Alll pink.

My nails are pink
My hands are pink
My ears are pink
My toes are pink
I’m wearing a tee shirt which is almost the same color as my face currently. Its all pinkish-purple.
I dont like my pink nose though.It seems to be shining brightly.
My eyes were pink for sometime too, even my teeth 😀
(if i were to post a snap of mine out here, i know for sure half of u would freak like a pink ghost currently)
Maybe there are some of you who might not know what I’m talking about and for those who know what I’m talking about and still didn’t enjoy the festival..its your loss!
Even if you don’t celebrate the festival at home, me thinks you’ll should join some friends who do!
It began with the light harmless gulaal and ended with buckets full of colored water, there was water water everywhere, pink and red, no face was left clean..nobody was left dry for that matter.
It was wild. crazy. colourful. naughty and a completely wet experience.
And then began the scrubbing, brushing, cleaning..all attempts to wash the colour off..
And now no amount of bath gel, face wash, soap, shampoo will help me get rid of it. Curd and besan did help though.
But i had GREAT fun…and those who missed it, u sure did miss smthin..
I know a lot of u in down south don’t really know much about it, and many of u don’t play either..but if u have north indian friends do join them, maybe u could ask them to do the same in case of your festivals….its a blasst!
Happy Holi btw to everyone on Spaces and everywhere!
I’m too sleepy and tired today..all the frenzy.. so am gonna jump on the bed and catch my sleep..and not worry about my granny’s concerns about her furniture and HOW i’d dirty it, cuz the colour would wear off from my skin 😛

42 thoughts on “Alll pink.

  1. alrighty first for the last post on food….i hate you …you managed to make me hungry again even though i just finished eating a bigggg meal…grrrrrr
    and then i love tarts too andddddd hmm i think i should shut up…considering the fact tht i could go on and on bout food…
    anyways im sure you looked cute today..told you pink would deifnetly look good on you..yep my north indian fren drenched me with the most unflattering colors today..sheeeesh…
    i look hideous ..they could make a horror movie with me today and ppl would never venture out of  their houses again!!!
    happppy holiiii

  2. yah right we southies don\’t play holi, except I did – with my fellow teachers and kids in school and the mostest fun was had by the physics sir(middle aged and Muslim) and a 7th std kid (part american and christian). I had on a crisp sari but that didn\’t spoil the fun. By the way we used safe herbal colours so that kept skin, hair, eyes and clothes reasonably healthy. i think the spirit of holi is infectious!

  3. I didnt know it was holi till about 10pm today ? 😀 Its creepy man, and we live in the same country! I was on the phone with someone from delhi the other day, and i found her accent pretty funny! LOL, guess kolkattan accent is pretty different as well 😛
    Pink! Disastrous, though you would have had a good time! 🙂

  4. Oh I do know what you are talking about Rainbows of Colors! what a lovely festival and yes pink is a wonderful color for you.  Thank you for coming by and I learned from you your nick name and a new kind of fruit I did not know… I named you Pineapple because it is  bittersweet , and my friend Sanjana she tell me about the festival,  I wish I could of been there sounds so wonderful.  Shikharji is definately Gods land, I watched a documentary last night of a small island in Fugi and learned alot about the peoples there.  In a small city they seem to have time to be themself and not rush. Time to enjoy the simple things.  Thank you for responding much love Linda.

  5. Okay, okay… now i am jealous, real real real jealous, real real real reallll jealous… and it dint even snow today, it sux 2 be me…

  6. Like Aerosmith\’s Pink is my Fave color aye? Yea had lots of fun doing Holi and was invited for one this Sunday…but then i dont want to scare off ppl over the table with variety of colors!! 😛
    And yea mademoiselle. Will send you the tickets and take you down to a lebo place. Anything else you have for this yrs Christmas list?

  7. I love playing with water !! and gettign totally drenched on holi.. even i took a few snaps a few years ago.. and gosh i look scary!good to know u had sucha fab time.. !ms pinki 😛

  8. lol.. still not going!!u got dunked into pools of color or wat? :Pwell koi nahin.. ull get a new name this way.. ms. pinki.. i think it suits ya.. wat do u think 😀

  9. Im acctauly gong to play hard to get…I know shes been asking everyone of our common freinds if ive been calling/ texting them , cause i am not texting her atm 😛

  10. yeow! I was in a similiar situation as well, except that my hair was shining golden and the rest of me looked so purple, that a brinjal would be ashamed to look at me. 😛

  11. waaaaahhh!
    I miss em all! I was searching all the place in the city to find out even the races of gulal on the road, teling you that some holi was played here… but no! nowhere! its the first holi – mm no the second one tht I missed…

    well I guess u have played from my side too….

  12. 4 remindin me of wat i am missin i place a curse wid da power invested in me by da antiholi folks in da world dat da colour wont come off 4 da next few weeks…. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  13. i really really loveddddddd lookin at ur stuff!!! but dont u think u gt kinda boring background… though i love da way u have placed ur lists n all… hv a look at mine… though it isnt as nice as urs.. bt still i guess acceptable

  14. Holi down south is celebrated in moderation…so came as a surprise that my team mates decided to celebrate it…we did it in office even after mails sent to stop such celebrations inside the office 🙂 Thankfully it was just a mish mash of gulaals…red, pink, green and my tee was safe at the end of it all. I remembered my Lucknow Holi celebs where the day started with each of our mohalla friends getting dumped into a tank full of color water…after that everyone got into the spirit of things with gusto…gulaal…pitchkari…any color one could lay our hands on 🙂

  15. umm my nails are coloured orange,so are my hands…my face is back to normal,so is my nose…HOWEVER MY TOES AND SOLE OF MAH FOOT IS COLOURED….HAPPY HOLI!!!

  16. Yessss, ppl who dont wanna play, shud be doused in a pool of color. Thats why i turned the water tank pink 😉

    So which means that now we have to make u feel horrible to see "sup in pink"!!

  17. sup..belated happy holi…sry to wish so late…
    I was expexting a Holi pics from you ??
    anyways…great..I enjoyed alot…!!

  18. yes yes i know you girl you will mention all the food you had just to spite me…hmph….. but i i have food with me now…although i hve told tht to you already let me write it here so you will be reminded….
    i have with me a can of pringles…. some delectable choclate chips from chips ahoy… and twix and yuuummmy cranberry juice…nyah nyah nyah…

  19. Top fool list contenders (beside Bush obviously!)
    Michael Jackson

    Killing the bird to prove that we are a superior race and cant risk ourselves for a fe of them… we do it with humans too, dont we?

    About right and wrong – nothing is right or wrong; its all in perspective – your right is my left and what I left can be wrong for you! Red is red because we call it that – it can be lal or raktim too! Burping in UK is cognizable offence whereas in villages of India is giving respect to host!

  20. Hey sups i was a little surprised when you said your face was pink lol but now I know..great to know that you had a nice time playing with colors:-) I love this festival too, but haven\’t been participating in it for the last few years because the crowds suck lol..I don\’t mind playing it with close friends..holi rocks!! Once again, hope you had a great time…may the colors of holi light up your life:-)

  21. damn…my past three holis have been spent just studying for exams, and so i know will my next one.
    never been pink…but it\’s still hilarious to see my brother, cousins, school-friends all looking like faces out of picasso paintngs!

  22. Bal Thackerey and his entire clan.. for the fools list.. they\’re like evergreen fools.. well, will come back if i think of any others.

  23. about the right and wrong thing, i\’d kinda like to disagree with Horus here, no offence tho! :). \’it\’s all in perspective\’ is a very priviledged position don\’t u think? i mean let\’s not forget that everyone doesn\’t have the freedom to have a perspective. too many people are marginalised in this world for us to say that everything is relative and that it\’s based on the perspective.. just thinking out loud..

  24. Why do people get marginilsed in the first place ? Its because they dont have thier own perspective on things… But then again, do thier perspectives have an opertunity to prove themselves ?
    Sups..that deleted comment was from Andre..he deleted it himself as he made quite a few typo\’s LOL
    Arian..hmm, how are away is that birthday of yours 😀
    Now repeat after me "WHY NOT ? " 😛

  25. No – Its a plan. Do you wanna join it? and if i do, will you consider me as a biggest loser? 😛
    I agree – they put lights and mirrors around. You are on the spot light but my inspiration was kind of different. I want to play hockey seriously and to get myself fit, i have to shed the extra kilos i gained from previous season.

  26. i can imagine and can picture u in pink… pink teeth … ??  😀 thats funny….lol…
    even i had a blast on the holi.. iw as in delhi and had so much fun… u knw we all had bhaang wali kulfi..and one of my fren was totally out… i have posted a few pictures of mine on my blog… will post all lille later…
    anyways happy holi sups… tumhra naam supriya hai na ?

  27. how people get marginalised has nothing to do with their perspectives.. it\’s quite an investigation into the working of power Yasser. ruling ideologies are nothing but the ideologies of the ruling class.
    i\’ve been studying marxism! 😀

  28. lol.. my hair is pink, my nails are pink 😀 i had a similar holi this time at home.. wet n wild 😛 n guess wot, i forgot to use besan n dahi to remove the wonder it\’s still there :p

  29. yup holi is spring and spring is holi l love the festival of clors. i didnt get to play this year as i was ill but i did put up a holi poem on my space the day of holi.

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