What we can learn from America/ What i Like about Americans.

Yes you can re-read the title. Yes you read it right.

So what is it about America that we can learn?

Is it their Music–you like their music don’t you?

Their food? The chains,the Big Macs, Walmart, the malls, their lifestyle?

No. Obviously not.

There are people who’re highly influenced by the west–they enjoy the music,their tv shows, the food, the culture, the feel, the concepts, their dressing style..Why? Have you ever stopped and asked a simple question like-What is That quality, what is that thing in them–that makes everybody around want to ape them?

Our food, fashion, films, music, lifestyle–everything is influenced by their ways..

Ever stopped and wondered why? (Wondering is my latest passion)

The other day, I was watching a show on discovery travel and living, with Dad giving me company. They showed a whole lot of american towns, cities–no it was not lonely planet-america special. But something i observed while watching all those places was that Americans:

a) do their own thing–which is fine i mean most of us who do not ape the west like to do our own thing, some maybe inspired but still, atleast there’s an effort.

b) they take pride in doing their own thing,however silly/dumb/ small it may seem..now this is one quality i find missing around me..

Everything that they do, they have their own spirit–the american spirit. They create their own ways, their own spirit. We turn our back towards some of our ways.The spirit of doing Indian things sadly missing in most places. They celebrate 4th of july by bursting crackers and having barbeque’s. This is their way of doing it. We celebrate Independence Day with a flag hoisiting session and maybe by distributing sweets. This is our way of doing it. But sadly most of us do not like our way/ bored of it/ find it dumb/ or worse are embarrassed of it!

I’m not saying that we should not follow their ways at all and turn totally Indian a la khadi clothes and traditional ways, all I’m saying is that–if we do our own thing with a little more pride, a little more interest and with a little more spirit we just might realise that being Indian is actually better..and that is something that could lead us to success–doing your own thing with pride. Copy pasting is a habit we are just so used to, shouldn’t we do it how it is done right here in our motherland? Glamour isn’t the only way 🙂


America is just an example, otherwise the French, Italian–and most of the western countries some of us are so heavily ‘influenced by/like to follow’ do the same.

These are not plain words. This is something to take notice of.


Yes I’m studying a bit and getting distracted lots and going out a bit too, and this is not some post republic day message or late inspiration from rang de basanti..its just my messed up mind as usual 🙂 wrote that in a hurry so might have missed out on a whole lot of points!


Ahh this seems like the LONGEST comment blog..! you’ll will have to hold your thoughts cuz im kinda busy so will reply to each one soon!


27 thoughts on “What we can learn from America/ What i Like about Americans.

  1. oh we\’ll come around alright. i read a book by shashi tharoor once…it started off by saying that india is not an underdeveloped country, it is a country in an advanced stage of decay. once the decay is complete and the rebuliding begins (which i suspect it already has), we will be truly proud of our nation (hey, i already am..proud i mean)…will just take some time, but it will happen alright.

  2. u may have written it in a hurry,but i guess,u haven\’t missed any thing..lol….okay,i\’ve written something which is against our own country ! yesss….a must read…

  3. cudnt agree more. First hand experience speaks…
    U know we the "indian youth" is so embarassed to celebrate independence day… I mean when I was back home I wud have dies rather than being seen wit the  tricolor on 15th aug. These ppl sure do have pride in being "American" … !
    Also the other thing which I found really inspiring is the way they repect u. I mean doesnt matter how influential a person is you and him are in the same standing. You are just as important as him.
    I guess the prob lies when we adopt all this music, clothes, food, culture but fail to see the way they volunteer for their army, the way everything American is so dear to them, the way they have this individualism…!!
    You know what for a long long time I have been having conversations with my frends here that how I don\’t like US. I am surprised to read what I wrote!

  4. Its funny cause J was saying the exact same thing a while back[maybe we were watching the same prog]
    But he said too that they are really proud of their heritage while we are too busy cursing to which I say that we dont really have many things to be proud of but after reading this I know w\’ve got to start somewher….
    Err,if Disconnectuion ate up ur comment,write it agn,It\’d be encouraging sups:)
    Nice ponderings.
    Take care:)

  5. i think it\’s because they have the resources to flood the market with their brands… consumerism… can\’t articulate the "theory" in so many words.. we really gotta talk at length about that! but you get the point right? 😀
    anyway, wondering is good.. it\’s the first step.. we need more people following you if we need to go anywhere! 🙂

  6. Haaan….could\’t agree more with you. Blind is the word. Blindly aping the west. Anything that\’s western is supposed to be cool. I mean, what the..?Mohan Bhargava had his own rights in saying, "Main nahin maanta Bharat ek mahaan desh hai." I mean..here is a guy who wants his country proud and knew a way out….coz he fell for it. Even though he lived in the US all along…he fell for India. That itself how great a country we are.Cheers!

  7. nething that goes up has to come down and nething that goes down has to go up. Its a cycle. We were in top one day, and went to the dumps too; same is with americas, they wer in dumps and now on top. But its not gonna be true for ever. Look at their finances…. trillions of dollars in defecit; and a world against them. They do not know about the world outside their own country. Can you belive they do not which side of India Pakistan is. We know exactlky where Mexico and Cuba are!

    I personally love my country to core; I hate seeing someone sitting during national anthem; and hate people who hate a job, just because its low grade. Even the rickshaw puller is earning his money – not a beggar. But dont worry, with one out of 5 people being an Indian, we can not stay down much longer. time for India has already come…

  8. Atlas an Indian who has a backbone. I\’m happy i bumped into your space.I agree with you that pride is sadly a missing virtue.the sadder thing is that the few of us who do take pride take pride in aping the west.
    but there is a growing new generation of youngsters who have started taking pride in their nation. Its nice to see everyone stand when the anthem is played. its a beginning and it wont be long before this beginning becomes an awakening. We gonna get there for sure.

  9. I dont know…may be im one of the confused desi\’s messing both the western culture and ours. But then, how can i corrupt my culture? By not celebrating Independence day? Or not living in India?? No. I guess when i dont try to respect the tradition we follow, when i feel ashamed for saying im Indian…only then i guess im corrupting my culture.
    I hate the way ppl try to brand Indianness – only if you wear khadi, Independence day al mode pseudo secularists. One has to feel in heart. Even if he goes to night clubs, pubs and speaks \’Merican, he is Indian after all.
    Ok. I shall shut up. I blurred out something which wont make sense to me tomorrow morning. Btw, I have every right to assume that its Mr. Fish. And no hold on to that chat script. I may have to use that for my patent. 😛

  10. The americans u say do wht they do with pride, most of the things they do sporting this so called pride is not worth doing in the first place….
    And whts pride neeways, liking wht u do, doing wht u like, doin sumthin well…..i think there is tht in INdia, the difference is in quantity and quality. If they so 20 things and fiegn pride, we mite do 2 but they r worth of it.
    And jst coz i like gilmore girls or like balck coffee, or wud rather eat in a mc donald says nutthin abt aping a culture! Its me, its my personal choice. If tomorrow i went to a village and liked wht they did in some way i mite do tht too. Its not so much where it comes frm, its smore how it appeals to different ppl.
    We r to be global citizens, a term i like much better, seriously. There r so many cultures, and wonderful things in the world to learn and do……commin in contact wid foreign cultures will only enrich us…..
    Besides, da common notion is to ape western society, well on close inspection they have graver and bigger problems than we do…..so lets jst be careful abt the monkey business.
    two things i\’d like take in india frm da american culture:
    1. Respect of all kinda of job. If i went lookin for a waitresing job tommorrow, more ppl wud frown at me dan appreciate me for it.
    2. Independence. They have grit nuff to make mistakes  and take responsibility for it. I like tht, and do tht too. thts why i think i can do my own thing. coz if i screw up, i cant blame it on neeone.
    good luk for da studyin, and Dubai, i cant wait to go…….only sooner than la8r i hope! = )
    take care, cya….

  11. well i will have to agree with Verbal Rhapsody ….just coz you like something more than the other…you arent aping something….
    if at all any one is to be blamed….blame the malls and the shops for endorsing these things tht are soooo american….why cant they give us something original…something indian???
    if they give us something original we will enjoy and follow….something original…something indian!

    hahaha next didnt you hve an exam yesterday?? well how did it go??
    bout this whole culture thing…well i do love fast food,,,i lvoe their music…but right now listening to irish music…i love indian food…
    basically i dont know i have a different take on this…
    for me its not fair to tell someone just cuz ,your …. say italian..you must love your own country and follow those rules and yes of course you can enjoy the rest but first it is one\’s own country… or as is the case of india one\’s own state..you do know tht indians hve a loyalty to their state first..then the country…
    i believe in ones own individualism… you should follow wht u firmly believe in and love all humans equally regardless how different they are… there are documents to tell which country you belong to..but wht does your mind and heart feel??
    eg saan he hates india..i dont blame him nor can i consider him any less…he must hve had only bad experiences….
    and thts why i dont believe in the concept of culture aping..for me the world is one big place and the ppl one big family..there will exist feuds..opinion differences..and love and more…
    you choose wht u like and you keep them as long as they dont hurt anyone else…its individualism..not publicism…nor culturism…

  13. Umm. There is a very simple logic here. The poor imitate the rich to "appear" rich. This rule has existed across cultures even before the "currency" was money as we know it.
    The ruling class defines, the ruled comply.
    Multiply that across countries and across cultures and what you get is the poor nations willingly going the McDonald\’s way. They can look and see that it is better so they imitate it.
    Chances are that our current culture has no originality to begin with and we are all just an evolutionary byproduct of wanting to imitate something that is already an imiation of something else.
    No big loss.
    Sex in the west is more open and free. Women are treated better in western society. It\’s really very simple :]

  14. hey I saw the new animated coke add "Jiyo Thanda – Piyo Thanda" – "marveloouse"
    Also the new Hutch adds with kids – excellente!

  15. Gosh! I was about to give it all up!
    How horrible sometimes net,e etc work oh! how they try my patience!
    well I agree here 101%; I feel we should learn good lessons and inculcate them..mostly we are just on a disparaging trip !
    So girl how are the exams going ? soonest you will be a free bird!
    lots of muah & plenty of love
    arghhh…when passing through exam time one needs oodles
    of them…

  16. A very nice topic to wonder abt!
    Ppl just go ahead and ape but they dunno wht to ape..We r all influenced by the western culture, we talk and act like the americans, party like them, do all sorts of things.. BUT, we\’ve never tried to look at the good things abt the americans.. like the ones that you\’ve mentioned..
    Americans wd never look down upon any kinda job.. a job is a job fr them.. n it gets all the respect.. unlike India.. they r so particular abt the time, they party hard BUT they work hard too.. the time n the work management is better.. I wish that ppl start looking at all these aspects as well.. n then, India might become a better place!
    Ok now study 😀

  17. eh??? americans?? and you had english and hindi exams??? wats this??

    i wont comment on this issue, i have few doubts abt american ways. So i ll maintain silence.

  18. Hmmm…
    Looks like everyone here has covered what I thought of or proposed to think of..
    Hell!! I even figured a couple of new theories here..
    So, my profound thoughts get a flying kick…
    But this brought to light something I witnessed recently…
    Have u ever seen Americans aping what exactly indians do??
    Its sooo friggin funny..
    I saw a couple of American women… Not more than 25 yrs old.. struggling to carry off a sari..
    I mean.. Ur not in a city where ppl would gape if u wore western clothes.. Actually they WOULD gape (cheap assholes).. But when they try to dress like authentic Indians, ppl gape even more!! Its ridiculous..
    & theres this American friend my uncle brought along on his trip to India who wore a Kurta at all times.. & He even tried dhotis.. Sheesh!! Some ppl are soo screwed up!!
    But heres to you for coming up with a once in a bluemoon sensible blog.. 😛 Cheers!!
    & I guess u didn\’t read the fine print… I said "Ask for ALBUMS"..
    But I have the song.. Will send it to u when I catch u online sometime..
    Till then.. GO STUDY!!! Lol..
    Ciao.. & TC..

  19. Well i really think a majorit of us indians are wannabe\’s…if we werent then there isnt any reason to follow them…eat mac food???are you crazy???NO i am influenced by countries like italy,frace,austria for food….but america..umm yeah i like their system of detectives…if our policemen wouldnt depend on eyewitnesses…if our policemen would stress on forensic info like them…thats it…in brain we are way ahead…!!!

  20. their food aint theirs, their music aint theirs and i aint talkin abt jazz which who likes neway,
    its kool 2 be american i kno y cos vryone thinks so, i like nuthin abt em tho, leave u my URL shortly as soon as i can get one….

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