I’m still preaching…to myself. Useless lessons.

Lessons learnt in college. (To be kept in mind, probably for life)

1) Honesty is NOT the best policy. Smooth talking is the order of the day. Convincing lies can take you places. Just cover your tracks, and don’t lie too often..and if you do lie too often, come up with innovative excuses each time, to keep up your ‘brilliant’ reputation.

(i could explain with examples, but i definitely can’t take names, and don’t want the whole world stumbling across stuff which is suppossed to be discreet :P)

2) Keep two kinds of changes in mind–change in money, and change of schedule. Only and only a college student knows the importance of 5 rupees and 2 rupees 1 rupee coins and yes even 50 p coins..(they are boon, when you need xeroxes, quick lunch/snack, stationary etc.)

And when it comes to schedule–that can change when the professor desires, and exam scheules should be noted down correctly. Also do not listen to moron’s wo will call up one day before an exam to confirm whether there are two exams the next day or one exam!

3) Your best friend in first year, might just vanish from your life in 2nd year, same goes for your first crush (unless you’ve forgotten him enough to ignore his presence in the campus, corridoors, classrooms etc.)

5) Exams –give them or not, you definitely can’t ignore them. To not give them refer to # 1. Or else cram up all night, all week, puke them away in the paper and be prepared for some nice average marks.

6) Attendance won’t be an issue if you’re good friends with the class representative. Otherwise # 1 again comes handy (damn its such a handy point and now I just realised its importance when im nearing the end of 2nd year! damn)

Lessons learnt at home (they will only remain lessons, you cant do anything about them, they will never be useful)

1) Grabbing the computer when guests are being entertained is the BEST way out. Otherwise prepare your close up smile in advance and help to pour glasses and glasses of coke and fanta. (i swear i hate Thanda matlab coco-cola today, i have filled like 10 glasses of coke and fanta)

2) Repeating the same stories, information is such a drag…..zzzzz am already asleep

3) Changing into your PJ’s whenever you feel like can be a stupid mistake.

4) The word mistake doesn’t exist in my grandmother’s dictionary. Forgiveness is not a quality she possess.


Did i say college is fun? and Home is where the heart is 😛 Yeah Right!



22 thoughts on “I’m still preaching…to myself. Useless lessons.

  1. darn! no wonder i don\’t have a \’brilliant\’ reputation at college! and yeah, i\’m one of those people who call people the day before the exam to find out which exam are we writing next! 😛
    and also, i\’l generally be found in my PJs at home and i know it can turn out to be quite erronous at times!

  2. Are u a trouble maker? seriously… from wat u write it seems ur gonna do wat ever it takes to give hell to athority, and ur promoting troublin athority, lemme ask u, how many times were u called into detention when u were in highschool?

  3. Very True Yaar, seriously only a college student can realise the vaue of a 50p coin.. thanda matlab coca cola…so cool yaar.. and yes gabbing a comp is a gud i dea..now i know why gudia grabs it whenevr she is needed the most.. lol .. 😛 … i was just wondering that y only gals have to do alot of house work when even boys can do it.. anyways i am in a weird mood today.. so let me finish it up now..otherwise it\’ll b as long as an essay… saurabh

  4. You know sups, there have been quite a few incidents like that in my youth…the burdens of bieng from a family with a rich history, but empty walltets.A lot of small things, a lot of bieng laughed at, its made me ME. I dont think much of money, but i do want those moments ive been laughed at back…..
    Stand on my own feet..those are words that mean a lot to me, thanks for the reminder 🙂

  5. I know the importance of 10p too!! First week we live life king size and the following weeks it gradually reduces to medium, small and at the end of the month you need all the 10p and 50p to make the bus fare home to get more money 😛
    Photocopies are ok. If you are frnds with gals, they will do it for you. Or have a GF!! 😀
    I dont know how many attendances i have hiked – used to go to HODs room and change them in the master reference. Learned that no of presents shud tally and go in line with year to date numbers!! Was \’this\’ close to getting caught once 🙂 😀 Oh im the good boy. Ask my HOD!! 😛

  6. Naw man, i am not shocked, actually its sumtimes cool to be a trouble maker, no point in being serious 24/7, yea but i am not shocked at all, come on… after my ex gf turned from the most decent person in da world into da biggest sl*t in da world i no longer get shocked, but i just lost all faith and hope in dis world, i jus dun beleive good ppl exist

  7. Yes. Im a good boy!! Do you want to make false accusations? 🙂
    No – Up-Urs is a male and i bought him a playmate. This is part of my great scheme – i will train the parents and the parents in turn will train the kids. I will start selling the old ones on the ebay!! I got everything figured out 😛

  8. swipy oops suppy..actually.in.college ….point 1 n\’ 2 is wat we wer practising 4 three yrs….point3 duzn\’t exist 4 me…point 4 is tru 4 me \’coz im a kinda studious person u know na.ahem!..point 5
    2 duzn\’t exist 4 me yaar \’coz i n\’ my best frend wer da class representatives 4 three yrs..so had no probs
             at home..point1 ..im infront of comp..\’coz mom won\’t let me deal wid cool drinks…\’coz it ends up in my mouth so " beware" n\’ keep out at tat time is her policy.hmmm..not mine ok…point 2 how tru yaar…..point3….ya but i dunno change tat even nxt mornin…everyone knows tat they r talkin to deaf ears..point4…my grandma..forgives a lot tat  even i  feel guilty……
         how was ur xam SWIPPY????  my ears r closed 4 timebeing…….hey don\’t screammmm….im goin    …:)tc

  9. duur gadhi sounds too sad…well can i call you NIGGAH????N offence black friends…ah well..papers have gone ok ok…well gotta go ciaoo

  10. Only a insane will not agree to #1… u actually graduate in the skills at the college too! Innovation is definitely the key here, either convince them with one or stunn them with the unique one so that they cant even think of reacting!

    we used to have TT match challenges for those changes; usually our bets used to be one plate of "Ghugni" or one "Dhakai Porota"… or at least once cigeretter… and usually always have "counters" (sharing) of everything from tea to cigerettes!

    #3 is wrong for me… our team of 4 formed right on the first month… and we are still close to each other!

    At home the bane of not having a sis and being familiar to the kitchen were felt a number of times… making rounds of teas; well I got even though our best freinds sis… who must have had the experience of making millions of cups of tea!

  11. and its not only umricca dear… have to be a global traveller, visa\’s permitting!
    keeping all the fingers crossed and touching all the woods visible…

  12. So true… we know the importance of those 50 paise coins 🙂 BEST FRIENDS did u say… i have forgotten what that term means after i have stepped into college…and exams do not even et me started on that one…
    Cheers 🙂

  13. you r not learning the right lessons girl..lol..i agree totally with ur lessons learnt at home.. y do guests hv to pop in so often!thankfully my room\’s on the first floor, so i can pretend i hvnt heard them coming 😀

  14. now sups..your learning about life finally…;)
    ahh well who said home is where the heart is?? home is where the farts are..;p
    cmong girl..go eat some strawberries with hersheys and you will realise life is wonderful…. and the rest of them are wonder fools…:D
    and hows the amazons?? i was worried after the baboons abducted you…i hope they gave you a comfortable room next to the aardvark..although the hippo can make it quite uncomfortable…it has gas problems you see…

  15. girl..jus one thing…these are NOT (read: NOT) useless lessons…some i hv learnt..n sum i take home 4m here!!…thank you!!..i cudnt agree nemore abt d 1st one!!Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  16. You are so far away from me, I live in California and I find that the computer is letting us learn about each other, this is so important to me.  You seem like a very nice young lady, and I am interested in learning more about you lovely country , gods country and share love of life togather as friends occassionally. I do know a few people you speak with and have my own other friends in you side of the world.  We are as Night and Day.  I introduce myself to you hello from Linda,  I am at Lindas fun house, welcome to you any time.  Have a wonderful week. bye

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