Food DESERVES an entry!

Yes well i read D’s entry today about his health routine and then I spoke to Falcon and all we discussed were food and our crushes. And then i happily muched away two little home-made chocolates (bless u sweet relatives, who send these instead of sweets) and so here’s my all time fav food list…(its going to be REALLY long even though am a vegetarian)
Paneer Tikka
Kebabs (veg ones, ok i’ve tasted chicken..that was nice tooo)
Tandoori potatoes
Crispy Chilly Babaycorn
Crispy Chilly American corn
crispy mushrooms…yum
Masala Corn..(ok enough of vegetarian are u)
Boiled egg/ poached egg/ scrambled egg 😀 ok im an egg-enthusiast
American Chopseuy
Chilly potatoes
Hot and Sour soup
Sweet corn soup
Fresh lime sodaa
Black dal/Kali dal
Paneer butter masalaa
rumali roti
pudina paratha
Garlic BREAD!! (its a MUST)–with chilly flakes and oregano
Pizza with pineapple, olives and jalapenos toppings
Italian Rosti
Veg Quiche (only at ccd)
Nachos with cheese sauce and salsaa
tacos (jeez am going cusine wise..should i mix it up or smthin)
chana masala/kulcha
Paani Puri/ Puchka (whatever u call it)
Aloo dum (really spicy)
Sev puri
Mint pastry
Sizzling brownie
Apple pie with icecream
Blackcurrant pudding
Orange souffle
Pineapple cake
Boat pastry
Lemon tart (im only one of the two lemon tart enthusiasts i know)
Kimchi salad
onion pakodas
Garden salad at pizza hut
Cold butter
cheese toast ( i miss u, u know that!!)
oooh i love papad too. .and pickles
Yeah i could go on and on but i have to smear my brother’s face early morning, which  I probably wont be able to, since i wont wake up before him..its 2.15 AM!!
But what the heck i’ll come back and add more 😀
Cheers to good food!

21 thoughts on “Food DESERVES an entry!

  1. LOL…
    That is one long vegitarian list, ive not even eaten so much vegiatarian stuff all my life lol.creepy!
    Lime tart! I love it! I love lime! I love tarts 😉

  2. Lets not forget:
    Paneer pakoda
    Dhai Puri
    Paneer Parantha
    Chole & Puri
    Rajma & Rice, with 2 table spoons of makhan
    Ras Gula
    Ras Malai
    etc… I know I know ur trick is to get me tempted, but my friend, it wont work, I found gr8 tasting healthy food, e.g. grilled chicken with tomato sauce and wholewheat pasta

  3. mmhmm!
    I guess u havent yet tried the typical bengali cuisine… its power house of taste for the veges….
    try –
    Phul Kopir Dalna
    Bhapa Doi
    Potoler Dolma
    Kumror Chhokka
    Bori diye Lau choch\’chori
    Bori Jalde……

    The list is endless,

    Oh u ppl will be enjoying holi! Imagine here, theres not a single sign of color! I was frantically looking at all nooks and corner for even a sign of color on the streets… nopes… neways – holi hey!

  4. DUDE….hahahaaa….killer list…foodies, rejoice for the food list of the year is here!!
    Cheers (yehh…to FOOD!!)
    \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  5. Aww Sups! Thats why u r sup – super! U r the first to color me… holi huggs!
     And for this u can have a full course bong treat at my place neday!!!!


    Holi Ke Din,…Deel  Khil Jaate Hai !Rang O\’ Mein Rang  Mil Jaate Hai!

  7. ahha crispy chilly babycorn,stuffed mushrooms and american corn…all from RED HOT CHILLI PEPPA….no i aint skipping holi…read properly madam…yeah i decided no names….tum meri aagyakari badi aunty ya behen ya didi whatever ho…to mai tumhe gahi kyun buluaon,….ook half the spellings r wrong…yeah good news got a call for those pups from a lady…lets see…

  8. Its a bloody whole menu here!! Did you miss out anything in India??
    Most prob i will be coming to India this June – I will take you to a nice little lebo place. Probably you might add couple of stuffs in there too.
    And i saw Pani Puri in the list. Just glittering!!

  9. Btw, Y do you have Kane and Able twice??

    Jeffry Archer: Kane and AbelMindblowing!

    Jeffrey Archer: Kane and Abelamazing!
    Mindblowing and amazing is the reason aye? Whats with you gals!! (Pixie and U) Entering the book twice in the list.

  10. i am vegetarian too…and you ve got a whole lot of my favourite foods on that list
    and hmm…haven\’t you entirely missed out on italian food? the divine pastas, risottos, tiramisu, antepasti, and umm, occassionally pizza too?

  11. *throws a water balloon back*
    aahaaahhaa..thank you thank you, Holi ki shubhkaamnaaye aapko bhi! Bt i ws toh jus feastin on d mithais man…no colour et al pour moi!!!..jus the foooooddd…!!
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  12. This is a yum list! I love crspy chilly babycorn, puchkas, dal fry, rumali roti, pickles, aaloo dum and pineapple pastries 😀
    some more :P..
    rajma rice
    alloo kulcha
    butter naan
    achaari aaloo
    aaloo parantha
    karhai paneer

  13. *umm*…………………………….cheeese cake u forgot cheese cake!!!…..yumm….gosh there is nothing in the house and momz not at home…..*sigh*…guess i\’ll have some MAGGIE noodles … :(…. ah!! the torture my gustatory receptors need undergo!
    but i do love garlic bread..pani puri and pineapple souffle and  brownies..and…pizzaz…pizzaz…*oh no!!! u\’ve got me started again*
    P.S NO I DO NOT resemble a truck…its jus tht i like 2 talk about i guess u could call it "food for thought"..pun completely intended! 😀 😀 😀

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