss me?? wink wink…ok do not answer tht question

  8. Good to hear that u had a good exam! Does this mean, tht its over?
    Hugs are always welcome! Can never have enough of them! Thanku for ur bit too! And thank god you are no longer speechless 😉

  9. Hehe.. hope u had a great v day! so how did the exam go? and ye, did u manage to bump into some hunk? 😀
    i didnt do much.. worked in office till 7 n then roamed arnd in the city centre along with friends, doing people watching :p
    btw, wht a distortion! :p

  10. yea, frustrations enhance my poetic skills(rhyming skills to be precise) :p
    study study study 😀
    btw, when r yr exams gonna get over?


  12. Oho, means Nidhi and Pixie have to be after you to make you go back to books till March 3. Neway i dont think either you or your space friends are missing nethiing…Will wait till your happy blog is posted…
    On another note, I kind felt nice.. "No yaar!" – 😀

  13. I always thought having cheerleaders during exams was an extremely innovative idea! i mean just imagine…why only for soccer matches?? harumph! 😦
    and since i hated my mathematics professors sooo much, i once made extensive use of roman numerals in my answer sheets… it felt like a true conquest! 🙂

  14. lol your phijeeeks teacher made me "loff" hahaha
    damn notting hill is one of my all time fav..my favline is "i could tell you some thing\’s that will shrink  your balls to the size of raisins" sigh corny line from the corny roommate…… i rest my case when i say i hve to get rid of the junk in my head…
    hey i was away when u send me tht nudge…. are you insulted?? if you are hurraaahhhh ;p;p;p

  15. Muah-Muah!
    Sups, Wher\’s my gift hon?
    Here lemme give you a Big Slurpy Kiss post Valentines…
    MMMmmmuuuaaaahhhhh!! Aahh,that felt good and a little lesbo kind 😉
    Take care! Nice choice for a pic I say, words are even better!

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