Foolish me
Didn’t strike me, when i saw my friend’s number on my Mom’s dialled list.
Didn’t strike me when my friends forced me to change clothes, which is something i’d never do, especially when am tired, hate dressing up.
Didn’t strike me when te receptionist at the club stupidly mentioned, there are other guests waiting for you. Huh?
He smartly covered up by saying there’s another party.
I walked in to hang out with two of my buddies, after a tiring but VERY rewarding day at college. Its awesome see respect in other people’s eyes for yourself (especially when its the guys with big egos who think girls can’t do anything :P) and its obviously satisfying when your work is appreciated! 🙂
Walking into the lawn i see 10 of my friends waiting for me, with my family following me from behind (when did they come here??!!)
Whoaaaa, what, when, how!!
So happy birthday to me 🙂
Right from Treasure hunt at home, to chocolate cake made by sis to chocolate pudding made by clothes to crazy african doll to the cutest green square pillow with a cow on it (thanks praps i already Love cuddling up to it)…ok those  were my gifts 😀
But real gifts, are obviously people around me, my family, my friends..who just know how to make me feel special and get me out of my frustrations. Thank God for them, and for u all spacers too..thanks for all the lovely wishes (to those who bothered to ask AND remembered, to those who never bothered to ask And to a few whom i had to remind again–wish meee
20 feels good as of now, i had a blast and I’m on an all time high (without the tequilla)..I wont get anything to dishearten me easily and I’m gonna learn to be tough this year round!

39 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. you thought about being tough and you are half way there already…dont worry its not too badd on the this side of the twenty either… so it was this thing, that was keeping you more down, isnt it? the thought that no one now cares that its ur birthday…. coz they think you have grown up?… 😀

  2. happy bday to you and please read my blog man..its emotional but please i want a BONDHU to keep track of chota bondhu\’s emotions…and just wanna say(after u read the blog)…IM BETTER NOW….HAPPY BDAY…but im sad u didn invite me…:(:(:(:(:((:(:(:(:(

  3. current fools also include ALL BJP MEMBERS…well its good they put up sucha question but theyre as usual over doing it…

  4. hey so you did have fun!! YAY!
    and i\’m sure you\’re gonna have a lot of fun on the other side of 20.. cuz you sure deserve to angel!
    Belated Happy Birthday!
    P.S. all the gifts you got sound fun too! 🙂

  5. hah! the birthday hangover is still there…and ur right..i mean how blind were you?? lol. but then i guess its a good thing, coz then otherwise u wouldnt have enjoyed urself as much…

  6. welcome to the terrific twenties…ok ok i invented the terrific part didnt get anything to go with twenties…tantalising perhaps?? tequila evenn…;p
    wow tht was one awesome party….. !!
    and the pics turned out prety darned cool tooo
    pssst legssss…..;)

  7. hippie butt daye!!!
    gud to turn twenty
    coz pleasures after this are plenty
    just 1 more yr left in da cage
    to enter da legal drinking age
    so start practicing with da tequilas
    and take da tasting of wine class
    have fun on your day
    and the year ahead be as well gay
    wishing you the best
    for now and the rest

  8. NOOO!!! i havent blocked u… its just that i dont have reports to write, therefore i am not awake at 5AM in the morning, which is why u dont see me

  9. Well nevertheless HAPPY BIRTHDAYY…enjoy yourself…im fine now…guess ill blog today also…theres so much going around

  10. YAAAPPPYYYYYYYY (belated,I wish we cud change font sizes too :P)
    I dunno y but i was under the impression tht ur bdays on the 27th!! Stupid! eeessshhh!!dont beat me!! 😉
    Saarriiii and yappy b\’day once again!!
    Sounds like u had a blast…well sum days are so much fun tht its difficult to wipe them frm the memory,hope this bday stays wid u 4 everrr!!
    Take care 🙂
    And here\’s my gift::  :@) A small cute li\’l piggie (jus like me) 😛

  11. HAAApppy birrrthdayy!!(in santa type voice ;))
    Twenty!! WOOT!
    ANd I thpought 18 felt all grown up!:)
    P;s-totally agree..BUsh is an unmitigated ass with shit for brains!!!

  12. Culprit will be revealed at month end only…will do some interpretation of the clues and leave some near clinching evidence for all to find out 🙂 Enjoy the suspense till then…wonder if u\’ve caught byomkesh bakshi – that was a nice detective serial on DD.

  13. U r 20!! Im yet to know whether its good to be this side of 20, but hey you wont know unless you are here. You got another yr to jump the boat 😛
    I love surprise parties. Its becoming so typical for me these days – Midnight calls, cakes and going out on the night for drinks. Its just isnt surprise surprise!! I guess i will have to arrange a party for myself and shout surprise when others come in. 😛 Oh…im just on a whisky high.
    And can you send the choc cake as an attachment? 😀

  14. Hapy belated\’re outta your teens and you\’re going to miss it for your lifeEnjoy

  15. hahaha im fine now yaar…dad had some words of encouragement last night…im fine…yeah thanks for your words of encouragement too yaar…Well your very sweet,Just like my sis(PRESENTLY SHES STARTED BEING GOOD TO ME..I DONT KNOW Y LOL)…well well…the4 good thing is that i got the only remaining pup vaccined today…and the funny thing was that it pissed on my lap HAHA…lol…

  16. hmmm .. just noticed .. everythng changed .. i mean everybodys changed ..  what ?? 
    the heading of the page ..!!  .. so many of them have changed it ..
    but urs remains the same !!  haha 
    by the way .. happy birthday !..  i have already wished u before !!.. yipppeee!! .. tht also on eve !!  hahah !!  biee!

  17. happy birthday supriya… may waheguru ji bless u a life full of happiness and joy, and may all ur dreams come true…
    so where r the birthday pictures..??

  18. do know your attempt at asking me not to leave was pathetic…lol….!! the whole doooonnnnttttt llleeeaaavvveeee bit got me gagging …hehehe…anyways i am glad you didnt get all sentimental… if i do leave tht is i am pretty sure it wont be a traumatic event for most….;p ….i am still bored of blogging nothing is changed on tht scene so the decision still stands in the favour of 99%…. hmmmm
    anyways so hows the hangover from being 20 still going good??…. and sups muuuaaahhh wink wink…am hopiing snigger boy will irritate you now!!

  19. hey .. tht is not my look out ..  tht is tht is what the govt and u people ( who are studying mass comm ) are supposed to do !.. so common lazy bumms !..  get up and help our country !!!!!!!!  hahahahahah !!

  20. i give uppppp….lol
    the muahing was too too much…i cant take it anymoreee ill go nutsss …wait im already nuts…;p
    hey-lo..i said thank god you didnt go all boo hooing…sheeeesh!!!
    anyhuuu no more no more…. your idea is indeed intriguing..and it might just work….but sniggers is lost…i need my co-director..any idea bout his whereabouts???
    but i am stilllll bored of blogging…;p

  21. oooooerrrrrrrrrr……im da last to wish u..*sniff*…..
    bbbbbb\’\’\’\’\’\’\’\’\’\’\’\’\’ dddddddddaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy  222222222
    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu………wish i cud scream tis out..hehhee..i wud 2..\’coz ima darin at times..lolz mebbe 2222 muccchhhh…..sooooooooooooorrrrrrrrry girlie 4 dis belated wishes
    ..oooolalaaa……smashin sarprise party……oooooh……
    n\’ da moments 2 b treasured of course…..
    suppy….i b\’came fyn only now….oops not an x\’cuse…n\’ im late \’coz of this
    arrival of my b\’days means….purse empty……..\’coz its da time of fud fest..lolz….n\’ surprise party is always awaitin me..then..n\’ oooooooooooh gifts..lolz…i jus luv gifts even though its nothin special…..
    dreamer..dozer n\’ drooler….how was ur xamz ..err jus asked…….i better leave…*suppy fumed up*

  22. hiya..!!
    ohhhhhh…me cannot be the  last to wish ya..!anyways never the less…Happy Br\’day…better to say belated…!!Y i always be late :(…
    hope u have a blast that day..seems from ur blog too….
     and do update ur age to 21 in ur\’s still shwing 20//


  24. Green square pillow with a cow.. it\’d look so sweeet!! :D:D so u had a great time on yr bday haan! :):) n gud tht u\’re gonna be "tough" this yr.. cheers! 😀
    take care! 🙂

  25. err..swippy..i meant \’ fumed up \’ \’coz i mentioned da word \’ xamz \’ …….dearie…enjoi vac..i \’ ll be visitin ur bloggie..lolz
    wid loads of hugs..:)tc


  27. Haa are u sponsoring or me????????No madam no aana hai to aapna pay karo aur mera thora pay bhi karo…nahi to no sorryl…and yaaaaaa oscy doesnt pee on laps…if u take him on ur lap then to…JAI RAM JI KI>>!!

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