Floating thoughts.

How to tolerate people you fail to relate with?
 How to cheer yourself up?
How to keep going on..especially when you feel you can’t take a single last step?
How to be patient and prevent hasty steps?
How to be Determined????
What difference will it make to anyone..why do people wear masks?
Do good things ACTUALLY happen to good people?
Everyone doesn’t have to be competetive do they?

28 thoughts on “Floating thoughts.

  1. 1) ignore them, go shopping
    2)eat chocolates…chocolates contain endorphins, endorphins make you happy,go shopping
    3)it means you need a break, chill out, hang out with frens, go shopping
    4)distract yourself, go shopping
    5)if u feel ur not determined enough, its not worth being determined about, dont think so much, go shopping
    6)insecurity…masks are like a shield, warm blanket theory…how does it matter…it wont help you while shoppin
    7)no, not always, unless maybe if they choose to go shopping
    8)not at all…why are u still asking questions, i thought i asked you to go shopping!!

  2. How to tolerate people you fail to relate with?
    Ignore them…
    How to cheer yourself up?
    go out and try to catchup with some friends..
    How to keep going on..especially when you feel you can\’t take a single last step?
    hire an auto..lol…
    How to be patient and prevent hasty steps?dont know.. i want the answer too..How to be Determined????i think u r determined..rnt u ??
    What difference will it make to anyone..why do people wear masks?may be to hide there pimples or somethin like that..

    Do good things ACTUALLY happen to good people?no it happens to me too… Everyone doesn\’t have to be competetive do they?
    i think yes..it makes u wrk had and hard..and u go along with it..well..
    anyways how r u doing…??

  3. when in question… first look deep inside and then look around… the comparison, puts lots of things in the right perspective. When ur eyes are closed, the light inside usually shows a lot of things that U cant see with eyes open…

    Theres a door inside, deep inside the heart, search – open – and see!

  4. mmm, sups I guess u need to download ur heart… empty – unburden it! if its a burden thats not letting u think or see inside, its not worth keeping to urself. Pains when kept for too long gives ulcers – not good. pains ARE good somtimes… when only in small doses… its pleasurable, and stimulating… but i guess urs has crossed the barrier… seriously – talk – vent – unload – ASAP!

  5. I\’m sure you know the answers to all these questions.. had someone else asked them you\’d have given interesting answers, isn\’t it? 😀
    Ppl who can\’t dare to be themselves wear masks.. good things happen to good ppl but at the RIGHT time.. so they need to be patient enuf to wait fr that 😀

  6. hi sister im in jaipur now.Sad news i wont be going to jaisalmer after all:P 😦 anyways im hhaving fun chek my blog out iv seen 2 movies here already

  7. The question on my mind now is how do i remain happy and how do i think happy thoughts. But the answer to that is i will find happiness in evrything including somethng that disappointments me and i will survive baby. First i was afraid and petrified but now im all fired up .So is my ship.

  8. seems everyone is facing bombardment of questions which have no answers..sometimes mind is in turmoil…for reasons unknown..
    take a walk sups & break free…you gonna bounce back..
    smile & shine..brace urself up…listen to some groovy song and leave these questions to time…as you move in life you will discover answers…
    love & hugs

  9. Happiness lies within us…we are fountainheads of our own happinesses…let yourself go…as for ppl donot contemplate much on them…they will be as they are!

  10. really liked the idea of suing The Falcon, and rightly told him tht, all in good fun ofcourse, and was on my way to take u in on my side as witness and everything, when falcon took the song off, thinking i was pissed! yikes! oh well, told him i was kidding and everyting, and *sigh* this was a totally wasted prank and a futile attempt at jesting, so wont be needing ur testimony afterall!!!!hahahaha….am i making sesnse? are you frowing? : P
    No sweet sUPS……..good things dont happen to good ppl, by defionition there are no good ppl…..only the ones tht are not terribly bad……and well ofcourse not, if everyone was competitive how wud the hierarchy of the society and the workplace be formulated? If all wanted to be Sherlock? who\’d be Watson? If everyone wants to be Batman, we\’d be devoid of a very cute Robin……so on and so forth…..
    U can cheer urself up, once u\’ve managed to tolerate someone grossly disgusting, then u\’d be happy for ur determination and will help u carry on when ur steps wont lift…. : P
    Alright, ur so gonna kill me now : P ; )
    ……the real deal then?
    There are no straight answers, and if u had them, u wudnt be tht interested anymore…….so its a circular thing…..think,  muse, act, ponder, if satisfied celebrate, if not correct and change decision……carry on…..

  11. This festival is on at Inox, City Centre.. dunno abt Forum.. they show a new french animated movie everyday..
    Gosh! Everyone\’s after NoName guy.. lol.. i\’ll let u guyz find out by yrself 😀

  12. *to be read in loudest of voices with some trumpets*
    How, what and why?? Are you really troubled with this words in your life??
    Are they occuring more frequently than your own name?(or your bf/gf name)??
    Are you confused???

    Be not! For if you answered yes to all of them, then you are in desperately in need of a break! (NOooooo not the Kit-kat one!)

    it shows, doesn\’t it, what the soaring temp can do one\’s mind!!!

  13. 1.watevr u t pretend 2 b okay in their presence, pretence sux..
    2. Music, food, dance, read…food..music..more food..:P
    3. remind ursels of ur goal, n ask urself ;do i really wanna get there?\’ pull up ur socks n ull kick a**
    4. …(if only i knew all answers, id be writing up a formula 2 live life …b successful..blah blah..:))
    Yes, good things do happen 2 good people, i shall ALWAYS stand by that..i believe..i do
    Sssup Sups!?! (kinduva tongue twister, tat 1) im rite here yaa…duno wt 2 blog bout, my 2 best frnz r away,,..d rest is  d usual..i dream of a holiday, still…u blog on till den..
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  14. babes… try talking your heaert out.. it really does help!!!
    talk to the one you are comfortable with… just vent your thoughts out. if nothing else.. it will help u lighten dt heft in ur heart…
    and chill… relax… and watch da things happen.. and you would realise.. its nt all that bad…
    there is a silver lining in every cloud , rite?

  15. I knw!!!!! No potential catfight in near sight! hmph* : P
    I see the da vinci link on ur space and am so happy tht ur a crazed fan too!!!! yaaaay! = ) BUT ii am soooooooo agitated right now!!!!!!!!! Did u watch the news??? They might not release it this wekend!!!!!!!! I mean wht is wrong with people????!!!!! Someitmes i just hate, i mean HATE this country!!!!!!!!
    Gosh i wish the dumb I&B Minister dosent hold up the release…..and if he does, he\’s getting a lot of bad karma from me, thts for sure!
    wishing u a good night…..
    cya Sups….

  16. Trying to smile? Aisa kya ho gaya. Wonder if your mood\’s the reason why it\’s raining cats n dogs in Bangalore. Or maybe it\’s because I thought I\’d spend some time in productive study at Landmark and the Gods decided to quarantine me at home rather than have me out n about 🙂

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