Rambling continues.

Sometimes you wish to spend the entire day at home, and thats the only day you don’t get to.

Life at home is full of leisure, laziness and time wastage. On those days i sometimes want to cook something that suit my taste buds (what i am forced to eat at home doesn’t match my taste buds), curl up with chocolates/ chips and a good book, watch tv on and off, log on obviously, play scrabble or taboo..and just about do nothing.

Funnily though, if this routine repeats itself constantly i start feeling uselss and worthless and jobless.

Thats why college is a safe haven..even if I’m wasting time there, atleast i don’t feel like-‘i just sat home all day’ 😛

We always seem to have one desire lined up..and the grass always seems greener on the other side.

Why am i saying all this??!!


They both grabbed the couch next to the rack containing recipe books. And then began the gossip session. My husband..his habits, he’s this he’s that…probably discussed a whole lot of bedroom troubles too. I stopped paying attention the minute they started talking about a certain Father in my college.. (i know all the gossip about them anyways lolol)

Browsed through many books in 2 hours. i still think its one of the best ways of spending time with yourself–Go to a bookshop.

The rabbit signifies me.(half of you dont know what am talking about) Watch out for my rabbit and its moods.

Coming soon.

Coincidentally Winnie the Pooh also has a friend called Rabbit:

Rabbit is a responsible rabbit who happens to be a good friend of Winnie the Pooh. He is always practical and keeps his friends on their toes, although the latter sometimes cause him unintended aggravation. He also likes his garden and does whatever he can to protect it from other animals such as bugs and crows.


But this is NOT my rabbit. We just happen to share certain characteristics.






37 thoughts on “Rambling continues.

  1. the rabbit is the one upside down? but the tail doesnt look rabbitish…
    neways, booksops ARE the ultimate time pass; i even like the college street bookshop or dariyaganj on Sundays, the aroma of old books gives me a high…

  2. hey..i find my hostel..much better place than this home….
    thats the place u can do anything…never sleep…watever u wanna do do..!! its all rulish here at home..!!
    there are other options too…!!
    I really like rabbits..!!lol//i will wait..

  3. Rabbit mood displays sounds nifty. Given half a chance, I\’d trade any job for an idle schedule…coz that\’s when u really start thinking rather than being in a hurry to do this..that..n just do some stuff. N when u think n then act on it, it really shows n might be a useful thing too. TV? Guess it creates the ambience for the deep thinking…contrasts in environment can do wonders sometimes 🙂

  4. What\’d I miss? which rabbit? Rabbit Who?
    Oh i\’m done away with feeling useless Lol,as you can already see.
    But whats this husbands thingie man? Cudnt make sense of that,who\’s husband???? Are we married already ?Lol…HAW! Mujhe bulaya bhi nahi :O
    I used to like winnie the pooh,he was just so poohy 😀
    ROFWL @ J\’s comment,dude but dont keep us in the dark for long,spill the beans
    Take care:)

  5. This rabbit thingie is a bit confusing :p but u do sound like one rabbit at times.. 😀  were those some aunties discussing their husbands? 😀 i used to love watching winnie the pooh n piglet was my fav in tht…. it was sooooo sweet! i wish i had a piglet as a pet.. :p
    thnx fr those hugs sups.. i need a lot of them.. m working in offc today wd a runny nose…sniff!

  6. Tht baby in the pics is my aunt\’s new born.. I played a lot wd him on my visit to del.. n clicked a LOOOOOOT os pics 😀 also, had a great time changing his nappies.. lol 😀

  7. dun 4get to wish me luck 4 2day will let u know if da plan works hehehe!!!! btw have u read jeffery archer\’s "As The Crow Flies"

  8. Sorry, my bad.I hope whiskers are not one of the characteristics you share with this member of the fluffy nose-twitching species.

  9. bunny…. u see… spending a day in college is always better.. 😛
    btw wats this rabbit thingy??? and yes.. why is there a lull in spaces??
    i have reasons to be happy.. and to be sad too… wat should i do now???

  10. hey honey.. oops i mean hey bunny 🙂 sorry couldnt resist that PJ… well i like ur blog and the fascinating way in which u write… i hope u join the MAS and visit my blog too…. wondering what MAS is … Mutal Admiration Society.. 🙂 take care keep blogging

  11. now if i was pooh i would go think think think which would of ourse not be very helpful onsidering im a bear of very little brain… and as you know when one is of little brain one cannot think too muh hence the thrice thinking technique so hopefully one can actually think to the power of one…lol..yes yes i shall stop…
    incidentally i was called pooh why??/cuz there was always a rumbly in my tummy… and i was so rzy bout pooh actually still amm i hve the entire original collection by a.a.milne… thts the best not the walt disney books… and the entire cartoon collection too and the merchandise..they made whole loads of money because of the gulllible consumer in me… you shouldnt hve got me strted on pooh…i could go on and on…
    but i am curious bout your rabbit…is it brer rabbit from uncle remus or is it peter rabbit from beatrix potter…. or is it the pink rabbit with cotton candy for its tail from my imagination??..;p
    ramble on my dear cookie… choclate chips and potatoe chips to you too…;)

  12. truly, da grass is always green on the other side..
    nice post. i kinda relate 2 it so much myself. i hv been sitting at home recently n doing just nothing. i did get a part time job but its from 2 pm to 8 pm. and i got a few of my frenz in there so v just go n hv a gd tym , attend to a few calls n get back( we are catering to parents who want 2 send their kids for summer camps. incase u interesed u can visit http://www.youreka.com)

  13. Oh i love sitting in bookshops too! there was this one bookshop near my college in Barista i used to spend a lot of time there (although i think a cute guy who used to work there had something to do with that!) but then they shut it down and i was pretty bummed out for a long time!
    also, i agree, college is a safe haven.. was a safe haven i guess.. i hate the fact that it\’s over! *sulks*
    i\’m going now..
    P.S. i\’m a big fan of the Rabbit! although i never could relate to the creature but i always really liked the fella! 🙂
    looking forward to seeing the rabbit around! 😛

  14. hey sister one difference of thought….life spent at home is not wastage…well thats only if ur lazy…look at em forthe next three days i have to be at home..not wasting time..but arather using it to help my dog recover,…he isnt well uc@@!!

  15. how did u know oscars not well?he\’s got a deep cut in his neck either froma street dog bite or a wire poked him…well its painful…but he\’s kinda ok…y???HOw come u know?

  16. husband!!!!  lolz…..suppy wen did it happen…..hmmmm….kya re..hum logon ko bhi bata diya hota..shesssssh ..2222 sad…..well i wud hav told…;p..lolz but time not yet come..;))
    rabbit…..pooh bear..hmm….aare ….my fav is poooooooooh bear ……..loads 2 say abt all  these…rather i cut it off….:D
       newazz swipps dear ….:)tc

  17. first off..wwwwwaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!..n thank you thank you..merci beaucoup mon amie!! The Da Vinci Code is releasin on d 19th of may!!…yaay!!…n now…yehh…coll is safer (d way u put it) even if im jus sittin in d canteen gorgin on masala pav all day, chit chattin n randomly sketchin stuff in all my books (haah) i dun tink i wasted ANYTHIN n PLUS its a treat 2 d tastebuds!! …i din get d rabbit part..:( n yehh…bookshops rule!
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  18. hey..my yahoo id is rabbit…one of my fav animals..lol…!!
    anyways..sry for tat 21…happy to be 20…:)
    keep putting your rabbz…….!!

  19. i am happy in a way.. but… dunno…

    btw, i hope i don get anymor etime for myself, i think i better be busy with something else than myself.. no positive nor negatives to it..

  20. Damn sorry I did…. but I was like after an year if ppl havent caught it will they now????
    Well go see it….
    And enjoy ur days at college i miss mine.. I made some great frds there….

  21. Rabbit!! Rabbit!! Im curious bout your rabbit ways too 🙂
    I need those perfect days sups – just doing nothing and enjoying it!! Im saving all these for India…two more months and it will be 15 Paani Puri filled days 😛
    And i didnt just threw it away – I put it in the lawn so it can be of some help to birds, insects and others!! I\’m not cruel 😦

  22. is this the energy rabbit from the duracell last long really long commercial? or is it  a cheap bugs bunny wannabe rabbit? lol 😛

  23. swippy..i used  msn msger till now only 4 krit…but wudn\’t mind doin 4 u dear..u r a bitter sweet sis..hai na….;p

  24. I used to love days spent at home, all by my self, doing whtever and nothing mostly……..but ur right, as u grow older, u seem to think tht ur doing nutthin,,,,by relaxing at home and doing wht u like……….sigh……the adding years take away from ur sense of relaxation……but dont u think thts kinda wrong too? To expect urself to be doing somethin all the time, just coz we live in a flurry of activity……life sumtimes moves so fast, tht it might just pass us by…….cliques……i hate em…..but had to use this one here! ; ) Ah…..college and those wasted hours……..u bring back memories…….sweet.
    I love Winnie The PooH……..Awesome!
    = ),

  25. yeah ur right the grass is always greener on the other side… right now im wanting things that i had earlier that i didnt want, and im dis-wanting things that i have now but wanted earlier…god im hating this…!

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