Finally a post that makes confusing sense.

We meet, when one of us is troubled..and we admit it all..

Do we depart when our troubles seem unimportant ?

Over the last month (or more) i have whined a lot, been frustrated (yeah yeah this is my favourite word probably), been touchy, angry, overwhelmed, been adored,been respected, shared my troubles, have tried to share them atleast, heard a lot of troubles (esp those involving girls 😛 )

What makes us talk to a complete stranger so easily? What makes us trust them, especially in the virtual world? In the real world I admit i might not trust people easily, it takes time in my case. Yes I’d be friendly, helpful and everything..but trusting someone is not easy.. I can’t trust them with everything I say, sometimes I wonder what people might make of it, and how they might take things i tell them, or they could use it against me or spread it around..and then i wonder, Why would someone do that?

Yes these are all silly thoughts..But how do you judge a person?

I have a tendency (good or bad) of looking at a person’s positive side. Sometimes I’m made to realise that its foolish to so-by overlooking certain negative aspects….Yes it does makes me more accepting, but does that make me an easy prey?

But on the whole its mostly the intution, the vibes that I share with a person that matter to me. I can talk to just about anyone, but I’ve become choosy when it comes to people. Ok maybe not choosy, but yes I do see myself expecting people to adapt to my moods, that’s cause I’ve done the same many a times. But that doesn’t happen, and I’m branded as someone I never intend to be. Its just an observation (thats also my fav. line some of u know tht :P) and No i haven’t fought with anyone.

Believe me, this post is confusing me more than it’s probably confusing you now..But as much as this space has become a public place, its still my own little zone for venting my feelings out. I’m no longer stranger to a lot of you and its comforting to know that a few of you can be so patient 🙂

On a lighter note..

Today I felt like a baby, taking her first few steps. first few wobbly steps..unbalanced, asking for help, staring around in nervous confusion, smiling at my own abilities, blushing at my lack of it…taking small little steps..holding the side bars, almost slipping here and there a few times, the loud screams (oh mumaaa! ahh ahh ehhh ) saved from a major fall..

Yes i went for ice skating for the first time.

And it was quite irritating to see my little cousin waltz around, act like a cool dude with one leg up and still skating, while i somehow managed not to fall! And then my sister, kept falling, almost made me fall a couple of times..tried to dance once holding the side bar..didn’t succeed there too! But I plan to go again and have a go at it again.

Go karting was fun too, I’m surprised why I no longer have enthusiasm for stuff like bowling, karting etc. Remember the days when these were the happening attractions in town, we’d all jump up in excitement..Fun ways to unwind, we seem to be so busy with what occupies our mind uppermost that we forget about these attractions life has to offer–big and small.


32 thoughts on “Finally a post that makes confusing sense.

  1.\’s you?? To be frank lol almost half of your post totally confused me lol…I\’m frank with you lol. I hope you\’re enjoying your hols..once college and stuff starts lol you\’re screwed have a blast:-) Wow ice skating sounds cool…I love Go-Karting too…where are you, by the way?? Wherever you are, I hope you have a wonderful time. Have fun, and take care…enjoy your weekend!!

  2. ice skating.. seems fun..
    i love roller blade skating though..
    and yeah it is kanav..
    and u seem kinda anooyed over something.. wts bother u babes…

  3. My fav thing aka stressbuster is the eating ice cream alone in times of confusion. Works everytime. And a walk while doing that listening to music works even better.

  4. Sups! Fully agree with you – we always have our walls up, our mask on yet, amazingly we trust people more on space. Maybe because here we have more control on our identity and walls and masks…

    But trust me, if you want theres nothing like reaching out… if u truly belive, – your stretched hand will always find another… sometime those invisible supports gives you more value to understand the life…

    Let the child rule!

  5. There’s two kind of reaching out; one with only to reach one who needs you, the other to seek one whom you need. In the first case you only give, without expectations, and the more people you meet the better. On the other hand for the second, if you reach rite, every time it will be the same one. At times, the person may look different, but, once you connect you know its the same… this person wont be having any name, the relationship is not confined in any boundary, and feeling is eternal. Trust me, there’s is one; you just need to have the faith in heart, and believe that the hands exist. All hands that you meet might not be the one, but once you meet you will know, that’s the one… more confusing? Its not! Just give it a thought…

    Come on Sups, its the child who is most carefree, may be a bit more susceptible to hurt, yet still afresh, you can take the blows! And if you still fear that, don’t retract your hands just make sure they learn from their experience… the hand you wanna reach will guide you…

  6. To Rabbi(t)

    Well Sups has the rite to be confused, but not scared; tell her not to be scared. The guardina angels are watching her. I have sent one specially for her. She is dfinitely growing up; yes she needs to adapt. Yet it will be better if at heart she strives to keep the \’lil princess\’ alive… its that \’lil princess\’ who is most dear to her, and its her the Guardian Angel is protecting. If she dies it might be more difficult. Long live childrren of this world!

  7. tis a pity…..but novelties do wear off eventually..not been on msn spaces in a space boycott thing is partially due to sheer laziness..but i wanted to send you the link to some of those much famed rajasthan shots i told you about…finally uploaded them..
    do leave comments or send any in to loolapazoola@gmail.. i need to get fedback and ppl are too frikkn polite…
    Menwhopause and Me

  8. skating..always wanted to try that i doubt i\’ll be as gracefull as those skinny grls i saw skating during da winter olymoics(lol)
    neway…me been confused too a lot lately….can kinda relate to wat ur goin thru…
    bt this confusion..ctachin on like a flu..isnt it? every1 seems to be confused n frustrated nowadays…
    keep bloggin
    p.s–subho nababarsho!

  9. well sups, we have a right to feel angry, remain silent, expect, get touchy…these are passing moods that sometimes hit us and its great if ppl around us cope with the fluctuations and help us overcome…and after the bout I hope you are chirpy and happy again…
    This virtual world is awesome; the way spaces have touched me I find it immense..ok I shall save it for my 1st blog anniversary… sometimes we connect so much better with strangers; maybe there are no masks or facades and no fears of being judged..
    enjoy these little pleasures and feel good..never let ur ability to find happiness in such basic pleasures..let yourself go..its great to break free of the shackles that our surrounding and we ourselves too, trap ourselves in..
    take care ..u are a brave one!!
    love & hugs

  10. have you seen the insects and animals feel their way and meet new partners? They dont leave their position, just extend to feel and then quickly retract; then again reach out, feel and see if its safe, again retracts… thts what we need to learn. Dont go overboard, reach out feel and see if it hurts. If it does, quickly retract back…and now you know u dont need to worry! the angel is watching…

    And need not thank me dear… The Horus\’s of this world are for this only… remeber the shoulder bearer? And the princess defintely deserves the best… and the best is in store for her… go get it princess..

  11. its easier to trust and talk to a stranger cause they do not know much aboutus, and hence are not judgemental… and well none of us likes to told what our faults are and hence its easier to talk to someone we hardly know… 🙂

  12. strange coincidence… me too talkin to a complete stranger about all things personal.. ones i cudn even discuss with my msgr list "strangers"

  13. swippy.its tru..wen i first entered msn blogs n\’ makin frenz….i wsa kinda scared abt how everyone wud b n\’ also on msn msgr
    ……til tta time i jus used 2 chat wid known frenz…..i neva knew how virtual frenz wud b… i hav overcome…..n\’ hav come 2 trust …..
    hey u reminded me how i started skatin(in 4th std)…roler skatin..
    but afta gettin used i used jus one leg n\’ danced …yo tat wuz fun yaar..terrific…hmm..i hav now lost da touch..left skatin two or three yrs b4……but newaazz ice skatin is kewler than this …..

  14. i think we trust people easily in the virtual world simply because they dont know who we are. when talkin to a net pal, you dont have to worry about facing him/her, you can say just about anything, present your whole life as if it were an open book, and still revel in anonymity. its like a warm blanket…moreover theres always this advantage of being able to let ur frustrations thinking aloud…love iceskating…love skating actually…havent been on wheels in a long time tho…

  15. ice skating!! woooooooooah 🙂 great going!coming to more serious stuff.. i\’m still a little confused reading the post but still..:)a few things..ur tendency to look at positive sides is definitely good.. i think it\’s a rare gift :)wat makes us trust a stranger.. mayb the fact tht he/she doesnt noe u.. will not judge u?

  16. 😀 guess wot, I did the same thing this weekend.. went fr ice skating fr the first time.. taking wobbly steps and tryin hard to balance.. and had a great fall twice .. lol.. it was fun and the fall was funny 😀 dint go fr go-karting though..
    so miss confusion.. yr confusing post isn\’t so confusing fr the ppl who\’re already confused 😀 it\’s okay to be choosy wen it comes to ppl.. i myself hv become like that..but it\’s okay to vent vent and vent.. here, infront of a mix of ppl.. strangers and friends.. it\’s jst a phase, as i always say.. it\’s take its own time to go.. and it\’d leave you changed fr good 🙂
    Take care 🙂

  17. Go Karting is one hell of a sport!!!Seems u went to clown town.That hass like indias second best rack.Its really good.I was taking part in qualifications for nationals.Missed out by one position.My friend got through!!Ciao!

  18. you hve been always tht stranger to me.,.the one i reach out to…but i dont think you qualify as a stranger anymore… qualify as a dear friend!!
    love you cooookieeeee
    now let me go choke myself for getting all mushy…its this post i tell you!! couldnt hve come in a more perfect timing….loved it!!
    and loves you too in the most unlesbian way..:)

  19. haven\’t been around in a while…
    Go karting sounds fun… i\’ve never been go-karing..
    i\’m trying not to think of troubles and frustrations right now.. can\’t afford to.. 
    i\’ve always found it impossible to figure people out.. just gotta trust your instinct i tell ya.. no matter how may times they prove wrong…

  20. dont worry ,be happy! Introspection is enlightening sometimes and the rest of the time it makes u more frustrated..
    Its actually quite funny..u befriend and trust people faster  in bloggieland than u would in real life..Perhaps its becasue most of us bare our sould here?
    Or we just like what we read?
    I dunno..:p I like ur writing style..keep blogging sups!and Hang in there..especially when ice skating!;)

  21. hey Sups…..
    As tacky and clicqued as it sounds, the inability to meet someone for the first time and think abt them in a totally positive and pr0-super-person way is a natural response from an Arien. I can vouch for tht…..I have never been one to second guess anyone\’s capacity to be and do all things positive…..but let me tell u \’cookie\’ (like Pixie says : P) tht ppl r really horrid sometimes…….oh, well…..tht more bad for them than for us……
    I love Karting, I\’ve never been ice-skating, I\’ve never seen snow, but i do love snow cones….
    Talking to strangers IS easy, I dont really knw why really……hmm…..thts a definite thinker…..
    take care u,

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