if u cant read the text check the image out in the photogallery.


13 thoughts on “Patience.

  1. yep yep… seem the airtell add… no sweat… it surely will be aired for sometime
    so it will go to the next issue…

    Heard about the khan family ad… cudnt catch it yet…

  2. Hello i am online frm msn spaces beta version on cell. I cnt read everythng til i get a gud browser bt i cn cmment. Woo hoo.

  3. hola… i jus came from skewl been crammin like a mad ass from 3:30 pm to 2:00 am straight…and now im chillin on sum sitar jams… and havin sum dinner…anywayz gotta wake up early and do some magic…

  4. I THINK I AM IN LOVE WITH MR.RABBIT…he left the sweetest comment ever…pls tell him i hve a basket of carrots dipped no no in fact soaked in hershey\’s choclate syrup…:)
    nice line on the pic…absolutely right!!..perfect…….
    now i was wondering could you direct me on that flow?? i seem to hve lost the way already….;)

  5. true true…

    shiny orange… isn\’t my kinda orange…err lemme chk anyways.. i dunno which orange is mine.. btw am planning to copyright my "update" idea. lol

  6. patience.. it is damn important…
    i hv screwed things up so many times wen i become impatience..
    btw.. did u make this thing urself…
    and yeah.. i 2 hv enjoyed eggs and chicken at some point of time in boarding school..
    hehhe… being alike in many ways…
    i hope u be like me even in da latest.. FINDING TRUE LOVE!!!
    check out my blog for more details

  7. Well…thats something new to learn! Patience.
    Reg my one month challenge – I lost couple of them and definitely some cms too. Feels great and im gonna play more squash to keep me going.

  8. Hmmmm.. 🙂 Patience patience patience.. do you have enuf? if yes, gimme some plzzz… 😀
    I guess my posts sound very intense and depressed and sad and wht not.. happiness and sorrow are two extremes.. and I\’m swinging between the two.. m not able to stop in between 🙂

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