The Unbreakable Bond

They walked out from one of the crowded but comfortably air conditioned hangouts offered by the world, to the open, vast roads. The air was dry, but their hearts were warm.
The three children ran ahead on the footpath, two of her children and the third was her sister’s little angel. Hold her hand while crossing the road, she ordered her daughter. I held his hand, the naughty one..sulking a tad bit.
They’re both married now, its been tough for both. She has a life far away. She is here struggling with life, the life which is no longer the same, there have been scars, its nobody’s fault,its just a different mind, needs constant support. 
But,She binds them all together.
Come, hold my hand, she said. And together they crossed the road, and walked ahead.
Just like old times, just like maybe when they were young.
And the image of the hands clung together, will always remain with me.

19 thoughts on “The Unbreakable Bond

  1. err… wait .. there are a total of 5 here. Two adults and 3 kids. The two adults are a couple, and two of the three are their kids. One boy and one girl.
    Now whoz who? 😐

    Na.. no need of explaining.. jus tat i am my usual self -confused to the D.

    btw for ur previous entry… no!! u don need a break! u r perfectly normal!! jus tat u miss ur kashmir trip 😛

  2. EXAMZ!!!!!!!!! I izz countin on ma partner in crime to hook me up…. I iz gonna be fine… take care of urself…peace

  3. loadza irony babes.. nice post in here…
    n yeah.. me ws gussa bt sorted out very fine.. i guess i over reacted 2 da situation.. lol
    i jus put up some ads . hv a look at them n lemme know wt u think of it!!!

  4. hehhe.. yup da ad in green is targetted towards de urban pre teens.. and i too had seventeen in mind while making this ad.
    i am doin bjmc.. thanks for da 8/10.. i m soooo happie…
    i mailed u da larger pic btw.

  5. man..these scenes r really soothin n\’ touchin….i realy value my relations wen i witness situations like this…….:)tc

  6. flow is what is already happening. what the world likes to assume is the moral and right thing to do. accepted everywhere and \’normal\’. that\’s what flow is.
    go with the flow could mean don\’t listen to your morals. but, i\’ll leave that for an individual to decide.

  7. U didn’t like it..  I guess in different situation even I would not have.. I am no a fan of slow movies like brokeback… it was a complete new experience.. I was amazed myself over my reaction to the movie; that’s when the entry came to post on blog… I guess my solitude and then having no control over losing some one who meant the whole world to me caused the reaction…. (No he is not dead) It’s just immaterial now…. but I would still give 5 out of 5 for the movie.. Because it did manage to get the hidden emotions in me out…. something which no other movie managed to do…

  8. Hey fellow arien! U arien too? rnt we fire breathing…err rather emitting signs the best? tht site u listed thoug, abt aries, kinda weird….
    Past and present….merging into one….clasped hands disregard the lines on them drawn by age….clasped hands defy time, mind states, resentment and grudges…..
    well written….

  9. i can say for sure that my college will remain a sweet memory only for me and none of my classmates… cos i enjoyed wat i did der.. and wat i have done for it.. its just tat sometimes ppl fail to notice the obvious and the effort tat went by…

    pch. its a very long story.. and i don want to talk abt it.. farewell was fairly well… just tat we had to really rush on with it

  10. haha, god never does justice. ok, i take that back. he does. but still. one\’s gotta talk to him.
    i can\’t afford those cell phones. hehe. my current one is $100 less worth. lol.
    i will never be able to get those phones..:(

  11. ok i misesd 3 3 3 entries by you!!1 now how did i do tht…damnit…i need something tht tells me you hve updated…
    starting from the bunny…. awwwwwwwww i like the yellow ears…cant say too much bout the pink… sups tell the you finally accpeting your masculine side??…hehe hey i hve a very masculine side too..i mean thts the side tht likes to act like a moron most of the times..;) and not to mention beat up ppl once in a while and whistle at hot girls..;)
    the next blog..hmmmm i wont say anything..just this..if you want to talk…by all means nudge!!! which i know your an expert off…
    and this entry *scratches head* maybe its the fact i read two other entries….or maybe its cus its too hot and i just ate…actually i always just ate….;p but stilll i couldnt understand the significance really..yep yep i am slowww right now…so maybe i will come back when i am not so full …shit when will tht happen??? ok then not so sleepy and hot…maybe i should just go now and take a bath,….wht do you say?? oh wait you cant smell me now can you?? damnit….!!

  12. Wow, this was a nice one sups 🙂 These kinda relations are the ones to be cherished..It\’s good to see you write some soothing stuff after that midless one 😛
    So what abt the break 😛 did u take any? m planning to take one this week.. dunno if it\’d happen or not!

  13. when the time returns, we find the true nature of it when it came the first time…If we find it we are lucky; but sadly some of us are not so lucky – to find the value… am glad tht u r one of the lucky ones!

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