The rabbit & I shall be busy in the following days. Till then think of the simple message i tried to put across above (either im too simple or too confused.) The one’s who guess correctly win a place in the Hall of Great Guessers i might make ;):P


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  1. hmmm three most commonly used words…
    "oh god please" … "oh common yaar"…. "i love u" …. and the list goes on… lol…
    well u were talkin abt 3 words..i think the picture ssays a thousand…

  2. Hi Friend,
    I am almost done with my next post about my MSN Blog Friends, Though its still in my Drafts however, it should be Posted very soon, i\’ve mentioned about you as well, and i hope you wont mind, coz you are one of a good friend i\’ve got through msn blogs, so please visit to read about it, its still not posted but there is something else prior to that which i would like you to take a look at, pls do the needfull.

  3. O God!.. well, I use it all the time 🙂 the picture says a lot though!
    so how have you been bittersweet and hwz d rabbit? 🙂

  4. ok for a moment there i was like.."scratch scratch" eh where are the three words??? then i realise the picture says it all although looking at it doesnt say very much…maybe its the case of us thinking too much or perhaps me thinking too little…hmmm we are in a dilemna folks..who am i actually talking to here?? who are the folks i am referring too?? space aliens in the shape of a fat cow?? now why would they ever want to be a fat cow ??? dont ask me i rarely have the answers to the questions!!
    anyways 3 words i use quite often…
    and of course one cannot forget oink!
    please god help my dear little cookie to not loose her mind by reading the incoherent comments left by illiterate ppl like your truly…. amen

  5. I dunno! Is this what you wanted to know? The caption gives a totally different idea to me though; either theres some problem in the wording r I am a totaly wierd person. I guess the second one is more like it…

    neways I am writing based on what I thought about it…

    it says "one" of the 3 most commonly used words – to me the 3 most commnoly used words are "I love You", and the one word thts evident in this pic (to me) is just love… well tht my take, or does an eternal romantic like me, always finds love everywhere? (though I wud really love to know – how badly I missed the mark!!! – will at least the rabbit help me?)

  6. Its good to know tht u r busy! But busy at midnight? mm hmm! That thows up some questions…
    Well the other things that comes to mind (looking at the pic too!) – "please" & "if only" – wadda ya say? ne luck?

  7. maybe it means … \’I am Happy\’ .. or whatever .. lol ..
    anyway .. looks like i should got back to spaces after a long time .. 😀

  8. i noticed im a little late but for whatever its worth
    also..:( i was avoiding the colourful angle of rajus-tan cos everyone does that so i thought of going the colour blind way..*sigh*…
    second sigh…:(
    the only photoshopping i did was cropping an converting to b&w ..(the latter comes under darkroom effects but i still sometimes feel like iv manipulated it…but the problem is im too poor to splurge on b&w film…need dinhiero..much of it)
    so i didnt use blur now desaturate..it was got with the focussing (im still using a manual focus SLR- i dont like auto focus)
    and for the finale….i wanted to ask you if you knew of any good places i might want to swing by in bangalore…will be there for a few days an hurrying through so places de arte would be greatly appreciated…also places where id be promised some good photographs would be nice.
    i know you in calcutta….but im feeling a bit clooless…an the banglore sites are not  helping…
    The Cyber-me

  9. 1. \’What the Fuck\’
    2. \’What the heck\’
    3. \’Whats ur mobile number?\’ (kind of 4 but then mobile number can be considered as a single word. Anyway, why would someone have this facial expression whilst asking for mobile number anyway?)
    I cant think mademoiselle – its cold and all i want to do is to sneak inside the quilt!! 😉 😀
    Ah well, i tried to impress her with my culinary skills. We do speak for hrs but then we cant be comfortable with each other. Its just something.

  10. ah but ofcourse the ending is predicatble…its not about the story..its more metaphoric..i think something of horus is rubbing of me….ah well….
    anyhuu pls let me try guessing…i won accolades in the guessing competetion helld in zimbabwe…we had to guess which of hawks gold fish was male and which one was male….a very challenging question i tell you!!
    ok so the words are,,,,
    so did i win??…..is it time for me to make tht thank you speech??
    i thank from the bottomest of my bottoms…ooooh yes i can see it right now…it will bring tears to they eyes of every onion cutter in the country….sniff sniff
    and pls tell mr.rabbot to refrain ogling at the models…he apparently is still busy flirting with me…i hve a fetish for rabbits feet….and also an obsession with extra large strawberry cheescakes…just to let you know…in case your giving awards to the best guesser…pays to think ahead…:)

  11. awwwwww gimme one more chnce i had to rush off like tht cuz i was drinking hot soup and i sneezed and i spilled it…and not very good i tell you to spill hot soup…its almost as bad as being exposed to cathode rays from a gun…;p
    i hve the sniffles you see…poor poor me..
    sweetie…most i repeat most of my songs usually accompany the post or set mood to it…i mean clse your eyes and hear the song and picturize story then i turns out sexy…not to mention i used to accompany them with pics..the us album..the solitude album…
    but sometimes its too much of a headache..
    therefore its always better to read my posts from the main window capiche??
    now tht i hve finished ordering you..;p…the next thing i would like to say is let me try again pls pls
    so here goes word number
    3.yukh with the kh sound from the throat….
    and i shall go on….
    oh my god!..;p

  12. okay i dont knw if this thing is over…..but am guessing its those golden words u see, now wht were those nuns drilling into my brain in school?…lemme recollect….yes yes….hmm they are…
    am i close? lemme knw……
    will look for tht Allen movie…..and Migrane? grrrrhh!!!!: S I wud hate for them to be migranes!! yikes!
    Love u got loving applepie!!!!! yipppy!!!! its it DIVINE??? *moan*
    I liked \’Everybody says I love yOU\’  did u watch tht one?
    take care you.
    = )\’s,

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