Time for some self improvement

(Yeah am gonna work towards that—-not for anyone to know 😛 but a gentle reminder to myself)

So back from writing two sets of economics paper (i dont know why…seems like we study more for our pass papers!! and all we gotta do is pass in them!!!)
To be very honest i think i studied best like yesterday..yeah one day before my last exam, i believe i got my Best concentration, best focus, best recall and best everything. Papers today were ok i guess, some stuff which i thought i’d never remember i managed to answer, and the stuff i thought would be easy to remember i couldn’t recall!  while my friend very nicely checked points and subpoints which she had stored in her cell! (Best ways to cheat #4367 note it down all u wannabe cheaters :D)
Also i had this strange depression like sad feeling yesterday..god knows why (no no no i DEFINITELY not sad that the exams were ending, just that i didn’t feel happy for some weird reason and everything about the future seemed bleak and uncertain..as usual)
ANd the worse thing EVER strangely during exams they show ALL those movies which i missed/seen partly or on horrible vcd/or those i wanna see again n again:
1) Sarkar (i saw it on horrible vcd print)
2) Hazaron Khwaishen aisi (they showed it like twice in the last 3 weeks damn!! and i always ended up seeing one portion somewhere in the middle and never understood a thing)
3) Phir Milenge (this came yesterday the camera work is good in the film and rest i as too irritated that they showed it during my exams! :/ )
4) Nine months (yeah its a hugh grant film i have onl seen the ending..life is SO not fair)
and yeah Memoirs of Geisha hasn’t even released in this city i live in–so STOP talking about it :/
So i planned to write exactly HOW i felt after the exams got over..but then apart from general happiness, relief didn’t feel much (weird–yeah i guess i should just get used to exams am in college for godssake) they don’t make me as scared as i was in school (those were weird days) now people are mostly scared about passing :p cuz to be very honest i know what could mostly come..so unlike school when i was so keen and determined about doing this portion and doing that portion and this can come and that can come, now my attitude is more like–if this comes well and good if not i’ll just leave it and attempt that and that, and just get decent marks somehow..or just pass! (horrible attitude i know, that wont happen for university exams…those are the times everyone wakes up 😀 )
Also managed to complete the book "Many Masters Many Lives" by Dr. Brian Weiss–(in between study hours ahem 😀 )—-the book is about reincarnation and past lives etc. I didn’t believe much of the beginning but didn’t have any option when his patient started talking about his personal life–stuff she could have never known..and then the book turned little more intersting…but then its quite fascinating to know that stuff like this exists..hypnosis and the superconsiouc state of mind –that we pass from one physical state to another, the soul carries the debts of the past life etc..(yeah im basically revealing everything the book has to offer :P)..but its worth a read for everyone who has no idea about all this (like i did )
Also i had planned to celebrate my birthday month ..Mizter viking how’d u get that idea (i had thought bout it few days back :/) But all those of u on my MSN i might bug u with:
1 happy memory/ 1 sad memory/ 1 problem (which might not be a problem but i’ll whine about it nonetheless)
and i expect u to tolerate me 😛

Gentle reminder to self : time for self improvement now!!

18 thoughts on “Time for some self improvement

  1. hmm.. so exams r over by now… sounds gud… i never studied one day bfore my last exam..coz the only thing i used 2 think was ..what all m i gonna do after exams…
    anyways… sounds like bunch of movies…geisha is i think out in delhi… i dnt knw what is it all abt …
    hope u\’ll have more fun now …. exams can neva b fun… saurabh

  2. Thanx for ur comments, they were sorta insightful, as far as university exams concerned, gosh… they never end, and even when they do, they keep coming back to haunt us.
    As far as ear piercings are concerned, sorry to dissapoint, but i already got an appointment and stuff, and i am gonna get it now.
    Movies- luv\’d sarkar (saw it when i was in india), missed memoirs of a geisha (didn\’t even notice that it came out, but its a chic flick so not really intersted), the rest of the movies i dunno hehehehe!
    Best wishes 4 ur birthday month, may it bring u tonnes of happiness, alrite i wont bother u by takin space and writing

  3. And you know how to spend the holidays rite? Think of a bloody name!! I got a block and i cant come up with anything. Spend the nite till 2AM discussing the best way to structure the business. Found a CFO too 🙂 Oh yeah, im the director and CEO. Basically i take the pick. Would look nice on a business card though 😛
    If you are coming to Oz, i would take you to a new found Spanish restaurant for dinner. Amazing food!! Plus i like the waitress there. So Espanol 😛

  4. when u release the pressure of a cooker theres usually a softened placid feel… u know those are the times the mind goes a bit blank and bland; may be its the case with you too!
    Nine months is one of my favs – nice one! will wait for your Happy – Sad – Problem!

  5. everything about the future seemed bleak and uncertain
    Nearly everyone i know who is finishing college this time around is repeating the same thing.There seems to be something wrong with the way our country is functioning. Why is everyone so uncertain about what to do next and what will happen?
    I dont know..Its a feeling i never want to experince, espesialy with my proffesional life, and now im really happy I dropped out of college two and a half years ago, otherwise like you sups, I would be writing Economic\’s papers as well 😛
    BUt the difference is, I would live writing those papers 😛
    Hope you are able to figure out what comes next for you..

  6. oh your exams are over.. i don\’t like you too much right now 😛
    and don\’t even talk about economics pass papers.. i think i\’ve bugged on more than one occassion about my tragedy haven\’t i?
    anyway, i don\’t wanna start complaning again.. damn for the first time in my life i think i\’m tired of complaining! IT\’S A MIRACLE!!!
    oh i\’m just losing it i think…
    P.S. it fells weird cuz this cud be my last comment here… wonder if i can still comment if i\’m not on spaces anymore…

  7. I got a mail with a disclaimer and following
    Disclaimer: i) You will notice only two names mentioned in my rambling, this is  not intentional it\’s just where I started thinking ii)  I burst out laughing several times as I wrote the later part of  this email Rathnavelu-Hawcroft IT Consultants RHIT (pronounced rit) Rathnavelu-Hawcroft IT Hawcroft & Rathnavelu National IT Consultants (NIC?) National IT Solutions (NITS?!? NIS) Velucroft IT Consultants   (good lord!!! what was I drinking last  nite…) Velu & Croft Croft & Velu HARIT – Hawcroft and Rathnavelu IT
    I know you, we can do better but then…i dont want meaningless or thoughtless unrelated names. I will mail you the business idea i forwarded to my associate and you will get an idea. 😛

  8. Ahh, great..we share similar granddad\’s LOL..My nana used to write quite a bit as well, we passed about a decade ago. Mum was showing me a letter that he wrote to her, dated 26th of April 1995.
    …… Yasser is very happy here in Bangalore and is a smart little boy. He is very interested in the news and asks me to read him the urdu newspaper as well. But in all these years you have not thought him brush his teeth every moring and have a bath twice a day as well. These are my only two regrerts……..
    What can I do? Bangalore was freezing 😛 Just sometimes i feel the burden , everywhere I go, I need to maintain that reputation and image the three men in my life hold, Dad, Dada and Nana.
    Ahh, your an aries as well 😀 good good 🙂 Dropping out of college was indeed one of the best descions I have ever made, came with a lot of strings attached, but I have learnt to accept it for that 🙂 DO we really need to change? or is it more a question about changing the perspectives of people around us? I think its the latter…
    By the way, seeing that you are a fan of Jal , did you make it to the concert in Calcutta on the 27th of Feb ? 🙂

  9. have you been appearing for cfa exams as well, coz i thought that was the general attitude of cfa course pursuers. looks more like a college bug now…i know the depressed feeling ur talking about, its been ,my true and constant companion as of late, as of many lives many masters…damn that book is scary. couldnt sleep for a month after i read it. am a simple girl. i prefer to think that this is the only life im ever goin to have…going from one life to another sounds so tiring…

  10. I dont stink! *pouts*
    Busy with exams…Ohh, im lucky i dont have those to be busy with 😛 Great Photo\’s by the way 🙂

  11. Wow sups that\’s such a sigh of relief right..exams over!!! I can\’t for my exams to get over too lol but my semester\’s just begun..so what u gonna do?? Planning to go holidayin somewhere? I loved Sarkar…it was awesome.HKA was a good movie but far too sad lol I\’m celebrating birthday month too lol..in fact i\’m celebrating my b\’day tomorrow hehee…have fun, enjoy your hols and keep posting:- )

  12. Ah! self improvement 😀 sounds good.. good to know tht u\’re FREE now 🙂 the gud thing abt exams is that they get over.. work is never ending <sigh>
    bday month? u mean march? cool! so when is it? 😀

  13. Phir milenge is nice.. sarkar is good too (it\’s aby baby who\’s good) 😀 rest i havent seen..the latest one i saw was taxi no. 9211.. good one (it\’s john who\’s good) 😛

  14. juss that you remind me of the exams fever when I was more into exams which still are part of daily life now but that too was on very exciting time..
    Best of all your efforts and the studies to come your way in form of good results…

  15. rejoice!!..yaay!!..exams r ova!!…whoopee!!…ok sorry…yea d movies…ALWAYS happens!!…Memoirs..even i wanna watch it…its even worse cuz its ALREADY released here:P (shame on me)..even wanna watch Crash, Brokeback Mountain, Taxi 9211, Walk the Line..did u watch d Oscars??..cool ur readin book again!!..lol..n wens ur budday??..Happy Budday to u!!
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  16. shit no moe saying goo studyy??
    damnit im gonna miss it…me was off the net for a while..dontt hink i can be a regular…hmmm lots of things coming up.. i might actually make use of that mba i have lol…

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