For the simple reason that children should be kept as far away from the grim side of life, i was kept away from it too.
Life is a complete cycle–We begin our lives, we grow, we’re responsible for other lives, we see births, old age and finally death.
We encounter something in between, called Near Death Experiences.
Escaping from such experiences leaves one in trauma, its like a bolt from the blue, hits you when you’re least expecting it.
Without going into the details, I want to point two issues out:
How can people just let a person die, when they hear the phrase "Police Case"–someone taking his last breath, and maybe he can be saved, but medical help doesn’t arrive on time, because–its a police case, no one is willing to take responsibility??! Even at hospitals–injured patients frequently die due to hospitals not touching the patient–since its a police case…We read about these accidents, injuries, incidents everyday in the newspapers…and yeah we skip through most of it–just another accident isn’t it?
Well today i saw one from close quarters, and i was almost in trauma–too speechless to talk about anything so dont ask what happened, Please.
Its only such incidents which make us realise how valuable some people are,to us. At the cost of sounding cheesy and preachy again i’d say treasure them, cherish them and if you behave rashly with them, just think once about how lucky you are to have them in your life. Also i am not a big believer of fate, but when i see examples within my life cycle, i’m stunned..and i secretly wonder–if there is truly a powerful force somewhere out there, some call it God, my near and dear ones believe greatly in it…and the faith that they have brings us out of troubled situations again and again..leaving me speechless all over..

39 thoughts on “Tremor.

  1. Dang it my internets off at home and im to bored of studying…2day was history egg jam…it wen tok…ahh anyways GADHE IS A PART OF MOST OF MY SENTENCES DONT FEEL PROUD OR SAD OF THE FACT I CALL YOU GADHE…:p..UR NO1 SPECIAL OK…:p lol jokes…oh well anyways im ogin back home now ciao ciao

  2. Yeah, I understand.. yest itself, I experienced one that kept me in a state of shock fr more than half an hr.. it was quite close n had it not been that guy who pulled me away, I wudnt have been commenting on yr blog today.. 🙂
    I know how ppl make a big issue outta a "police case".. they just wont care abt the person who\’s struggling between life n death.. no heart.. dunno wht kinda ppl r they! 😐

  3. now dont you feel a bit more clearer what I wrote about time? Doesnt it look like a preconfigured time when we talk about fate? Or may be taking a decision sending us into a different time cycle than what we wanted? Wont you feel empowerred if yo had the option of knowing waht decisions are going to result in what and take ur decisions accordingly? isnt there some people for whom miraculuosly the help still reaches? Too many questions for comfort I guess!

    and if u really want to do something like concentrating… stop worrying over it.. only then u can acieve it… remeber Gautam Buddha…tried to find answers too hard for six years – but couldnt. only when he went easy he found it… trying too hard doesnt take u anywhere!

  4. Hmm.. I can understand the kinda feeling you must have had at that time..hope everything\’s fine!
    Mine was just a close brush with a skidding van.. dunno frm where it came in front of me n I stood there, shocked, not knowing wht to do.. till smone actually pulled me out of its way 😛 m fine 😀

  5. Hey Sups…sorry i was on phone and you just disappeared!
    I always feel bit awkward in situations like this but be good and enjoy the frutis and biscuts 😛 Take care alrite.

  6. it opens ur eyez doesnt it? i agree the system does suck, its frustrating at times, and keeps u thinking how in the hell do ppl devalue life so much so as to let the person die?
    but remember, NO TENSION

  7. it opens ur eyez doesnt it? i agree the system does suck, its frustrating at times, and keeps u thinking how in the hell do ppl devalue life so much so as to let the person die?
    but remember, NO TENSION

  8. spoke to shakun, i know what happened…there is nothing i can say to make you feel better, so i wont even try. but if you need to talk just give me a buzz…i havent called yet coz i suppose there are already a lot of things that u have to worry about right now…take care…
    p.s.: dont ask me, i really dont know. maybe im just becoming weird, and letting go of the net bug…

  9. Oh shit! My minds coming up with all sorts of horrible things do tell me sups….u no I\’m concerned and am here just like always…just like you\’re always here for me too..
    aaii and who\’s not talkin on msn,I\’ll tel u al abt it once i see ya online magar when my status is away i\’m usually away and ab to my speakers are also not working.. 😦
    We shud catch up online bahut sari baaten karni hai 😛
    i remember you\’ve to take my class at which i\’ll fumble and give u excuses:P while i need to find things out….

  10. things happen..u cant stop it.. you can either learn from it..or let it go by…you can either help the person in need…and in the process help yourself too… cuz i think you had one of those thoughts that will help you become a stronger person…
    take care sups…hope your ok now…

  11. I saw an accident once…..on my way back home from school, like 6/7 yrs ago… one wud help, no one wud come to aid, the person was hit by a fancy can while walkin on the road, and i heard later, bled to death, coz no one wud, out of fear, take him to the hospital….
    We r so chary of hurt, so weary of hassles……we let others loose lives to avoid a bit of inconvinience.
    hope ur doin ok,

  12. it\’s kinda hard to deal with things like this… but i guess these are the things that help you grow… consolation i guess..
    hope you feel good now!

  13. very very sad.. i can understand.. leaving someone dying, just how can ppl do it.. the first time i saw an accident, i cudnt get over it for a long time.. we just don\’t want to get \’involved\’.. its another example of our selfish such times when u see something like this, you just want to hold the ppl u love close to u and never fight with them again.. sigh.. how i wish we wud remember it always..and not b cold n fight..

  14. I guess I understand how you feel. When I read your blog, it reminded me of a situation I faced in 2003 Nov. I suffered a terrible bike accident( I am still crazy about bikes) in front of Hyatt. Blood gushing from my mouth, I had to beg people to assist me to the nearest hospital( Apollo Gleneagles is not even 5 mins from there). But no one came forward. I had to lie on the road for 20 mins bleeding, till my friends arrived and took me to the emergency.
    Anyways dont let such insensitiveness get to you. Keep your compassion and it will always provide you with a warmth whenever you help someone out. 🙂

  15. Yes there is a force. The Force is a binding, ubiquitous power that is
    the object of the Jedi and Sith monastic orders in the fictional Star
    Wars universe.

    The Force is described by Obi-Wan Kenobi as "an energy field created by
    all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy
    together." The Force is life, and life is the Force. Some think of the
    Force as a sentient entity that may be capable of intelligent
    thought—almost as if it were a sort of God—while others simply consider
    it something that can be manipulated and used as though it were a tool.

  16. Hmmm respect…dont mind…but i prefer showing respect in the more important stages in life…not in small issues…and plus this aint a issue…ahh i cant get serious anymore my exams r killing me…oh anyways actually no ive been having fun..not studying much anyways…well if you mind i say sorry and i can tell you i have utmost respect for whoever i communicate with…and take it as a friendly gesture…And now king laddu decides never more to call you GADHE…but i might forget or chane my mind later…and still take it as a friendly gesture..oh well anyways im updating since ive found time…last tim eas i commented i had to leave this plce(dads office) since theres no internet at home…anyways updating visit …

  17. Hey! i hope u re feeling better now. i remember a friend once spoke to me about a similar incident. he said if you just kill the conscience, everything else will rest. i really donot know if it is easier said than done. but, why would someone wanna do that?

  18. Well sups life rears its dragon head and we come face to face with the hard facts of life..Life is not easy and yes, it is good as long as you donot see its painful side..In our country there is no value of life; maybe sups because we are too many… we die each moment and then get up and continue with existence again..
    Take care
    In BTW I hv missed lot of ur entries but I have updated myself with each word here

  19. haahaa…Prerna is d name…n my Budday is in May…17th…n HAppy Womens Day!!
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  20. Ive experience quite a few of those, and people Im close to even. Those are instances that never go away from your memory..
    And the sad part is, it wont be a police case if you grease the right hands.. I often think, was I right by greasing those palms?Should I have stood up and fought? Would my couz be alive now and smiling talking to his GF over the phone ( can see him from the CCTV) if I did fight?
    Tough questions..tough answers…Thats life though isnt it 🙂

  21. LOL..that was just me thinking aloud about smoking, i need to let it go sometime, and ive got to give it up one fine morning..I know it will be better when I do, but I am just not ready for the withdrawal sympotoms yet .
    I did leave out a lot of bad, but I didnt think smoking was bad… Not at that age 🙂
    Do I really need it? No..
    Can I do without it ? No..
    Shit..i need a shrimp…LOL

  22. Ok..that was me getting excited about my lunch..LOL
    Shrimp fried rice, chilly shrips and fried golden shrimps..LOL
    Ordered it when i posted that last comment, its just reached me..
    sorry if this ofends any vegitarians  *sheepish smile*

  23. Mankind reacts differently when they see incidents happening around them, rather than just seeing them on TV or hearing about them. There\’s this entire circle of panic and nausea around crime scene investigations, where the gore is much beyond mere human sustenance. I\’ve seen some of it. And yes, its scary, most of the time.

  24. i think this is a touching blog… its so horrendous on the part of the hospital officials to be so lathargic and leave a person to die. They do morchas,for what ? I don\’t understand this-what do they want ? Why do they become doctors? To KILL innocent ppl ?!

  25. hi i was just readin ur blog thingy i have no idea where u live but i live in the U.K but here we have a national health service and paramedics will always arive and tke u to hospital where you are treated  no matter who or what you are as it is all paid for by taxes.and doctors become doctors to help save, prolong and make life as easy and pain fre as possible for their patients. 
    but yes ur experice sounds very emotional

  26. Mama works with women are battered, I\’ve heard from my diaper days stories of how men tortured their wives, in the presence of helpless children, and then threatened to kill them all if they said a word.
    You mentioning the fact that you are too traumatized to even talk about witnessing what you did made me wonder what it\’s like to feel that kind of trauma, that kind of helplessness, that kind of fear.
    I\’m scared, by my own species.

  27. had one myself a few years back , had an accident on the delhi chandi highway …banged into the divider at bout 90 – 100 something l, my car hasnt moved an inch since that day but yes , i do believe in one thing \’s your only chance of redemption ….life it fully ….dont live it rashly but live it fully 🙂
    hoping that u feel better now 🙂

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