The walk.

She looked at her watch, it wasn’t too late. Evening fell with its usual camaraderie. Prayers being offered in rows at a mosque, always a fascination. An eagerness to peep in and observe the activities. A stray child walking around. Traffic on the streets, cars in a hurry to reach their destination. Kids from the nearby slum running around on the path. The paanwala playing his radio, the tea shop owner frying singharas., the puchkawala doing brisk business. A burst of activity everywhere. People returning home from work, duties and responsibilities. A few short steps, towards the crossing and home would be here. She quickened her pace knowing its all but a short distance now, two buildings to cross. An empty taxi parked halfway on the footpath.
‘Tu hi meri shab hai…’ suddenly he crooned. Best to ignore, she told herself. Walking further, crossing through the narrow space between the taxi and the building wall..she heard steps behind her quicken. Turned around slightly, but kept walking. Her lane was empty, very few people,some cars passing by. Dressed in black and and fake denims, she didn’t see his face. She quickened her pace suddeny, to avoid anymore crooning. He quickened his pace too. Another building..and then you’re home-she said to herself. She walked even more faster, knowing that she was almost being followed, stalked. There! its here, she rushed into the building. The steps behind her waiting in front of the building. She turned around while climbing the stairs, to briefly see a pair of eyes staring at her. Its not the stare that scared her. Its the intentions.

19 thoughts on “The walk.

  1. hmm, well sounds like a scarry day… hope u r doing fine…. i can imagine such things rnt easy to forget.. just keep ur eyes open… and stay safe….
    pls stay safe….

  2. It sounded scary sups! These kinda ppl are all around.. can\’t do anything abt it.. can jst be a bit more careful and alert!
    take care!

  3. ok here comes the most idiotic question from who else….
    "was tat u????" or again one of the \’may-be\’ cases?? but eitherways .. i agree, they are dangerous…
    pepper spray, stunner, or plain ol mirchi.. watever.. be safe!
    and btw… pls don ask for AC… we already have a power crisis!!! 😛

  4. Hey Sups….
    U dont seem like the daunted kind, if something goes wrong, which it wont i am sure, just pack tht punch or scream bloody murder! ofcourse the pepper sprays always help…..get a brother or a guy friend and flaunt him as boyfriend type for a few days…..things will calm down……Some men put the pigs to shame too……creeps.
    And then ofcourse The Falcon has graciously escapes fro the maximum security prison just to kick this bottom dweller\’s arse, eh? ; ) You should be alright.
    Take care…..head up, alert……….look up young person… = )
    So glad u like the song so much……..will pakka send it to you today…. = )
    as the pixie is missing, take a couple of hershey kisses from me…..everyone needs em, right? ; ): ) mwah\’s
    take cares now…..

  5. ppl all around are frustrated, and as someone rightly said – losers. These are nothing but loser\’s plight. The best thing that I feel is not be scared. Take evasive action – alright, but dont show that u r scared. A mind game? If the hunter feels the hunted is afraid, its confidence increases; on the other hand if it knows that the supposedly hunted can standup and has courage to fight back, they are the one who usually becomes afraid. Be in your safe zone and then stand back… dont worry about those cowards!

    Umrikka? Are its not only there… it will soon be canda and lots of other places too!
    about being womaniser – I too didnt knew, but thts what some ppl feels I am… so may be from the neutral perspective, I am! Scary? really?

  6. sorry for what happend . . . .
    keep those things wid u na . . . red mirchi powder . . . and tear spray . . .   can be usefull . .. . . .  !!
    be carefull . . .
    read sum comments by gals . .  "men are losers" . . " guys are all cheats" . . . . .
    and sum one  once told me . .  ( a gal ofcourse )
    "Life is a bitch and men are dogs . .. "
    but if there is one to harm ur dignity . .  there will be many willing to fight to save you . . . .
    Take Care God Bless YOu

  7. SuperMan is here!! No fear!! When you see then next time, call for SuperMan aka Mr Klebe and i shall be there to rescue you 🙂 Oh yes im. Ok…just run after you call for him ok. It might take awhile to reach Calcutta 😛

    Look at the brighter side! You got an admirer. Ok I will shut up.

    Yes, i got that all for myself. Swell aye? U know it got amazing camera. So clear so perfect. I guess everything is perfect. I just got my Messenget installed just now. Yes, got GarageBand. I tried my hand but did have patience to work more on that – lot of new things to explore you know. I heard GarageBand wont come with Windows. Just Mac 🙂 😀 😉

  8. hi dost,
    nice to know that things r good now, just b carefull and stay safe yaar, these things are happening quite very often these days, and please dont think that delhi is a rape city, it is not, its simply coz that media highlight the things mainly in the metropolitan, i hope kolkata is quite safe.
    i was with payal a few days ago and we got to see a chilly powder spray in some store, she explained me what it was, i think u should keep it with you always.

  9. Okay,stupid question,but I haddd to ask..:p
    Was that you? or some one else?
    Jeez,its a scary world for us girls sometimes…

  10. Excellent entry.Its this male gaze that has such a story behind it. The intentions, the feelings…the thoughts..Beware from the sinister monster on the prowl…always.Cheers!Take care..

  11. Was dat \’she\’ in d entry actually…u??? 
    If it was den i must say dat u wer really brave…
    U cnt actually get rid of such incidents…Just b strong n kip a red chilly pwd packt handy…lol
    p.s:Drop by my blog 2…!!…Hope ur back frm ur vacations….

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