She’s back On Popular Demand!

Ok Ok I’m fine, just keep having outbursts, they’re normal!
And now due to public demand I have to bring her back..(yeah about 3-4 of you have enquired about her..gee i didn’t know she was that famous :P)
But afterall she’s my Granny..has to be famous 😛 haha
Ah but to be very honest i have nothing to crib or whine about, regarding her…as of now, her normal bickerings have become..well normal- a part of life, so doesn’t affect me as such, personally i keep out of her way as much as possible, but as of now she’s at her pampering best since am home all day, between eggjams 😀
But yeah since i’ve cried and grumbled about her in the past, its only fair that everyone knows about her Good side (ahh yeah she has GOOOD side too, she’s famous for that :P)
A long time ago, probably a good 15 years back, there was a sweet little girl, the apple of her granny’s eyes–obviosuly 😛 Thoroughly pampered by her, who would lie down flat on the ground, in the toy shops– would be ready to tear her clothes off unless she was brought her favourite barbie dolls…or new clothes, or just about anything that caught her fancy! And who fulfilled her wishes?
Granny ofcourse! 🙂
The small little utensils made of hardened earth, the pichkari’s every holi, each year a new Rath during the Rathyatra season, crackers on diwali, i had a new christmas tree every year–yes she did pamper me a LOT!
She would make me sleep next to her, pressing my head each time i had headaches, she dressed me every single day, would still puff my face with talcum powder if she gets an opportunity–ahh but i’ve managed to duck and run away over the years, teaching the same trick to my brother now 😉
(yeah i know i make her sound like a delight….those days seem like stone ages now)
I think she deserves most of the credit for the wonderful childhood i’ve had (i sound soo sentii ugh)
But yeah i don’t know if i’ll get around to telling her–but i love her lots! (ok not lots but yeah still do :P)

49 thoughts on “She’s back On Popular Demand!

  1. thank god my granny is leaving for the US after 3 days. Peace after the next 6 months i tell you! And m off blogging..publically that is.

  2. Remember the ad about Pension Plans where the grandpa buys his grandson a bicycle? Your post reminded me of that ad and of course, my granny too. Those grandma\’s tales and sweets and all that love. I\’m visiting her this March. Hope to find her in good health. Lol…there I go…away from this space..Cheers!

  3. oh my gosh!! tht was surprise….i was expecting to see more granny bashing buuut tis nice too…yes you do sound sentimental!!! not ugh tho… its nice to know your human after all…;p
    sisters??? err sups those girls in those pics are one and the same…. me.!!! you are pulling my leg arent you???
    just took those pics last three sis got this web cam to send to some relative of mine so i just attached and click click click thts why im looking sideways in most of them…watching the screen…

  4. in case your wondering no im not obsessed with my face..u know i had tht aversion to snaps am trying to get rid of it actually….
    and yes hear the songs alll the songs i play this week…i am going to expose you to irish music…

  5. I never had a chance to be with my dad\’s parents – my grand pa was little different and distant to me but my mom\’s parents were so sweet. They died when i was really young, so not many memories except some flashes. At least you got one now.
    Ah, im alrite!! Your blog made me cry 😛 j/k Im the indifferent idiot remember 😉
    And i had enough of action mademoiselle. But i was close to give someone my fist!! He was trying to hit on my date and i was giving him dirty looks. He came back with 3 of his other friends but then i kept starring at him at regular intervals. Then…then nothing happened. I have to start searching for her wallet. 😛

  6. Hey sups how have you been?? I\’m sorry I haven\’t been visiting your blog..I\’ve just been real busy lol. Anyway your post on your granny was simply awesome!! I loved my paternal grandma too [she\’s no more,sadly] and like you I have a lot of fond memories about several moments in my childhood, most of them spent with her!! Grannies are wonderful people. They always give in to your demands, and always do anything to keep you happy!! If your mom scolds you, in comes granny to console you and make you smile again!! Really nice post, sups!! And yeah, I\’ve blogrolled you:-)

  7. hey my nani in da us in like that only. An yeah sometimes shes cool somestimes shes a pain but its ok.
    And yeah, this was a a tribute to a client\’s dads here who did a lot of social development in old ahmedabad. So its like a biographical doc man.

  8. granny…hmm … i love my garn ma too..she is the best granny in the world… i think the only differnec in our grannies is… she used to buy dolls for u 15 yrs ago and my granny wan to hook me up with some doll now…u knw grannies are always sweet..and i love every second i spend with my granny…shez the best…ths post was a nicest one… saurabh

  9. the murder case has thrown up some really disturbing facts abt indian judiciary and police, not tat it wasn\’t known b4. for once, i thank the media for highlighting the issue, though they are doing it for their selfish reasons, atleast it\’s not hurting us this time!!

  10. Awww..thats soo sweet! 😛
    You lurrrvee ur granmom!
    My moms mom is in delhi only but me thinks shes slightly off her rocker:PI\’m not being cruel okay,I mean it, and its not just cause o old age but that doesnt stop us from loving her man we love her like hell and i suspect she does too,especially since she starts to sing nd dance once she sees us:PP
    Anyways,this was nice reminisence aur maine pehli hi kaha tha ki ur granny cant be al that bad,I was right, she really is a sweetheart!

  11.…well i sometimes get high without having not that i drink…but then…i guess its normal to become crazy at times…!!!

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  13. i havent seen ur granny yet…is she plump with grey hair and does she sit on a rocking chair knitting all day with a cat playin with the wool..? sounds like it…:-D

  14. "Exams that stretch beyond a week should be banned." you got that right!  my exams go on for like 21 days! that\’s actually criminal if you ignore that the first 10 days are subsidiary papers i failed to pass till now! :S
    i miss my granma…

  15. I have jst my Grandma\’s, neva has the good fortune to meet my Grandpa\’s, so i was very, very pampered by them both…..I miss them a lot……i think am gonna go visit them soon.
    ……nice one this is, make me go back and be thankful for all the good times.
    = ),

  16. Cho chweeeet of u to write abt yr granny :):) I\’ve spent almost 23 yrs with my granny and she\’s the person whom I love the most!! (although, i\’ve never told her that :p) n we must always try to do as much as we can to give our granparents the same kinda love n care.. 😀
    so hwr exams going? 🙂

  17. haha… yeah … i nowadays am on everything-topped-choco syrup which includes my morning bread and coffee, then my snacks ice creams… then i dipped my belgian milk chocolate in choco syrup…. haha…. man! choco syrup is heavenly….! and dont blame me for chocolate craving rite now….

  18. wel my average wake up time since the past 4 days is around 11.30 AM 😛 😛

    i observed that whenver we had eco subject, for tat matter the managerial economics and financial analysis last yr, i slept whenver i touched the book.. no wonder economists make such gud sleepers!! 😛 (no offence meant)

  19. ahh i thought you were studying…i thougt there was transformation in you…but in vain…lol HOW DID YOU GET THE TIME TO SEE THE PICS???…yeah freakin i dunno but like all these pics show me with a double chin like my mom…when i dont posess 1…haan…trick photography…but then yeah you got me i got chbby cheeks and am proud of t…but no1 can beat my dogs wrinkles…!!!

  20. sweet.. reminded me of my own grandma.. i was pretty close to her too when i was a kid, whenever mom used to scold us we would just run to our grandparents.. you grow up, things change.. but the love remains 🙂

  21. Nothing serious sups.. it\’s just that at times I tend to look back and confuse myself more.. it\’s so hard to concentrate on the present ONLY.. the worry abt the future and some confusions abt the past always remain <sigh>
    hehe.. just another gloomy one.. will be fine :p i\’m gng home next week.. n i\’ve to do a loooooooooot of shopping fr eveyone :D:D

  22. Yeah,
    sometimes they are a generation apart,sometimes they are just as young as you. I owe my entire ideology, metal strength and thought process to both my grnadmoms. Bot of them were super ladies, not to mention super cooks too!

  23. haha now i know you dont check my space properly …maam ive had my onnie baby kaa album for monthsd…i just updated it with s few more pics…ahh anyways NONOOOOO I DONT WANT MY CHUBBY CHEEKS TO GO…and as far as stud is concerned IM ALREADY 1 IN SCHOol….lolzzz…yeah but im quite famous coz i take part in co curricular act…anyways…i always start studying 2-3 days before exams to..i dunno why friends call me mad coz they start studying a month ago and i always manage more than them…actually i top the class in few subs like HISTORY yeah and english language is always top…btw WHICH COLLEGE R U IN???Topsia????????Lol jokes..!!!

  24. Dont ask me… since we removed everything the moment he left the class, there was no proof! And he became the head dip the year we left college – close shave…

  25. That was a nice post!! Grandmum\’s are fun!! I get away with eating all
    I want (translate to junk) to my heart\’s content when my grandmum\’s at
    home!! My mum gets a good scolding if she tries to limit my appetite
    Anyways so exams over?? Life back to fun again?

  26. hmmmm yyour right…thus could be anew beggining for the maids club and grandamas club..but you know im planning on events for the ramblers club…but do not worry only after your exams…
     economics eh?? i hate the subject tooo,,,, the many graphs..i mean hardly any difference btwn them,,,,and the many theories….grrrrrrrrr i had soo many economics subjects that too…macro econmics was one sepreate text book and then the rest i forget…yeesh
    best of luck dear girl…better study this one!!!


  28. hey, real sry i din comment…hehe..btw my NAME isnt Anza, its dis human race we\’ve  err….established (lol, things ppl do wen theyre bored)hey…so cool, exams over!…mine r on d way..:(
    Well, patience pays n this is one nostalgic blog pour moi! Those lil goodies, those home made sweets..Granny got em, she made em of course…i miss her..
    Hehe…senti?..oyea!!…nice …real nice….n yess, comment? I shall…wenevr i can!!!..u do d same too!!…tc
    Cheers (2 Granma dis time) \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  29. Grandma\’s are the best, they are completely uncomprehendable and yet they can comprehend us clearly, and even if they know they\’re irritating us, they will keep on doing it, cuz in their eyes, we will remain as their grandchildren (grandbabbies), who need their warmth and care.

  30. You should tell her you love her when she\’s here. My grandmothers died when I was 6 and then 8, didn\’t see either grandfather. I\’m always wondering what it\’d be like to have them now.
    I wonder if all of us feeling this discontent (apparently, it\’s not just you and me) just give up, and lay back and stare at the clouds, what\’ll happen then? Will the nerds speed up to grab as much as their fists can hold? Or will everyone throw their feet up with us?

  31. awwww….schoooo cute(whts up with me??)
    ive luved wht ive read so far in ur blog…its all very fresh..and the number of comments uve got..WOW im totally impressed.the number of comments i get, do not go above a single digit i suppose its understandable. :).
    i guess my is jus as sweet, except tht evry morning i wake up she sincerely asks me why i was ever born.also this one time when she threw the microwave at me .when i asked her for an xplanation ,she said tht she did it simply because she thought I was her granddaughter…oh ok….but then i go like… "but grandma I AM UR GRANDDAUGHTER"..she jus smiled tht coy smile of hers and left!!!…erm… ya like i was saying very sweet…….

  32. this comes here coz i dont want the whole world to know the reason and thought this way only u culd read it ….and reason i cant tell everyone coz i need to sort out some stuff ….anyways, there\’s this girl who ive known for the last 8 years and have liked for a long time pbly 2 yrs…..i knew she liked me too but never said it but that night she finally said it ….so yayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 

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