Mindless musings of my Mindless mind

I dont have to remind myself that this is my space, I’d have written any amount of bullshit out here..just to satisfy myself, but lately I’m having problems talking about my own problems, rather.. facing them also..forget writing about them…that doesnt mean i can stop writing..i could go on and on rambling, maybe its a part of me now. Though rambling doesn’t really make me forget issues that mess my mind up.
Maybe its just me.
I take things in the wrong sense. I’m over critical. I’m sometimes stupid –speak without thinking. I’m horrible in sticky situations or those which demand me to be forceful and I totally completely think too much. About everything. What, when, how..!
If i trust someone i fear I’m being taken for a ride, if i don’t i fear I’m losing out on something not worth losing.
Yes yes i can already hear u loud enough–im sure some of u are saying–she needs a break.
i know i do. but i cant even seem to get that planned out, without worrying about 10 things.
People i live with are misunderstanding me, I’ve ebcome cranky..get angry on the smallest matters..apaprently am addicted to the internet too..i dunno what to say or do.
I dont even wanna talk about it
ive said some of it, but not most of it dont ask me anything PLEASE.
and dont say get back to normal..take a break..blahh
ohh alright i need help maybe.

22 thoughts on “Mindless musings of my Mindless mind

  1. Hmmmmm.. awrite, no advices this time.. I know tht stupd advices irritate more.. u\’d come outta it yrself 🙂
    Take care! 🙂

  2. ok, DONT take a break, DONT get back to normal….
    neway, normal is always boring….

    I am not gonna give u ne advice… just tht in these cases, I ventilate….in my own way, and it helps me…. ad btw, I guess u know why god has given us two ears?

  3. its jus a phase and like anything else, it 2 will pass by( or maybe you just get used to it… lol)
    i perhaps am just going through a similar phase as yours. i too fear being cheated when i trust someone. and al n al…
    tace care…

  4. hey wat happen to u..!!
    suddenly u become such a serious…:(…
    plz be back as u were..that was great and who thinks. you are stupid…!!you make us feel great, when we read ya…!!
    plz be back like same sup..:)..keep posting…lol..!!be like that..

  5. your not stupid as far as i know…err..my words are not gaurantees(joke)…;P…anyways…hmm..if u trust someone and always think of being taken for a ride then i agree and dont think thats a problem…you see u cant trust any1 today..EXCEPT FOR THE SANE ONES LIKE ME…

  6. Anyways you dumped me so what do you expect ? huh ? huh ?
    HAHA. Im kidding. You need a break ? NAH. You need to stop analysing and stop talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking  and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking  and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking  and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking  and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking  and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking  and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking
    ok. Just believe in yourself and stop thinking so much. And yea be patient and stop jumping . And don\’t be cranky . Lol

  7. reads like my life…. 🙂
    anyway, you don\’t need a break and you don\’t need to talk (at least not right now) and not asking you anything.. what you need is to MEDITATE! clear your head maybe.. well what do i know?
    take care.

  8. seen all of em…. buttttt – still all the bad one… tell me the baad ones… not getting enough time in front of TV! neeed help…..

  9. my girl I have been missing you…let these turmoils rest…bury them deep in mother earth\’s bosom and breathe easy… Hey Sup try yoga; I m sure it will recharge you..its very uplifting I tell you..
    I have been too occupied but now will try to connect with you regularly…long time since we chatted…
    By the way where is our vanishing queen of hearts?..tell her she is missed
    love & hugs

  10. ditto. *hug* man sometimes i wish i was jus born not to never feel…cause it jus hurts so much to feel feelins like these…tryin to look for answers and jus not bein able to put it across to the person who holds em…

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