Three two tango

Two things that would make me smile for sure-

Children and Chocolates.

(highly girly)

Two things i’d love to do to my room:

Make hand prints on the wall, leg prints too, on the walls.. on my orange curtains.

change the bedcover.

Two things I’d love to say to a complete stranger:

You’re sadder than the saddest tears i ever shed…(now thats SAD)

Could you turn around and allow me to kick you?

Two nice facial features:


Nose 😀

Two interesting reports i saw on tv:

Rocking chair created by a 65 yr old in Mehsana,Gujarat..good for overall excercise.

Interview and report of two photographers (the price of their camera left my jaw hanging)

Two awesome gags:

Abhishek Bachchan on MTV bakra.

Simi girebaal lol

Random interesting stuff:

Multiple Personality Disorders

Sherlock Holmes



Two two two i like three better.



24 thoughts on “Three two tango

  1. Simi Girebal.. the one with cyruses rite ????? Long time back rite ????
    Maybe not… am toking wen Karan Johar came up on their show n yr back.
    If u remember seeing that one then there was this uncle-ji who became a sardar… boy was that funny or wat… !!

  2. a) children and someone i care about
    b)hang a few more of my paintings(provided i finish them), spray my favourite fragrances everyday so that it always smells heavenly(weird i know)
    c)ummm i dont really know…
    d)ummm dont know
    e)havent been watching tv lately
    f)i missed it!!!oh no!!!
    g)am reading sherlock holmes right now, and guess what? since i long time ive suspected that i have mpd!
    sups i couldnt participate in this at all…come up with a new list

  3. hehehhe.. i 2 like \’girebaal\’ lol
    u read all sherlock holmes.. is amazing… innit..
    me n my cousin made hand prints on my cousin\’s room wall.. red and green on yellow..
    it looks amazing.

  4. Hello my White Rose of Life,  I have missed you, been painting.  here is a fun Easter Card for you
    lots of love from linda my little pineapple, bittersweet like you.  I still miss the mountain, the isolation of nature …….but the small seaside village I am in fascinates me.  Been raining way too much here, another storm coming tomorrow.  Bless you

  5. Hmm… leg-prints on the wall! How about on the roof too? We did that to one of our class rooms and told the professor that one guy was trying to learn how to walk upside down! 😀
    eyes n nose? Interesting… so when am I gonna be priviliged to have glimpse of em?
    Sugar free ads have couple of more variations, meeting to jogging and Aerobics I guess.
    BTW, I have put on a link to the Pepsi TVs concluding part…

  6. 😦 i dont even get to c the bakra shows anymore.. :((
    so u wanna make leg prints on d wall.. 😀 good idea.. i wanna steal that frm u :p
    abt tht pissed off thing, im still in that mode.. dunno y.. im trying to find out!

  7. hey…
    nope did not take tht Aries thing seriously…..and its a belated birthday to me……25th March…..when\’s urs?
    Prints on walls? hmm…..reminds me of the \’khat raha hai\’ Asian paints wala ad…..not really related but it did….
    Multiple Personality Disorders? Naaa… other self hates \’em! ; ) : P
    Orange curtains? Interesting….
    mine r blue and gray….. = )
    I think I liked tht movie \’Two to Tango\’…..Matthew Perry was in it, right?

  8. orange orange orange orange curtains???*jumps up n down in the chair while yelling out orange*

    btw.. is it three two tango or two three tango??

  9. 2 things i like about you
    sweet genuine naughty…oops tht was three
    2 things i like bout this space…
    in-your-face,honest,real,rambles….oops tht was 4
    ok i cant stick to the word limit…i mean cmon tht would be torture for someone like me…!!! coooookiiiieeeeeeeeee llong time since i called you tht….ever since you turned bittersweet tht is… ok are you bittersweet like a hot and sour chinese soup?? or bitter sweet as in khatta meeta pathetic kajol movie?? or like a disgusting dish made of karela and jaggery??? …most interesting…
    where is mr.rabbit….tsk must let your masculine side come out now and then cuz if he rots inside you you might start sprouting whiskers too sups and tht would not be a pretty sight on your pretty face…
    the songs…hmm i forget too i think i send you one irish song right?? yep next time you come online ill send you the other one…i think its howie day collide….
    now toodles sups i hve important business to attend too..its a matter of sleep or games….. you think anything i vhe to attend to would be a matter of life and death?? you think????!!!

  10. Rebirth season 😀 ye, i guess everyone\’s changing.. a lot has changed already.. dunno if im getting better or worse! i dont wanna change… mummmyyyyyyyy :(( but i still need a rebirth.. and i wanna b reborn as what i was 😐

  11. i love simi girebaal too…its just so hillarious … i like two things abt it… the make up of that guy… and the way he speaks… lol.. simmi gire baal…i m laughin even now…
    chal dost… by the way..whats with the orange curtain .. ?? … orange is the color of govinda…

  12. hmmm..swippy u come 2  my room …….neva again u \’ ll hav ne such ideas again..lolz n\’ also while busy in creating prints on da wall plz make sure tat it comes out as modern art…dunno depend solely on one color..make it a fusion of colors… will b lovely then…….once u enter my room u will not think twice abt it nxt time……
    mtv bakra…long time sinz i seen it…
    2, 3,4……..infinite things i luv doin in my room……begginin wid paintin my room wid my choice of colors …………..
    ya chocolate can make me smile within a sec even if im angry…….kya magic hai usme…
    hey another facial feature 2…important in my case..eyebrows….
    this wsa luvely…:)tc

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