Please welcome him. None of you thought its an all fool’s joke???


I could have pulled off a nice trick, by saying he was a joke and  announced " I just fooled u" but the ‘I’m engaged Now’ ploy was a better trick, which one of you fell victim to 😀 LOL


So here he is, yes its a he, not a she this time.(forget the she’s, here’s the HE) . For the sake of simplicity and easy rememberence he is called Rabbit..(as pointed out earlier Rabbit the name is common to winnie the pooh’s friend, but our Rambling rabbit here is different) Rambling cause Pixie’s club seems to have been made for him. He’s a chatterbox, doesn’t look like one, but yeah appearances are deceptive. The world here on spaces seems to hav a big lacking– guys in numers i mean 😛 ( he wants to be friends with all of you, enemies with some of you and strangers with a whole lot of you..yeah he could be none of them too)


He’s pink with yellow ears, cause i didn’t want a remake of the hutch ad. His life is here beneath the sky among the tall green grass. He doesn’t prefer the burrow, as he likes to be surrounded–by people or nature. At times though the burrow is his perfect getaway to clear his tiny head up. Sometimes he sticks there for a with the self.

His sky has shades of grey, blue and green. Thats how his life is, grey with a lot of blue’s and green’s. Blue for activity. Green for the content feeling he carries in his heart.. and grey, who’s life isn’t grey?


Rabbit has a special liking for cherry tomatoes, carrots obviously (yeah you could chop them and add a bit of hershey’s syrup to it 😀 ) and he totally loves mint. (also cause it keeps his breath nice and fresh, besides he has a lot of female fan following, u need that when you’re with them dont you ?? :P) fresh breath i meant 😀


So from time to time the Rambling Rabbit may pop into our lives with his anecdotes, rude comments, wise advice, helpful hand, keen ear or just to Bug u, afterall he is just another one from the breed of bugs bunny 😛 🙂


23 thoughts on “Please welcome him. None of you thought its an all fool’s joke???

  1. Welcome Rabbit! 🙂
    now, i wonder if he wants to be friends with me, strangers or enemies?
    wait a minute.. i\’m not part of spaces anymore so does that mean that we\’d be strangers?
    that\’s too much thinking for my already overworked brain… trying answering some of them will ya? 😀

  2. by the way .. what is this all abt .. i am totally confused now ..
    anyway .. the link is right there on the page .. all you have to do is to click over \’article on bbc\’ .. 🙂

  3. P. S. the lull in the blogging scene could partly be attributed to the exam season? just thinking out loud.. or is it just my excuse?

  4. i never seen a pink rabbit…
    i know i hvnt uploaded since few days..
    out of muse. but shall get bak 2 normal soon. so tc

  5. I like the colors of Rabbit 😀 so wen is he gonna start rabbiting.. i mean rambling :p the last time i thot tht u got a pet rabbit fr yrself 😀

  6. Yeah nor have i…ive never seen a pink rabbit..haha…well bugs bunny my m8…i kno this guy wont bug me..or bug me enough to actually get me buged..or like do something to actually bug…anyways keep bugging…byeeeeeeeee

  7. Hieeya
    Hw r u ?
    Long time no see .. hows life been besides the rabbit and the pink sure are the in things
    Rabbit because of the carrot
    Pink because of the Hutch ..LoL
    just kiddin

  8. So the rabbit becomes the brand icon for Suppak Sup? and challenges the Hutch Pug – eh? Let see the battle – ding ding – round one commences – spar!

    neways… gud innovation!

  9. It ran into the damn burrow as soon as I entered… Not done… hello  I wanted to "do friendship" because "I luv friendhsip" … Plz "Having frendhsip wit me " Bunny… I ramble too…. boohoohooo

  10. The inroduction of a fictional character in a BLOG… will be interesting writing posts froma third party\’s view…. really intriguing idea…must try out an animal…. since ur so gud with suggesting animals… suggest one for my BLOG as well 🙂
    take care

  11. An April fool prank!By the way, just wanted to share this with you. Can you guess the meaning of \’foolosaprilophobia?\’Well, it means, \’the fear of being fooled on April Fool\’s day!Cheers!

  12. cherries n\’ berries..:D….i luved ur\’ senseless…\’ comment.. i wuz gigglin all da time yest thinkin abt ur comment….
    swippy..rabbit likes me(cherry) kya…;p..hmm..male one eh! n\’ female fans..lolz..r u one of those fans….hmmmm….
    honey..r u givin all of us a clue or sumthing wid this rabbit character..lolz….i mean way of describin ur dream guy kya…yea..all strange thots come 2 me at this moment….
    newazz dear …:)tc

  13. love bugs bunny love rabbits and love hershleys syrup…im commenting on all your blogs but i wonder if im making much sense to you…

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