Ok as Horus asked me to talk to a life saver..im making an attempt here cuz all the other life savers have their own busy lives and though i’d eventually talk to them i prefer to cry alone (all right you bunch of strangers can witness )  and then keep moaning instead of the other way round, and i guess my blog can handle my whinings pretty well 😛
I’m frustrated. F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-E-D
Very very frustrated…this word seems to stick to me.
For the nth time in the past few weeks, things just NEVER go as planned. This is the biggest 20th birthday lesson: never expect things to go as planned. Heck when i plan to do nothing work calls me!
(yeah now u see my horrible plight!!)
Speaking about my 20th birthday I’m hating it already..and it hasn’t even begun. For once i want to drown myself in tequilla (im just talking crap please bear with me)
I probably need a break, but the break seems to have broken away from me..and its lost somewhere. yea laugh. its your day to laugh not mine.
Sometimes i wonder as 20 yr olds we’re still treated as kids at times, and other times we’re expected to be superhuman beings. its stupid. now if i want to run away for two days i know i can’t. (DONT ask me why cant u??)
i would  love doing that though.
I’d love to add a whole lot of things i’d like to do before my 21st birthday (cuz this one seems to be a spoilt one already)..
  • do bungee jumping..i dont even mind jumping from my window, its too low though.
  • shop lift, i’ve never done that..i soo want to do it now!
  • stay out all night..come back home in the morning
  • satisfy myself, work wise..(when i work that is)
  • my spa dream is still due 😦
  • go to a beach (i dont remember when i last went to a beach) waaahh i need abreak
  • stop having milk twice a day. hmph. (yeah M laugh..atleast am providing entertainment)

I saw 12 episodes of the Joey show and i hate his sister Jenna , she’s too ‘in your face’ with a sick voice too  irritating not to mention i feel the urge to cover her with clothes each time i see her :P. The show is ok though not as funny as FRIENDS but if both are not compared the show’s pretty good.



26 thoughts on “waaah

  1. i see one solution..plan nuthing..work will call you and then ull be happy… theres nuthing like work to lift up ur spirits…(i can see u hurling things at me…:-P) oh well, lighten up…well go for icecream or coffee or sumthing..what say??

  2. You dont have to be psychic to understand that. Its quite evident from your blogs. Lol ! And now you are frustrated. Cmon girl make up your mind. And btw, confused should be your middle name. Just Kidding! Lofe is unfair and there is nothing you can do about it. Get used to it!

  3. eveerythng ok nah ??
    this is a very odd blog .. i hope u remain like u were before .. even after 20  !!  hehhahahahahahahahhahahahahahah !!..  lol !!

  4. Being 20 isnt a big deal, its da feelin dat ur not gettin any younger and dayz are flying by widout havin any thrills is wat gets ya, i know how it iz, i wanna enjoy life… but jus chill, wait it out 4 a while, and widout knowin it, u\’ll be havin fun… u can sit down and keep anticipating it and thinkin abt it and get frustrated, or u can chill and let things happen da way dey are happenin, and soon enuff, u\’ll be bungee jumpin, sky divin, white water raftin etc… 

  5. the other side of 20 is just wonderful! really, it\’s a gas! 😀
    i swore i\’d go bungee jumping on my 18th birthday.. i did! it was awesome! i highly recommend it!
    i\’m sure you\’ll be able to do all that you want to! and i suggest getting ice-cream (as Anitquity has already adviced) or going shopping! retail therapy is a mighty good thing!
    i don\’t think i\’ve ever written such a happy and positive comment!
    so in the spirit of things not so happy:  i HATE milk! and i confess.. i\’ve shop-lifted!

  6. Don\’t really know when anything I planned worked like clockwork…but guess I go with the flow usually and make last minute changes to suit my whims. And seems like u really need a vacation at the beach!!!
    I\’ve been working on another blog and seems like it\’s ready – catch the blogging mystery and unravel the culprit at http://spaces.msn.com/SillySpacers – catch that when u find time n advance wishes for a gr8 B\’Day celebration…I\’m sure things will work out eventually!


  7. See? See? thats why I say sometime you should listen to kids like me! – Prachi has already offered to share your plights…

    talking about planning – never works for me! Whatever I have planned in my life never happened, always gets blocked. So I have a life full of accidents and guess what – surprises! I guess being a gemini – I love surprises…

    about ur list – cummon girl, u can do all of em in no time… how?

    Bunjee Jumping – In Delhi u have them frequently ( I tried the reverse one!)
    Shop lift – I hardly know ne girl in kolkata who hasnt lifted an ear-ring, a hair clip or a greetings card during college; just find one and be with them…

    Sty out all night – Durga Puja night out – best excuse!

    Be satisfied with the house Chores – at times they are neverending!

    Spa dream – its basically gaps without a G, the other way round – so think in that way…

    Digha is just 4 hours away – train – bus – car, catch anything; been their on my bike too!

    Milk – dont wanna have? just create a pipeline between ur house and mine; always enjoy it since my childhood! (oh craps! I AM a child!)

    if it still doesnt help- go and sit with Prachi and howll and whine and throw icecreams at people!

  8. Give it time, and space… lifes a bitch, literally, u need ta give it time, space, attention etc… rite now u jus gotta give it time and space, and things will work out, dun get frustrated

  9. I\’ve done all except the first and the last 😛
    and lemme tel u i stayed out all night at the beach..kidding!
    Its a pian being 20, i dont like it to be honest! I feel OLD! and not to forget \’un-18\’ 😦
    Lol but we cant always be 16 or 18 now can we,besides its just over hyped perhaps.
    As long as you enjoy whatever you do and speak with pride of your age and achievements, thats all that shud matter!
    Get coffee the 3rd/4th time or better stil drown urself in hot chocolate fudge and toss the tequila out!
    Take care 🙂
    Hope and pray all\’s going well at ur end.

  10. yes i am laughing at the milk bit of your blog…hehehehe….
    ahhh now i see whts ailing you..old buddy…
    you know i always say age is nothing but a number…. absolutely does not define the passage of time or your life… its how you do what you want to do tht is who you are…. am i sounding clear?? i guess not..i never did these past few yrs and i guess i never will sighhhh
    if it will make you happy im turning 25 this year… and i think i finally quit eating magic pops for getting a kick out of it crackling… in an attempt to finally try and become a matured adult… which i hope is at least a possibilty and your lucky ……. oh i forgottttttttttt happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu  happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuu happy birthday deariest sups cookie and sweetie tooooo happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu…..its only twnety honey and nothing has to chnge if you dont want it to…and everything will chnge if you want it to…its your choice ….love ya….

  11. Thanks for dropping in! More clues for Sherlock Holmes?
    Ok…1st para would help you find the place where the culprit is apart from the culprit\’s reading preference. This is a bit tough coz u gotta know the music that\’s been described playing. There\’s also a hint that the place is near the sea…think of that!
    2nd para deals with their occupation and studies. Advanced people search at http://spaces.msn.com/ would be a great place to search for the culprit 🙂 with the clues.
    Happy sleuthing!

  12. a wanabe "bloody Mary" feeling sleepy at qtr to two? cummon!

    happy tween bday…. i guess belated?

    n dont worry about these numbers. The moment you feel bored or scared about them, simply turn them around, say for example at 25 – so you will no longer be 26..27..28, but 24..23..22……..13..12.. and then can turn them back again, – simple!

  13. Haha…I\’m experiencing the same thing..some things simply don\’t go as I\’ve planned them out!!! The \’ wise\’ lesson you\’ve put up is really relevant!! Wish you a very happy birthday..when was it?? I wanna run away tooooo lol..run away from everything for a week to come back refereshed!!! Hehe that\’s a great list lol..I\’d like to bungee jump and go to a beach too..as well as go to a spa lol..in fact I bet I\’ve got a huge list too:-) So when are you leaving, and where are you going? I\’m coming with you 🙂

  14. If I remember correctly Sups today is the day of ur B\’day…Isnt it??
    Dont ponder too much over life and the plans gone awry…take these things in ur stride…
    just smile & shine & enjoy ur B\’day…Put sad things to rest & enjoy urself!!
    Life is to be lived not to be thought or taken too seriously..
    love & Hugs..Hope you had a great day..Enjoy each milestone of ur life..even 20\’s are beautiful..each age has its charms & appeal
    Happy Birthday my dear girl

  15. Bungee jumping is okay as long as the chord does not break. Shoplifting is okay if you dont get caught.
    My word! You have such disastrous inclinations. Think about your loved ones at least before leaping into an abyss. 🙂

  16. yea i know… i am chillin, i guess it waz da stress dat was getting to me, my PROF IDOT GUY lost my assignment worth 25% of my mark and i was failing the class bcuz of him, he finally found it, thank god, and then u know dealin wid da ex… da past alwayz comes to haunt me… and da work load, just got too much to handle, right now i am feelin so relaxed, releived, and unphased… i also know wat i want… i wanna live life just 4 myself, i wanna have all sorts of luxuries, and also bring happiness into livez of those seriously needing some care…, dats who i am, dats wat i want, i jus keep picturin a mitsubishi eclipse, da beach dats wat i wan, jus chillin, thanx alot 4 da prep talk i really needed it… i guess sumtimez we need to be reminded abt the things we preach hahahaha!!! btw did u get a chance to drown urself into some tequilla??? and wat sorta gifts did u get??

  17. I am sailing around spaces on a flat earth it is no longer round, for people keep dropping off, I do not know where they are going, but they are adrift.
    I have no real worries , I will tell you this secret
    if you stop being so separate and know you are
    EVERYONE, AND EVERYTHING life will be so sweet.
    Is a birthday gift I give to you sweetheart. Enjoy the eternal moment because the past is gone, the future is  not here. The secret is \’BEING\’ you live in the future and past, not stopping to really know the roses. You are the Rose, dear.
    Love, herbs and spice all things nice, Linda

  18. lol.. u know wot sups.. yr frustrations r so much fun! :))
    I understand how it feels when u leave the teens :p
    at times life\’s sucha mess.. most of the time i guess :p plan plan work work.. no time fr nothing! 😐
    btw, yr list is cool.. i hv done all except the 1, 3, 5,and 7 points :p
    good luck.. may u get an opportunity to do all these!! u surely need one good break.. go get it..anyhow! 😀

  19. OOOOPSS!! I\’m so sorry sups!! I forgot to wish u yesterday :(:(
    plz plz forgive me.. lemme sing fr u..
    Happy bday to u
    Happy bday tooo uu
    Happt bddaaayyy to dear sups
    Haaapppy bdaay tooo uuuuuu
    😀 😛

  20. i shall send you the songs online my gmail suckssss it just doesnt open..actually right now my msn is not opening either grrrrrrrrrrr
    i am seriously contemplating of stopping blogging foreverrrrrr….hmmmmmmm
    i shalll make a dramatic move off the blogs…

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