To avoid:
Sad Movies..(by sad i mean dumb)
Relatives who love politics.
Politicians who make reservations.
SMS forwards about reservations.
To not think about:
Never ending examinations. They just creep into your life..when you thought you got rid of one set.
How you’re going to finish that fat book/novel.
Bitchy oversmart people.
To think about:
Raindrops on your cheeks.
Treehouse near the beach.
Comforting tight hugs.
The date is something that refuses to leave my mind. There have been very few times when I’ve completely lost track of time..TIME..why does it play such an important role.??
Those days when i remember waking up late and  wondering aloud–what date is it today?? Will  those days will ever com back again?
Slowly I’m inching towards the same times..what would be interesting to note is that–will i lose track of time all over again? Will I be able to forget all my worries?
Only time will tell…I guess!

37 thoughts on “Time.

  1. A comforting tight hug *hug*, and one more and a smile and i can hose u down in fake simulation of rain. = ) Feeling better yet? And then think abt how The Mighty Hawk is at our mercy and is gonna be conquered in this war………does tht bring a grin. And then think about how life is really long, and when these days u dont like, the dates u dont wanna remember go away, there will be many more which u\’ll look forawrd too, dates tht u\’ll wait for and well then u\’ll think why time crawls and not flies. Life is full of both, the fleeting and the permanent, i wish tht the good stuff a lil more than the bad is permanent in ur life sweet Sups.
    As for time………it never heals, only dulls. Hence u feel almost the same in every exam season or feel like dejavu when something goes wrong.
    Take it as it comes………everything can be tackled.
    I hate bitchy oversmart people tool. Especilally the ones tht are not smart at all and are totally scum and act like kings/queeens of the world. I actually wanna write abt this someitme, hmmm….
    A pillow made of fairy magic dust and a blanket made of strawberry kisses and hugs………..sending these things ur way…….have urself a very good night.=)
    take care,

  2. Oh and I changed the song in the Lounge………does tht mean u\’ll kick me off ur list now? : P : P ; )
    Tell me how like it anyways, theek hai? = )

  3. hey…
    sure…im takin it easy….particularly now that my exams r thru………..
    i feel awzummm hehe…ok w\’evr..
    as for inevitable power…..mebbe ur rite…mebbe…that power actually germinates frm within……..n mebbe im soundin lyk a philo freak now…hehe….my situation is of a very \’w\’evr\’ nature as of now…so imna quit….

  4. Hmm, so the latest ponderings are abt time.. dunno what\’d happen if we lose track of the time.. bt i\’d surely like to go back and change a couple of things.. like, I\’d go back to yest eve and keep my cellphone in the pocket.. coz i left it in a cab yest and lost it :((((

  5. oh lol……well im frm bombay………..NOT mumbai*
    n m\’ names rivka…..u can giv me ne nick u want……im used to ppl callin me nething…hehe
    n yezzzzzz holiday tym…yeyyyyy hehehe
    err…umm…i dont kno ur name either…hehe…perhaps u cud lemme kno..hehe

  6. Suppsssssss!!!! Nothing just wanted to shout out ur name in tht standing over the cliff filmy style.  : P Did i win another smile from ya? Did I? = )
    The song is on its wayyyyyy, and ofcourse not i wont say tht ur asking for them all the time. I am only too glad u like them. = )
    Hmm…..as of this morning its time for me to:
    Stop being lazy
    Finish My reading assignments and NOT read wht i LIKE! : p : p
    Get off me butt and set things rolling.
    Oh and ofcourse have some pizzza (i am craving one today)
    So how goes ur day sweet angelic Sups?
    Hope its a good one. = )

  7. Oh wait and u tell me when tht time comes, theek hai?
    And u think tht kinda guy is ahrd to come by? Hmmm…….well wud ya be so kind as to lend me one from ur over 2 dozen now, wud ya?? No problem then, rite??
    hehe ; )

  8. I read snatches of it while roaming around Landmark book store out here and it sounds good. I seem to read more of a book when it doesnt belong to me and i gotta borrow it or read it in a book store. It does help when they play good music to keep me hanging in there n then I pickup books left right n center to read a few pages till my attention moves onto something else.

  9. Distraction happens easily in our cases maybe because of the quality of tempations lying around. Just had lunch and had to grab the aam laid out in all its finery…a true reminder that summer\’s here. Was a bit tangy and I enjoyed it whole….never imagined that I would be doing that at lunch in a software company!

  10. no tight hugs – say bear hugs….
    and only treehouse beside the sea? Why not the cave on the rain mountain? Actually what I mean is if u can latch onto your happy thoughts… u can do magic… remember Peter Pan?

    n – oye hellow? confusion is a state of mind…. irrescpective of gender bias. If females were not so confused they wud have differentiated apple from the berries… and if u see scientifically, then too the logics vary. Will give you this gyan on some other day; agar na usse pehle hi tereko malum par jaye!

  11. First it will hurt but as time passes it will become just a date mademoiselle. As Ekta said, time will ease the pain. You will be alrite. Jeez i been trying to finish this comment off awhile!! So many beautiful distractions 😀 Well, its all good aye.

    Btw, War aint over until I say quit!! And i didnt even started – you gals said its on and before i could open my mouth, you are declaring that i lost it!! Man…its not making any sense to me!! =:)

  12. Its not possible to let go of your worries permanently but I guess we all should try to learn from them and move on. Worries are what makes our lives so much more interesting and without them things would be so placcid.  It is a part of life and drives us to make things better for ourselves and for others around us.
    Its really not possible to avoid relatives who like politics(yaaaarrrrghh!) but i guess you can beat the heat. Depends how cool you are:P

  13. the difference between tight hugs and bear hugs is that in the first, u dont feel like letting o, and the second one u can not escape. Both are good- tight hugs are also when the one whom u hug also doesnt want to let go, and the bear hugs are for those times, when u know that u shud not let the hugged one go…

    okies, guys are more confused – happy?

    but guys are more confused just to confuse you gals – rite?

    nyaa nya na nya na! 😛

  14. So u agree that we have the capacity to confuse you, which means we ahve more stuff in our mind thatn u; and it also means that we are clearer in our minds (as we need to think and plan how to confuse), and it also means that u never understand that when we say that its difficult to understand a woman\’s mind, we are saying that just to make u feel good and confuse… since its much much more difficult to understand our feelings…

    n I miss getting and giving those bear hugs… so whenever i get chance I give them on bulk… might say its more of taking it than giving it… like not letting the other one go as i need them… but yeah I love having all kinda hugs, except the ones that are given from the other side of the wall… prefer not to take them at all!

  15. haa yes ofcourse rigth, the increasing papulation is the major cause for it… the temperature is increasing day by day and damn these are causing ice to melt and a day will come sooner or later when the whole worlds ice will melt and there will be water and only water in this world….

  16. so much to do.. i mean think n not htink abt!!;)did u actually manage to avoid all of that? :)when do ur never ending exams end?time is everything sweetie.. rules our lives..

  17. Aha!!!!! The Mighty Hawky Superman is quoting me now!!!!!! Seeeeee, he so believes i am smarter and wiser than he!!!!! grins!!!! alright he\’d be reallly pisssed if he read this, which mean, misson accaompliseh!!!! = )
    So girly stuff charged you already and are u now ready to tackel the unexpected, a.k.a the opening of them books?? Hmmm………good lucks and a few million grey cells comming ur way!! think smart! = )
    And i dont like Pineapple on me pizza, i like it hot, mexican mostly and smoetimes the plane old cheese, onion, capsicum pizza too….liked the indian tandoori variety as well, the one with a bit of paneer in it, and i like those thin crusts too with olives and chilli peppers…………and i do did eat one yesterday, with the russina salad and garlic bread and a tall order of coke!!!! I feel fatter already!!!! = ) ; ) But totally worth it, so am not complaining!
    Hope ur having a super duper day………..sprinkled with pixie dust! The Peter kind, this jolly good kid sure likes here toons and make believes alright! = )

  18. I can never tire of mangoes at least as long as they are alphonsos and served in ice cream or some other form. Even raw mangoes are fine as pickles or just chopped and sprinkled with chilli powder and salt. But lichis…not too fond of those though I can have them sometime. But I find the best taste and enjoyment when I\’m taking the fruit off a tree after climbing on it or using other tools to get the goodies down….those days seem fewer now a days with less n less trees left in the city 😦

  19. Pineapple\’s are cool and my office serves a lot of em for breakfast usually. Plums…maybe I could put in a request for those once in a while or have strawberry n cream with ice cream dished out by a store nearby 🙂

  20. I shall not comment. Whatever I say is getting turned against me!! Even if i do nothing, you gals are freaking out with a war dance. Ah! Smile and wave!! just smile and wave 😀

  21. I shall not comment. Whatever I say is getting turned against me!! Even if i do nothing, you gals are freaking out with a war dance. Ah! Smile and wave!! just smile and wave 😀

  22. yeh………sups———supirya…i shuda known!…i knew a supriya 1ce…but then she moved to jersey!…lol
    my name?…wat it means?
    ………argh…the ordeal of explanin lol….well
    in hebrew it means ensnarer…y\’kno lyk 1 who captivates…stuff lyk that….neways since its a russian name u pronounce the \’v\’ as \’f\’…as tho its rifka!….grrr…its so tuff explainin…hehehe
    i kno bombay rules!!! hehehe……
    so ur originally frm bombay?….c0olz….

  23. I wish you see me in action. Flying and saving the world!!

    "Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!"

    "Look! Up in the sky!"
    "It\’s a bird!"
    "It\’s a plane!"
    "It\’s Superman!"

    "Yes, it\’s Superman – strange visitor from another planet who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Superman – defender of law and order. champion of equal rights, valiant, courageous fighter against the forces of hate and prejudice, who disguised as The Hawk, mild-mannered Solutions Architect, fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice and the Australian way."

    Ah, It was Ekta who summed it up. haha

  24. Ok, I guve up as a Chivalrous Knight in the shining armour in front of the sweet damsel!

    You win, I lose –
    and I agree I am confused
    And yep, not confused at all about hugs; just dreaming that somehow I get some real one soon…

  25. Tht Hawk i tell you Sups!!!!Sure is Hawkish!!!!!!! Lo and behold how he\’s turned the TRIVIA, TRIVIA mind you tht i posted for his knowledge in to a slef blown praise oozing attention atrracting personal add to atteract them \’haawwww\’s \’ from all to see!!!!! Oh hooo!!!!! hE sure IS hawkish!!!!: P : P
    And Smile and wave is RIGHT tomcat!!!! coz thts all u can do!!!! and seeeeeeeeeeeee You luuuuubbbbb them cartooons too!!!! So SCORE for me!!!! : ) : D Madagascar was FINE though wasnt it Sups??!!!!! And he wont talk to us, eh?? Not possible!!!! we are irreplacable!!!! he wudnt last a day!!! oh wait!!! was tht me being too full of myself??? Oh well, if the gloat fits!!! hehehe : P : P
    Will try the pineapples, and books on vacation? I am confused!!!! And i will most definitely pray…….and whtever it is u want, u\’ll sure get it!!!!! ANd u\’ll be leaving on a jet plane??????? wah wah!!!!! thts super!!!!!! where tooo, where\’s the super Sups going??
    wIshing u a good night indeed, filled with dreams comming true……..here to a brighter sunchine than ever! = )

  26. Wait a minute!!!!! Just read tht longest comment wala thing!!!!!!
    hehehehe Well tell u wht!!!! If the tomcat ever gives me a trip
     to Aussie land as my rightfully deserved award we\’ll go together,
    theek hai? Oh to see the mighty fall on home turf!!!!!
    wht fun tht\’ll beeee!!!!!
    Its gonna be sweet dreams afterall…… = )\’s *grins*

  27. Patience is a very old word in my dictionary… may be you cant even imagine the amount (especially since you have accepted that you are impatient!)…

    Some ppl\’s life is spent on trying… so let Mr. Hawk kep trying…

    Thanks for those hugs and bear hugs, sending back some more for you… and as u said… will keep patience…

  28. hehe…ya…lol…works!
    n dont worry…im not all that aggressive lol!
    anyways…il go lose myself in the music now!…

  29. yep.. those things .. "to think abt" are kinds very sweet.. and yes very comforting too…no doubt abt it…
    well yep.. its true… time can heal the things better than anythin else….

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