the longest tag ever.

Yes another one..
the same painful journey which requires an important talent..
which most of us possess
it lies hidden somewhere in the heart or some part of the brain or some part of the last finger on my left leg..but it definitely exists.
yes it doesn’t exist in certain fools and morons of the highest order..but they seem to manage with other ahem talents god or whoever has granted them
and if you couldn’t figure out what i was talking about…then well ur absolutely brillant.
Have been tagged by mister Rahman who seems to have bounced back to blogging..still crying about his love life…continuing from exactly where he left. In case you’re already bored you can visit his blog and convince him/ give him ideas on ‘How to stop worrying and start Proposing to your Crush’
As a recurring victim of this disease as someone had put it..i have to do this..yasser you cure your love problems first and then tag other potentials….the following is what has to be done..thats the prescription..
And as a ‘tag victim’, you are supposed to do the following:

1. Come up with 8 different points of your perfect lover.
2. Mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again

Ok First and foremost..i prefer to answer point number 2..cause My "TARGET" has to be a male…man whoever calls your perfect lover a not even hunting as of yet…if i would be..that would make me Hunterwaali errr..sheesh ok bad one.
Yes as much as everybody loved Brokeback mountain it was the last movie i could relate to..and i found Nothing Beautiful in it apart from some of the shots thank you very much mister whoever cinematographer. (no i did not find those two guys kissing– beautiful) So where was i…lets call him My Guy–would very much be a male..there the sex of the target is declared..and no potential lesbians i do not have any plans to change my preferences 😛
And now for the 8 points:
1) Here i would definitely like to club a whole lot of qualities which in my understanding, My Guy should be having by default or else he and i would never be together. Understanding,Trustworthy, Intelligent, Honest Sweet,Caring,  blah blah  Adventurous (not only the kinds who’d be ready to drive down to some hill station but also the kinds who’d be prepared to eat some of the stuff i make :P–thats being adventurous trust me lol ) Yes since My guy would be understanding he’d have to understand that I’m impatient and get frustrated easily or am short tempered and if he doesnt understand that he has to value me for what i am then i guess he’s not understanding enough. Ofcourse if he tries to change me he’d have to change for me too 😛 Phew ok thats enough of clubbing about 100 points..but then Understanding is the key word–yes yasser? 😉
2) Most importantly the guy should be Humorous. He should be able to take a joke, or should be willing to play them with me, share them with me watever. I’m always game for a good laugh..but yes if he plays a joke On me then well he’ll have to tolerate my beatings (no i just use pillows relax) or maybe a few kicks here and there nothing much. He should be able to make me smile..n make me laugh..cause i’d probably be doing th same.I’d hope he is a good combination of smart-quick-wits and dry,sarcastic humor. Ok ok enough..
i know too demanding am i not??
3) My Guy should be calm! I mean you need some soothing factor. right? .since im always in a turmoil..confused, frustrated, short would be nice if he has a calm side..more like patience maybe. But not Calm and dull..cause certain overly calm ppl are highly dull and dull ppl frustrate me even more.
err i think i’ll run out of points…
4) The guy should like eggs. Yes. now please i dont want egg lovers jumping for attention but i just love eggs in any form. I dont mind if he can cook 😉 but if we enter the kitchen together..either there should be a mad food fight or there should be a scrumptious meal on the table….any chefs out here??
5) My Guy should be Respectful–yea yea he should respect his grandma too 😛 oh ad mine as well..but the fact is that–in todays world, one needs to respect individuals…if you give respect to an individual for what he/she is and be a little more accepting half the problems in the world would solve. Ok ‘d respect him only if he is all of the above mentioned things ok 😉 haha kiddin I’d respect the guy cuz love and respect go hand in hand or do they not?
ok enough of such old boing uncle/aunty kinda quality
SHIT 3 more points! man
6) Guy should be Simple yet classy (no yasser im not copying your point)–don’t mind if he likes to dress up.only he should not scare me away with his dress sense….he should be simple in his thoughts complicated hoodlum and even if he does have complicated thoughts he should keep them interesting to keep me attention span is poor u see lol..actually he’d have to be  Easy going someone who’s relaxed..enjoys himself..even when he’s doing the smallest of things…just comfortable in his skin..and yet fun loving!
7)  Well by now u know that my demands are too many, so I’ll allow him to have this one point..he can be something realllyyy irritating..stupid/ dumb whatever…i mean if he’s exactly as i want him to be where in the world does the fun part come in!!!! and besides i dont like perfect things/people..
8) Oh well he should love me as much as i would love him. maybe even more 😀 Unless i love him more than he loves me, but then thats not what i want..or do i?? lol
So noww comes the best part 😀 my 8 victims would beeee Yipeee i get to choose victims lol
Prachi (believe me bloggign helps during exams-i’ll tell u how when ur online next)
Oh and whoever wants to do is free to become a victim afterall its a free world and in a free world u need a mind, heart soul, body to think, contemplate get bored like me and write such shitty tags.
And mister Horus- u said ur sick of tags and u end them so i spare u, baby utsav-ur still baby so true love after a few years of? Nidhi, Kriti,Vidya Pranky and Deepika–i’ve seen u all talk about love in your own different ways 😉 still you could torture urself if u’ll want to. 😉

31 thoughts on “the longest tag ever.

  1. Eight great points….something to keep in mind and modle myself around 😉
    THis love is such a wierd thing…you hardly ever get what you want 😦

  2. uh…..Oye Hunterwallliiiii!!!! hahahaha!!! : P : P
    The last was a rotten eggs quiz and now a wretched think tanky questionnaire??!!!!
    *gather\’s stregth* : P
    So u wanna get it going with 16 men, right? : P
    Ha! see u cant hit me!!!: P
    oh well enought of the cheesiness, but i couldnt help it, tht \’hunterwalli\’ thing brought out all the daku wala movies i\’d ever knwn!!!!! yikessss!!!! and zipadedoooozssss!!!!
    nighty night…….mwah.

  3. im so sleepy now silly tagger. ur no longer da nudger.i will do it tomorrow. And yeah ur guy is like gonna have to quit his life. Ur so demanding. lol…………………………..

  4. i know by now u hate me and u didnt have to make it clear as in the (anti woman blah blah blah blah chief) arggggh ……………..

  5. Superman is taking a stand here. He is not going to do any more tags!! I wont be left with any time to save the world!! 😛

  6. YES i agree with superman. I have to save the galaxy.
    And he\’s from the earthly justice league while i\’m from the inter galactic rebel alliance. So , clearly my responsibilities are higher. But inbetween i will see, and GET TAGGED again.

  7. Uh oh! another tag, that too abt a PERFECT lover! mommy!! btw, does one exist? :p 😀 NoOne is a perfect lover but NoName is not 😀 dunno! or, who knows! 😉 I dunno nothing :p
    I liked yr point no. 4 😀 both of u wud enter the kitchen, argue over what dish of egg u shd make, and then fight with eggs lol :p bt then, u like eggs in ANY form so no fights :p
    So gimme sm time… lemme gather my thoughts abt a perfect lover :p *thinking*

  8. Btw, I hated Brokeback mountain(yeah, apart frm some beautiful landscape in sm shots)! Whoever found it beautiful is a stupid fool.. Boooooooo!

  9. arrey Sups yaaaaaa….wht chengya tags…chee…purrrfect lover n all…cmon re..\’pleejh mujhe chod deejiye o Hunterwaali!!\’ (lmao..haahaa) ok heres d deal, its my budday week (ok u din kno), it ws ma budday yest(u din kno tat either)…so dis wud be a gr8 gift u cud gimme…kindly UN-tag cmon yaa..perfect lover…too chengya a tag..
    yehh …srsly , like \’target\’…lol…reeeally
    i likd ur prev tag thingy, dun mind doin tat a li\’l later…as of now, its all bout Budday!! hd a killuh shittt Arsenal lost :(…ok im typin arbid crap on dis comment..basically : "UNtag me oh mighty tagger!! I beg thee!!"
    ok, ill get tagged next time ok?? Thankooo..(im assumin u will untag me, d flippin optimist tat i am) next tag…
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  10. Yeah I was frowning on the ongoing tag-you games. I hate to do it for the rabbit but I might consider it for Sups. I guess I\’m going to wait for my frnd – Might as well take my mac with me and write this one down.

    Oh man…i need more points – 8 is too less you know 😀

    Btw, I will try to smile for snaps form next time. Its just I get self conscious whenever i pose for photo. If you take one without my knowledge, i will be smiling my arse out. Well, not really 😀

  11. Thx a lot first for not taggin me! wooooo!

    Then, u know, I guess its not about the points… its a chemistry! When it happens, it happens. As my chhoto mami once said… "gadhi pe dil aya to pari kya chiz hey!"

  12. Hello Pineapple…… is me Linda from California.
    I love your Observations…..then you ask what flow is… it is the PATH.  I have not been by to say hi , in many months, was definately time.  And , here I come and get to read your Tag *giggles*  sharing is fun.
    I love humor also , can\’t live without. I especially loved the Respectful part.  Wish everyone was …….
    Glad you are happy and missed you "my end of the rainbow".  Love from Linda

  13. heyyy…id tld u my budday (Ref.: previous comments) n \’chengya\’ is dis wrd coined by ma frnd…Chengya (adj.) : Not acceptable, not cool, not good, of inferior quality..(stuff lik tat) Usage: Don\’t buy these pants yaa, they are too chengya for you.
    Ok…fine..:( dun untag me..
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  14. Amazingly, I never had a single stich on me, even with 2 inch cuts… till one and a half years back, when they made a hole on my chest and grafted it with some skin from elsewhere… eeewww….

  15. Big fat lady? and the eye? what r u talking abt sups 😀 the girl in the pic fat i guess :p
    btw, m done with the tag.. phew! :p

  16. uhuhuhu Double taggedd!!!! no fear!!! I will survive!!!! = ) This tag flue shall not get me down!!!! hehe
    And jolly good points u got here…….all pun intetnded!!!! haha I do kinda do justioce to my name dont i? yea, id like to think so!!!
    And more than 16 guys????? wht are you sweet Sups? Like the Indian female version of Don Juan???? hmmmmm??? : P : P ; )
    Tht was one great movie though!!!! Marlon Brando!!!!! GREAT!!!!
    Kisses to you and take care till i see u next…..mwah,

  17. You think that you convinced me?? Maaauuuuhhhhaaaaa!! I was too bored waiting Mademoiselle. Im sweet but not that sweet alrite 😀 I\’m trying to be nasty and cruel. Is it working?

    And if i my \’gal\’ gets little competitive, i will driver her off the cliff and I will land on the beach and start flirting with surfer gals. Fair enough aye?

    Btw, do you really wanna know the story of The Davinci Code?? There is a twist in the story – entirely unexpected form the book. hahaha Is it working at least now?? 😀

  18. lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll double tagged!!! this tagging shyt is like a plague man..full-on yo..hehe..peace…- me!

  19. U know…when Sophia and Langdon goes to the shrine of Mary M in Scotland rite? After that they will…

    I\’m not going to do your tag ever again! Seriously. I felt pity for you and did that but you are being mean to me!! You and Ekta. I will get both of you sometime. Ahem group aye?

    I better spend my free time thinking bout my business now!!

  20. If the lover checks out ur blogs it would help him understand u and be prepared I guess 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  21. I know they have other intensions…

    but u know what… with every single comment I am getting, I am starting to feel that yes may be we are really bad and like to think other way. May be to fool the other gender, and in the process fool ourselves too. But then, are we all really that way?

    U bet men are weak – like those coconuts; hard to break, but once u break its only soft flesh and sweet water. As for the answers, I know them- or may be i need to reaffirm them?

  22. trrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg….thats to wake you up from ur dreams…such people dont exist…lol..and as for the tag…itll have to wait 😛

  23. High fives sure are in order!!!!!!!! and also sneering slimy smiles and cheeky eye contact to tease and plot!!!!!! hehehe
    This is fun!!!! awwww Hawk soooo must be kicking himself for tht poer couple thing right abt now!!!!! hahaha………totall ammunition for full ched chad!!! aye? : P : P = )
    Says he\’ll being down my joint after my tag……….will set the wheels in motion for tht tomorrow!!! hehe ; )
    HOpe ur having a suepr weekend co-conspirator and charity owner (read comment of victims page for more info on this ; ))
    silly giggles and mwah\’s,

  24. I\’m not going to give up. You took me to battle and I shall fight it. I may have lost this battle, but there is a war to be won!!


  25. ur right..expectation mostly leads to disappointment..and yeah tht post wont make sense unless ur  "in a soup" or negativity surround you…anyway.its a complete departure from my usual ramble. lol……tc keep visitin\’…have a gr8 sunday..peace.

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