rumble tamble ramble

As i stare at this white space..I’m wondering about my life without a blog.
Surely you all managed fine before spaces? Some of us had diaries..some of u might scribble here and there &  and end up tearing the paper..How many of you would actually talk about issues you’ve furiously typed on this platform?
Are we not getting attention in real life..are we all attention seekers or do we truly want to express ourselves ? Or some of us are lonely? Some of us want to waste time?  (like yours truly lol)
I love contemplating..or rather I’m addicted to it had it not been for my blog, how would i be managing? ..Fine i guess… either with a whole lot of muddled thoughts in my mind, or with a couple of more good friends who’d have the patience of understanding me 🙂
Panic comes easily to me, but now I’m learning how to keep them at bay. Its funny, we never think of the alternatives and worry ourselves to death. If not this then that, accept it and be happy. Its tough to do that isn’t it?
But lately i’ve realised this that its not all that bad to follow the alternatives, everybody doesn’t get the best do they? So would you call it-other alternatives or Compromise?
Ahh the ring of that word–compromise–weighty, sad and frustrating.
One could say, its all how you take it…no harm in compromising blah blah (i’ve said all this lol) but to what extent does one compromise? –keep yourself happy i guess …right? and then what about others?
Forget that,
What if you’re unhappy after can’t go back and say –hey im not compromising any more..restart!! ??!!
Yeah another thing my blog helps me with is ..atleast giving a form to my confusions..they’d all be in my mind otherwise..would probably fade away had this virtual space not been into existence. and yup some of my doubts would probably never ever clear. I love u my blog 😀 😛

17 thoughts on “rumble tamble ramble

  1. It\’s all about venting.. coz we cant let our confusions, our worries, and our curiosities make a mess of our mind.. and once u start getting attention, u start seeking it more..
    Yeah, blogging is addictive.. and I love yr blog too 😀 and kinda like mine too :p
    im gonna chuck both tuktuk and kutkut then… dunno wht all meanings to they gv to these sweet words.. i\’d think of a new one 😀

  2. I dunno know if I\’ve really started blogging in the classical sense…don\’t really maintain a diary. Yet am having a lot of fun with all the different blogs I m using for different things in my life. Guess it helps you get started quickly if u wanna do something and for ppl like me with so many thoughts n ideas popping up, it\’s definitely a place to park them n bug others abt it 🙂

  3. Its all u said and more; some to scrible, some for attention, some for ventilation and some just to be creative. It helps ppl share, it helps ppl brood and complain and all that they cant do otherwise…or may be can to as they want to do… yes we all compromise; and i dont think theres any reason not to go back and say, no I wont compromise nemore… what the hell? its my life? so why shud i take it lying down always?

    And who said i found love in kolkata? May be I left her there? or may be I just was trying to match somone I found somewhere else? neways… crap! U dont know love?cant be… u know its just u dont recognize!

  4. blogging truly has taken over a lot me as well…
    i really hvno clue how complicated my life would hv become without it..

  5. I love you my blog….
    This is just the place for me to be in… But I managed earlier too but not I manage too good..
    Love you blog
    and hugs to you

  6. wat happened now?? i remember maintaining a diary.. or a journal (some
    prefer calling it) until i found spaces and internet (ok net n spaces)

  7. I started writing almost a year ago, and i guess you are writing even way before than me, i like this idea of blogging coz it makes me feel that i am not alone.
    if i were in delhi, probably i wouldnt have involved myself on spaces and blogs etc, i guess its because of you, horus, pixie, vijay…
    in the last one year i have put all sorts of feelings of mine on blog, happiness, anger, weirdness and the list goes on…
    you\’ve been a good blog fren and that is what it makes me get going, i think i\’ll be writing and readin and writing and readin forever now.
    it has become an important part of my life, and as you know i write the daily stuff on my blog, so may be that wont be an intresting things to read for others, anyways..yes i am addicted too, very much addicted.
    hope dint say anything weird…

  8. i think its not about attention in life i just tht there are things youc ant tell to people its always easy to write about feelings rather thn talk about them i often find my self writting things on paper nd forget thm nd years later i find those things back i think its a good way to take out everything

  9. uh unh! I think u r a bit confused. I said I was trying to match the someone real with someone I met but not seen. So I had an image… any ways… dont rake ur pretty lil head on these trivial things…

    Mmmmmm, sooner or later, I think everyone at some point of time shud experience it… without it or rather without recognizing it, life can not be complete… pain is part of life … isnt it?

  10. Guess White House can be "influenced" 🙂 and buying it out…dunno if there\’s revenue to be made out of it…maybe make it a green house? 🙂

  11. Lol ….Truly so! I agree….very well written Sups!
    Am comin\’ to ur space after a long ….long time .
    N yet i find myself to get amazed by things dat my fellow bloggers write!

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