I’ve never been more happier, I’ve never been more lazy

I’ve a lot left undone, but i couldn’t care less.

Why am i losing my will?

I might regret later on, i just might drown in self criticism.

But as of now a part of me wants to be detached..

I want to do lots, but my initiative seems to be resting.

Its crazy.

I’m sad, happy, bored, interested, active and lazy.

Everything together.

It doesn’t help that a score is days away, and all i can see on the other side,

is more responsibility.

I hate that word.


21 thoughts on “Grumble.

  1. haah…welcome to the club!!
    oye btw…those \’were\’ my nails…n dats dark blue with sparkle on it n it looks better than in the pic (lol..)
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  2. Whenever I even remotely feel that some responsibility is coming towards my direction…I goto sleep…so it automatically gets transfered to someone else. Trynna do that…might get some peace of mind and a good rest 😉  

  3. babes its spring
    with a big of laze ping
    so make a tring tring
    or jus catch up with chandler bing
    heheh thought dt would rhyme..

  4. hmmm…. i guess no one like this word…but the tragedy is that every1 has to answer it… i am answerin my responsibilities…and u will answer urs… i think this is life…. hmmm… well i think prachi is ryt…u need a day off…. and dost i knew ur name is supriya….just wanted to confirm …:P … anyways… mere bhi hands se hi color ni gaya… nails r lookin all pink… thats the reason i prefer playin holi with gulal… chal dost c ya…anyways i have an intrsting question on my blog…do chk out hen u have some time…saurabh

  5. oye …lol, yea ..eyebrows..neway…abt d current fools thing…wat bout \’Himesh reCHamiya\’/\’Reshamiya\’…n ders also \’Jayaprada\’ if u kno her…she ws d actress of \’DAfliwaale ..dafli baja\’…dis lady is gonna produce a movie n is gonna rap (yea u read it rite; RAP) in it…*attempts to strangle herself*…bt yeaaa…we\’ll hv 2 learn 2 liv wid crazy things…& responsibility..wot say?
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  6. hahahahaahahhaaa….ohhhh mannn..killer list…ill think a lil more abt such ppl n letcha kno….lolzzz…
    \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  7. sad, happy, bored, interested, and lazy! wht a combo! this state is kinda common i guess.. a very confusing one as well.. responsibility is a heavy word i know… but then, it\’s always there in some or the other form.. best is, take a break n then start 🙂

  8. Madam its very easy to say YOU SHOULD HAVE BURIED IT….i dont have that kin dof money…those ppl were asking for 2000…what could i have done???Probably those ppl living there will eventually bury it…well anyways…ill do what i can…

  9. aye.. i knwo you are lazy.. too lazy to search 😛

    cross\’x\’roads has undergone just a cosmetic change… am at a perpetual crossroads.. and so will be the space…
    ok now tat condition is met, no more treats 😛

  10. Hmmmmm….basically you sound quite clueless! Heh! Heh! Just kidding! Spring fever has got to you girl. Keep a look out, you just might find Mr. Perfect( if there IS such a thing), somewhere around you. 😛

  11. Ooooh! My fav passtime… doing nothing. In our Bong language we call it "lyaadh"…

    justing lying lazy, no movment, brain working, thinking a lot but not ready to work on even rise and have a glass of water…. usually comes after a tight schedule of work…. but I Zimpy enjoy it… hope you enjoy this precious time and feeling too!

  12. Yea, even i agree tht CC is better than forum.. bcuz there\’s lotsa open space.. the best thing u can do is get a tea frm the tea junction n sit on those stairs near the fountain.. in the evening hrs..watching ppl n enjoying the breeze.. i love to do tht! 🙂

  13. hey, cummon! nothing can be so bad! u sound serious… found eeven M in the same mood! Whats happening?

    Pickup the paper and pen when u dont wanna do nething and start scribling; words, letters, even illegible scratches – instead of looking at vacant wall or ceiling look at these scratches – u might find some thing… or talk to someone… some one who\’s a life saver…

  14. hey …Happy Budday gurl!…i gotta hit d books so i wont b able 2 wish u on d day…exams strt d very same day!…so hv a BLAST!!..njoi…!
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

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