Somebody out there is hunting for his dreamgirl, somebody waiting for her prince charming. You want to know about your career prospects, your health, children, married life, business, investments..
We all want to know the future.Don’t We?
How many of you sneak up and read that horoscope in the papers? Sceptical about certain days of the week–saturday/monday whatever!
Tarot Card–the latest fad (now is anyone bothered if it really works or not?)
Vaastu, Palm reading, oh well even Feng Shui..study in the south/west/north east where ever
(Statuary warning: i just made that up, do not blame me if u dont do well while sitting in one of those directions, cramming before your exams)
The point is, do these things really work?
Why do people have such blind faith in them?
Fortune Tellers–how does their head work? Do they have a strong sense of Intutuion and Sixth Sense?
How do they develop these characteristics? (now dont give me the sun, moon logic)

31 thoughts on “zzz

  1. First of all updating at 1:22 ? what are u doing lady? Was this the time ur fortune teller told you to update?

    neways, have read a lot of these stuff!Believe some, found some logic behind a handful, forced to belive a few, dont belive in the rest. It seems that as the ppl mature their risk taking ability keeps decreasing, making them more and more suseptable to thoughts like these. However, since gravity is the basic form of force behind all, as accepted by the science, it has power to effect time too; can their be a logic that it affects future too?

    But everything said and done, the basic books like "Bhrigu Samhita" says the basic principle, your life is 99% action and 1% fate. So you have most of it in your hand. If you work favorably you reach what that 1% predicts. If work differently, the result WILL be different. You dont need any puja or mumbo jumbo for that. Similarly theres some logic behind palmistry – again it doesnt tell you ur future. Just predicts your nature and some assumptions on what may happen due to it…

    And there are some pretty good salesmen and soothsayer, who knows how to use these knowledge – thats it!

  2. Firstly, happy Birthday sups *blushes* I know im late..But..*bigger pinker blush*
    No , I dont belive in astrology..well, it could be true, but i just dont want to sit there in the morning snappy all day cause the paper said it will be a bad day for me!
    I am , I am the RAM …. crazy song btw LOL

  3. I think, as we experience life more and more, we tend to see a pattern… everything is a learning experience for us to get us to be comfortable with who we are as a soul… u can sort of predict ur own circumstances based on ur own mental state, feelings u have abt urself, and feelings u have abt others, its sort of like anticipating the flow of ur own life, all this just to learn to be happy with who u really are, u can choose the easy way by learning life lessons easily, or u can learn the hard way by clinging onto the past…so i beleive u dun need predictions and stuff, jus remember dat we all  hafta learn lessons, perhaps prince charming may never come to u, bcuz one of the important lessons is not to depend on otherz emotionally, and by waiting 4 a prince charming, it means ur waiting on some1 who can provide emotional comfort to u, which shldnt really happen…  

  4. well whether i believe in these things or not is another question and whether they work or not is yet another. first and foremost, someone explain to me, why would someone want to know about the future? i mean what\’s the point of living if you already know what\’s going to happen to ya? have we all become so jaded that we spend so much of our time and energy on arranging to not experience our own lives!
    sigh.. i\’ve never understood these things and moreover it makes me sad to see so many people believe so passionately (ironic?) in these things and really losing sight of what\’s important!
    i have never (for as long as i can remember at least!) looked at my horoscope or gone to a palmist or astrologer or anything else. however, i did do quite a bit or research on witchcraft at one time and believed inwuite a bit of pagan stuff for a while therw. but i don\’t think that\’s anywhere close! 
    anyhoo, people who seem to do these things believe quite a bit in them.. almost to a point of hypnotic belief!

  5. hmm good feed for my ever thinking mind….  I  mostly believe in like the frequency theory.. which resonate for us to believe what we do.. well its difficult to explain here….but its like.. every thought has like a particular frequency.. for it to strike you it resonates with your frequency… I think I  need to put that and get it patented.. hehehe

  6. Happy belated!
    Psychics do have a certain sensitivity to psychic energy, as strange as that sounds. I\’m a bit of a scientist, and astrology and faith are things psychology is trying hard to delve into, but there are some things it can\’t account for.
    I once went to a Teller, and she actually told me a lot of things that were true. I wanted to believe that she was picking up well on my cues, but was blown away when she told me that I was putting off a vacation to Florida that I much needed.

  7. Though some of them r scientific ,however we can\’t rely on these weekly /monthly / yrly thing .People r just bored and to pass the time they may go through them . Also not every body is accurate in this science .

  8. Firstly, I find all these things quite stupid (even if someone can prove that they are logical)
    Secondly, it\’s equally stupid to try knowing abt the future.
    I myself used to worry abt it and read all this crap. But, now I don\’t. Coz I\’ve stopped trying to peep into the future. I just try to live the present to its best.
    Ho gaya filosofy :p I\’ve caught a bad cold again.. sniff! :-s m leaving early today..aachhooon!!! :-&

  9. i dont know how it all works, but i know for sure that some of it does….hopefully some day scientists will be able to explain the logic… and will come up with an explanation that acceptable to everyone

  10. O so u came HERE! 😀 my office is 2 buildings ahead of wipro..in STP II.. dunno if u know  😀
    Haveli is one place in SL where I havent been yet.. :p will try to go someday 🙂

  11. its all in the stars i would say,………..hi how are u? long time since i visited ur space…
    check out my latest  RDB Remix blog ! worth a read..worth a laugh !  LAUGH ALL THE WAY

  12. Bullshit. You need an ego bigger than the universe to believe that the planets were put just so so that they could predict your future. Or the lines in your palm or forehead mean anything.

  13. One common truth is that, somewhere along the line, these beliefs have some sort of religious ties to them and that is why we have so many believers. We are skeptical because  there is no rational explanation available. I dont believe in most of these things, but for some cases I do because I have found some sort of rational explation.
    And yes, sixth sense does exist.

  14. i ll be honest i get a kick out of reading my horoscope in the morning, days that it has coincide with reality ,most often i have realized later in the evening that it was the last dayz paper.
    technically speaking, if u have faith in urself .thats all u ll ever need.

  15. i used to read… until "somebody" asked me to stop it.. and when somebody stopped being… i started reading again.. very recently. i ve this strange notion tat these things do click for me.. well.. as long as they click in a +ve sense i don mind!

    figure this one.. R-world astrology predicted that my 1st marriage will end due to the death of a loved one… i wonder which one 😛

    but.. if the universal energy theory is to be believed… then… sixth sense etc etc .. would definitely exisT!

  16. in your future i see a tall dark hansome man coming your way…he will knock on your door… and you will open it… and then he will say….do you want to buy a sewing machine for the price of rs 99.99….;p
    fortune telling baaah humbug!!!
    i refuse to believe a star tht died out millions of years ago actually can tell my future or define my characteristics…in tht case every single gemini would be the same but nope none are as cute as me…;p
    besides hardly anyone i knew actually got married after looking at horoscopes and stuff and they are still happy with each other thank you very much…
    its just a single truth mixed in a thousand lies..thts wht it is..so when tht single truth does surface ppl go ooooh ing and aahing… and i shall keep on boohing and baahing…

  17. Thanx to u, i bought a pack of neocitrine, had one stash and fell asleep like a baby, now my fever is gone, but i still have moth balls in my throat, and dragons breathing through my nostrills, i guess i hafta wait it out for all of em to go out…

  18. I guess when some people lose all hope they start hoping for a miracle. They want to know the future so that they don\’t screw up their future or something. I never get their train of thought though.
    Horoscopes are a load of trash. People who write them are gastropods. People who actually believe them are bigger gastropods(that\’s my current fave insult.:) .
    I think it\’s just a piece of guesswork.

  19. Everyone\’s got exams now. \’S why there\’s a lull in the blogging scene. Everyone, that is , except me.*rubs hands mischievously*
    I\’m starting to get evil thoughts. or atleast the phrase I\’m starting to get evil thoughts drifted across my mind.:p

  20. oye!!!….hehehe….finished studyin!!…finished exams too!!…n sry im in a rush ….din read dis one….will catchup on ur blogs soon!!..ciao!
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  21. Not at all. Pls note that my entries are not meant to hurt anyone\’s sentiments. Just some good humour for all to enjoy. Okay, check out my latest entry. Hope it will please both sexes. 

  22. Me me!! I stopped reading horoscopes a few years back.. now and then i\’m tempted .. but i still don\’t do it.. i just stopped believing.. in fact i used to really believe in all this sun sign stuff.. not anymore 🙂

  23. yes yes .. i am dreaming of my dream girl ..  waiting for my dream girl .. lol !
    one thng which says all
    it is all crap !.
    we have the futures in our hands ..  how can the planets and all other crap decide our future ??????????????????????????????
    hahah !… but still i like litsng to my future !.. haha

  24. I am glad that I was able to etch out the picture…and you liked the journey…

    I was working at 2:47 dear… I am doing time travelling now a days u know, one day US one day Uk and then one day back to india time… so u know!! no fortune teller here….

  25. Yaaaas,these Horoscopes stump you dont they?
    Sometimes,A lot of times,they actually seem to get their predictions right!
    Perhaps its because they\’re so vague..
    "TOday you will get what you wished for.."
    Er..would that be stuffed parathas?
    Or will the school bell ring finally?
    Or will THAT dude smile at me?
    lol..but they can be amazing sometimes

  26. lolz..suppy  i  dunno belive in horoscopes n\’ all such   .. craappy ….  but i jus read it 4 da fun of it n\’ i read  \’wanted bride \’ n\’ \’ wanted  groom \’ 4  da sake of fun….lolz its funny how sum describes themselves…..hey i even got a fwd….abt da online serach 4 bride ..lolz but its really funny….i was lafin my head off….whew!!
      i believe in facing life  n\’ workin 4 a better future rather than all these blah..blahs…….don\’t think deeply abt all these…..better think abt sumthin more usefooooooool….;p
     newazz dera …:)tc

  27. interestin…accordin to me…people do these thngs for one reason…to be reassured when they are not really sure…you know like they say people jus want to be doubly sure abt everything…tarot, palm readin, feng shui jus gives an insite into what ppl r doin mite lead to and make them sure and giv em a push towards what they think is rite…used to call spirits…jus to be sure…to find answers…and then be sure agn…all these things are psychological support systems…and if your doin it …you probbaly need it…so thrs no harm…

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