not a poet, just a victim of circumstances and no this has nothing to do with studies.


This picture depicts my future.

Sometimes i hate certain things happening in life– a wish for change is like asking for too much. im confusing you all i guess and im confusing myself. its jst me frustrated so dont bother and let me ramble…sometimes i wish i could go back in time, like certain things wouldn’t have ever happened, change a few things over, facing consequences is the most horrible thing ever.forget it…it’ll pass. i hope it does.


30 thoughts on “not a poet, just a victim of circumstances and no this has nothing to do with studies.

  1. peak exam period eh??? all the best…
    if we had the chance of changing things of past, we wudn have any future, just travelling between past and present would consume our life.
    – Grandson of  Confuse-ious.

  2. it happens Sup. It happens sometimes…the moment will pass…and your future is as bright as the star up in the sky which guides all..
    You will reach the stars, swim the tides and rise & shine in life!! I mean it..
    Rest confuse-ious\’ grandson hain na wisdom dene ke liye…
    love & be brave in this tough exam time

  3. 😦
    sometimes its the written exams and sometimes each day an exam of don know what…but u gotta pass, swim and reach where…don know.
    nice 1 this. 

  4. hey,
    i wrote a really long comment but it got cancelled! damn!
    anyway, trying to duplicate here…
    i was wondering why everyone\’s troubled it\’s these days. maybe it\’s got something to do with the season or anything else you can think of that we can blame this on.. i don\’t like gyan to be honest and i don\’t pretend to pass on wisdom cuz that includes a certain amount of pretention/ assumptions about wat the other person\’s going thru..
    however, i\’d like to tell you that right now you feel like you\’d be better off without some experiences but i guess these are the experiences that make you the wonderful person that you are!
    if you need to talk you know i\’m always here and so are a lot of other friends you made here!
    trust me, as someone who constantly battles depression i can definitely tell you that YOU WILL FEEL BETTER and very soon at that!
    actually this is for both you and kriti.. will ask her to read it here maybe..  🙂

  5. victim of circumstances.. hmmm.. that\’s how you get to know what life is about.. and that\’s how one becomes a poet too 🙂 these kinda thoughts are common and one tends to think like that.. times keep changing ya.. it\’s of no use pondering over the past n thinking abt what we cud have done or what we shd have not done..
    big lecture haan! 😀  this is what i make myself understand when i think all that 🙂
    take care!

  6. Ah these are exam rambles. You will be over it soon. Ok…to be little less mean, yes everyone wishes for it. Just like you are, i too wish for it right now. But then, we wouldn\’t have learned or missed certain things if not for the present circumstances. Its hard but such is life.
    Take care sups. Do your exams well and i shall talk to you later.

  7. We should meet.Period. and incidentally you\’re the 3rd person I\’ve said this to since morning:P
    Lissen, I cud cry…not cud..I HAVE cried gangas and yamunas over regretting things and how badly I wanna change things but can a slaughtered chicken get its head back? or someone get his/her viginity back? Owww! it is irritating,it soo is But but but but its a conpiracy of naturethese are mind gmes that our brains play wid us ,and psst we\’ve to be careful not to let them win!:P No,they shall never, victory will always be ours!!
    I\’m bhery saari sups,I\’m planning to invent a time machine adn if hat plan cums thru,i\’l inform u first thing. and stop crying and start studying,believe u me,u\’ve hardly commited any mistakes comparatively, and I can bet on that:PP and no if this comment made u think ,i\’m drunk,I soo am  not:P
    Take care ….padhna likhna seekho o rone dhone walon…!:PP

  8. yeah man and the problem here was that this was my bro\’s wedding…didnt get to open my books….now im stuck,….actually no ill manage…har baar yehi hota hai…anyways wish me luck ciao ciao

  9. now its not a good time to say go study huh?? i will refrain…actually me came here to cuz i had a bone to pick with you!! hmmm but again i shall let it go now…
    the picture is beautiful are you both in and out…
    ramble on girl..get it out of your system…i can say all the things in the its ok..bla bla bla..but i wont…
    just know if i was around tho… i would give you a big hug and wear the red saree and dance the cha-cha just so that you would laugh…. and maybe even preapre your favourite dish…
    but i wont say anything,,, cuz everyone has a right to groan and moan a little..everyone….including you my dear cookie..
    take cares

  10. So you\’re testing the waters, I see. Its great how the human mind gets influenced by constant change much so…that insecurities creep in and we try to move on to newer things. The sea is vast and blue. But what\’s the point of all of it, when only a small part of it matters to you? (hey that rhymed!)Cheers!

  11. good to know that u\’re back to yr usual self.. mad cow that is.. lol :)) btw, i LOVE cows! 😀
    CC is boring as always.. getting even more boring now.. so i\’m checking out other places :p

  12. take a break and go and watch "Just for laugh Gags" or "Mr Bean" if you are still not ok! Or remeber the line from He man and masters of universe – ""By the Power of Greyskull, I am He-Man." and you will get the power to do nething…

    Oh, and let me know what you did after you got the power!!

  13. Ohh those dogs are still there…everytime this happens only…this isnt the 1st…but because these dogs were soo healthy that i thought of like asking people to adopt…im quite shocked kolkata being such an animal friendly city is so repulsive….well anyways i havent seen the myslef since yesterday…Not getting the time to man…

  14. oh well i cant wait for 12 days after the 3rd my exams end then…well im really sad….very emotional right now…i just cry i dont know why…seriously i must be sounding funy but seeing my cousins return like go back…and today my nanu\’s also going back…i saw him after 3 years and now he\’s going back to UMRICA…and im so sad but i still dont know why because im never like this…i just guess i need to fall back into place after all this shaadi waadi…i want to spend more time with mum n dad but now theyre also shyt busy…and my dog also has to get an in sucha fix…well padhai to khatam i just finito 3 chaps in chem in like 35 mins..gotta go for hindi tuition ciao ciao

  15. Hmm.. this color looks good sups.. actually red suits yr blog perfectly 😀
    thaaaaanxx fr recommending soooo many places!! :D:D i\’ve already been to forum.. umm.. and a couple of restaurents in park street.. dont remember the names though :p zhong\’s and sourav\’s and umm.. ugghh.. cant recall more.. but i\’d surely visit all the other ones.. lemme pk up 2 each weekend 😀 then i\’ll come back to u fr more 😀

  16. ooooh paranthaas!! <drool><drool> :D:D i\’d definitely check out that pai place! thnx fr telling me abt so many restaurents.. i\’d tell my team to o to one ofthem fr the proj dinner :p

  17. Ohhh cool…congrats to ur bro…im frm hastings…oh well…yeah you know this time i realised the importance of a relationship…and getting back to noral…i dont lifeto get back to normal…because if it does then ill forget all of them…which i dont want to…yeah i know i can communicate…but there is a difference…ok ok i know im asking for too much…but yet….ahh even after school today i was thinking about one of the functions when we were doing a chakka train skit…we were sing ARE BHAI CHALLE CHALLO AYE HAI CHALLE CHALO…THEN…PEHLI DUBBE MEIN MAMA AUR MAMI BETHE THAY…ARE BHAI CHALLE CHALLO…..then the mama mami danced….n them diff ppl came up in diff dubbas….well that was fun….yeah so like these joyous moments is what i remember…n in the past 1 yr ive met my relatives so much that this time i miss their absence the most…i already wrote to a cousin who left……coz i missed her soo much….oh well nyways i better get back to doing what you were oding before wasting your time on the net…oh yeah the word is study!!!Im starting my study=ies thingi really have to study….chal cya

  18. The past is called tht for a reason, its gone and done wid, if bygones were not left like tht, bygones, the present wud be chaotic…..
    I wanna go into the future too much, most times, and thts kinda a fallacy too. the past well, many things i wud wanna alter, many things i regret…..but am jst a bit better because of them. LIfe\’s like tht….
    Somethin abt ot gettin all u wanted…..but all u needed…..i think…
    take care, study hard…..leave the tenses be, life is nw….period.

  19. hope bad things u have been thru werent too bad… and chill … and kinda think the same… is it some sort of eam fever or depression something like that … well i knw a gal like u will just let it thru and will b back with some refrshing words…saurabh

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