buzz off

10,000 hits. yawn
I am at a point when i  have too many things on my mind at the same time a part of me doesn’t know what to say.
I have been trying to watch television.I somehow cannot sit through it. Even the news seems fake to me at drags on, stretches that poor 19 year old author Kaavya Vishwanathan . I mean she is 19!! HELLO! big hue and cry about a chic lit book. There isn’t much difference in the story line in most of those books…they’re meant for pure girly enjoyment purposes..otherwise they’re meaningless. Why bring Manju Kapur and some delhi university big shots to analyse the situation.
The only person on tv who can hold my attention is probably cyrus broacha. lol
And there seems to be something wrong with me, i seem to be losing patience with books, i read a bit and then i get bugged. Maybe Hillary Clinton is boring and i should stop reading her ‘History’ 😛
I’m unlucky with movie shows and timings. arghhhh
Yep M..maybe these are few of the weird things bout me. I don’t know whats weird about me..(they wouldn’t be weird if i knew about them lol they’d be a habit )  maybe u guys can help..atleast those who know me through the blogs..tell me whats weird about me??!!
*please god don’t make me regret this question* LOL
i did make a few weird observations as usual..i observe too much maybe 😛
a) men just avoid scenes. totally.
b) women can get wayy too analytical about clothes.
c) people are just not bothered, especially those who are busy, they just want the work done.
d) smiling too much can make u appear foolish
ok i cant remember any more
another weirdness–horrible memory.
but thats normal right?
Another bad quality i suffer from–i don’t know how to show my good side?!! I wonder if i have one. Its the confused side that shows across soo well. If anyone knows how to overcome that please contact me asap. here..anywhere!!
I know half of you are enjoying my confused ramblings aren’t you?
well if you’re not..stop reading get outtaa here.
you’re still reading?
Ok. NOW i don’t know what to say. lol
Yeah i could talk about my favourite fantasy.
It involves a beach at night, a bon fire, a date (obviously hehe..and if i dont have one then books and music) and rumali roti and black daal 😀
(yeah not much to ask for?) lol ok chocolate mousse too.
Ohhh this is sure weird–im a horrible shopper. yet i like to dress decently..atleast be presentable. I seem to manage that nowadays, though just about No one wants to go shopping with me 😀
Hmmm i guess i’ve rambled enough…spoken rubbish..made an entry…bahhh .and M if u remember any more weird things..leave them on a comment i’ll add ’em lol

35 thoughts on “buzz off

  1. ok stop reading that book and give it to me. i want to bitch about it too. what im watching on tv right now is a sleazy mahima chaudhury movie…so at least ur taste is better than mine…and the only thing thats weird about is that…ur normal!!!
    so chill…another few days at work and ur good side will come across too…till then..relax!!!!!!

  2. we all are weird in own ways… weird so be it.. 🙂
    the weirdest thinga bout u…. u still running messenger plus???? wat r u nuts?

  3. lol…
    okie i dont want to twist your brains further….annnnd you read my mind..i do enjoy a good rambling…!!:)
    whats wierd about you??
    hmmmmm nudgeeeee!!! your a nudging monster tht like to scare poor unfortunate souls like myself who have headphones and volume on loud….
    2.your a vegetarian…i find tht very strange lol…ok ok your a veg who has tasted something chicken…now thts wierd…. dont put up your pics on your blog…i dont get tht still!! most of the ppl on your blogs are ones who know you…and hve seen you on msn….annnnnnd you like taking pictures …photographer of spaces and all and yettttttt your own??? solve everyones problems cept your own….hmm ok no one can solve their own problems usually…but your such a good lsitener…do you listen to yourself??
    point 4 could get philosiphical therefore i move to point 5 dont cook yet you left tempting pictures of your cooking on your blog..yes yes i still remember…
    and last but not least….the wierdest of em alll
    6.your a grown up baby who drinks milk…yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    i had had had to add it in here you think i wont cookie??
    i\’ll take a glass of milk and cookies too…lol;p
    hows the grandma???
    hugsiessssss your the bestest inspite of your wierd milk crinking ability…..
    this is good idea..we should tag everyone to write something wierd about themselves…annnnd give us a chance to tell wht we think about them…hmmmmmmm

  4. hey
    1st of all…….poor kaavya!
    n i actually agree wid ur observations!….. n horrible memory?….in my case- lets c, extreme amnesia…which surpasses my dementia! lol.. jeezus!
    nice stuff!

  5. Summer and boredom is synonymous…maybe u can blame it on the season and on the heat! Hope ur fantasy comes true during the weekend!

  6. Hey hey. That is never my intention. Neways, dont you think that those questions are actually asked by women in some way or the other??
    Just as a suggestion, stop thinking so deeply about things. You will only end up depressed or dissappointed. Finding out the figurative meaning for everything was Shakespeare\’s job. Now if you wanna carry on and get famous that way, you are most welcome.

  7. I am at a point when i  have too many things on my mind at the same time a part of me doesn\’t know what to say.

    a) men just avoid scenes. totally.
    b) women can get wayy too analytical about clothes.
    c) people are just not bothered, especially those who are busy, they just want the work done.
    Uh huh.
    d) smiling too much can make u appear foolish
    I got told this the other day. I don\’t smile a lot. I\’m not generally a happy person. So when I do smile, it\’s disheartening to be condemned for it.
    And there seems to be something wrong with me, i seem to be losing patience with books, i read a bit and then i get bugged.
    I miss reading a good book. I haven\’t done in a long time. I\’m not even sure what kind of books I would want to read.
    As for how weird you are? I don\’t know you well enough to comment on it.

  8. well you might hve given me explanations but i still think your wierd…;p
    now some ppl might actually take that as a compliment!!!
    you may have the pleasure od trying to find out or state my wierdness but i am not wierd i am just perfect…not a single flaw…sighhhh ….i am so perfect it scares me sometimes…;p
    now i shall leave you cookie…your exalted wierdness…may you have a long and uncofusing life ahead of you….and may tht garment company be eaten by turtles….!!!

  9. hey.. after so long i guess… anyways.. i still remember when iused to write that i am weird u used to tell me taht stop writing it again and again…lol…
    .. i think ever1 is weird… and i think i m the king of all…lol… believe me i eat nonveg too..and i call my self veggie…lol…
    i have exactly the same sort of fantsy that u have..and i love rumali roti too..and with green dal… the only difference is books r not enof… i need some1 in real to speand some romantic moments with… say.. lara dutta would do…lol…
    somehow i feel like i have offended u .. but believe me it wasnt intenstional..
    bye dost…

  10. Oh man, you are sure weird. I second M all the way. But you know what? Your fantasy was just perfect until i read romali roti and some daal in it!! Come on…warm night, bonfire, beach, breeze and a date!! But romali roti and daal doesnt fit in the picture!!
    But Orange man was little weird when he said we are all weird in our own ways. He is a weird diplomat 😛 😀

  11. Prob is not with eating but the setting – ambient is too good for anything but eating Romali Roti and Daal. hmm…u r such a hopeless case 🙂
    Screw u? haha Are u really sure? ROLF 😀

  12. heheh!! "wierd".. i m so used 2 hearing this that i have accept it as a positive thing for myself…
    anyone who doesnt think i m wierd seems weird 2 me.. lol
    babes.. chilllllllll… its all fine… tv actually is turning 2 boring. cyrus broacha is amazing.. do u know dt he never uses a script. he says wteva comes 2 his mind.
    its very rare 2 see ppl like him. he gt no stage  fear and can entertain ppl quite well…
    ok.. i agree wid u one 2 observations…
    women are 2 analytical bout dressing up n all..
    and yea.. smiling 2 much can make u seem foolish.. truly..
    i hv specially felt this wen i m stoned.. and i just cant help smiling… and my frens get 2 know how foolish i hv been
    and yea.. regarding kanav… man.. things gt weird..
    my phone bill ws 20,000..
    n he insisted that he pays half of it.. but i disagreed…
    but m damn happy.. coz he is coming 2 india on 19th may…
    and i hv never met him… but v r from da same school and same city… v gt many common frenz..
    and studies… heheh.. u doin da same course as me.. u know it well enuff how hard da studies are.. lol

  13. my boy fren surely is lucky.. hehehe lol..
    anyway.. i really dont know how am i gonna pay da bill.. maybe in installments.. and my family wont get 2 know coz i stay as a pg here where i m supposed 2 pay da bill…
    heheh.. yea its an internet romance n all.. but its kinda diffrent .. i donno how 2 put it 2 wrds.. we are from the same school.. he ws a class junior… he is like 7 seas far from me.. but there seems to b something connecting us both…
    i know i m damn crazyie bout him… my frenz here in college think i hv gone mad.. and am all love lorn…
    btw.. wts happening wid u…
    wts ur msn id..
    mine is..

  14. There were moments when even i used to get fed up of books,and think….when the hell will my academic career come to an end,so that i start working! i hate books!
    Just one thing….can u plz increase the font -size? It\’s too tiny.

  15. Sups,
    Mind is not in place – can see that clearly! Thinking too many things and worrying over them is not gonna get neone newhere.

    Wierd? well I guess its again difficult to beat someone like me in wierdness! The only thing wierd about you that comes across to me is that, you seems to be moving towards the fate of the "Shoulder Bearer". Lady its too early to tread that path…

    Had my phuchka, missed my old phuchkawala – Joginderbhai! Without him it never tastes the same… remebered your mentioning jhalmuri – so had one with extra "lonka" – while roaming on the streets – lost in past, absorbing the city as much as possible – recharging the batteries…

  16. Yaay! whoa…10,000 n ur yawnin..hmm..ppl, i say 😉 …bt \’hello!\’..ok…yeh, nice daal kyun? ask 4 shahi paneer tastes better wid rumaali roti (ok sry, ur wish 😛 )…arrey yaa, too much smilin, ppl tink ur crazy (ajeeb)..achcha now how much to comment on a ramble yaa…bas ..i cnt think of nething else…chal keep writing…n watch travel n living…arrey Globetrekker went off air yaa…wth!!..neway…tc
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  17. food food ….black daal yum yum ……pardon me its just tht i haven eaten anythin all day long due to various…ahem…reasons. anyhow..dropped by here after a long time…..good fun updatin myself readin up the posts…peace. 😀

  18. haven watched pink panther yet..heard its brillo. 😀 and yeah i know the ad is bimbo but who cares as long as it generates a laugh!?… ;p

  19. rumali roti and black daal on a beach.. cool! 😀
    abt showing the good side of yrs..u actually dont need to show.. ppl who have a good sight wud see the gud side 😀
    i had a great time in rishap n kalimpong.. good brk and nowm back to stupid work 😀

  20. whoa! 10, 000 hits…awesome.
    and you yawn.
    ha, human nature, ain\’t neva satisfied.
    rumali roti, black daal, the beach, and chocolate mousse…mmm…especially the last.
    and yeah the date (or books and music)…hehe
    well, weird…oh we\’re all weird…downright strange
    kaavya vishwanathan…it\’s just sad how she ruined her life by commiting an unthinking mistake. when we make intentional mistakes, we do so in the mistaken belief that we\’d never be found out, but we often are.
    damn…this is a girl who is only three years or so older than I am…and to have to face such public scrutiny…not to mention having most of the world look down upon her…
    ha…as if most of us aren\’t guilty of plagiarism at some point or another? just that we didn\’t get half a million dollar advances on it :p

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