The author is On Vacation.
Might not comment regularly..But will try her best to keep track.
Psst: This does not mean no posts…obviously you all won’t be spared 😀

Lots to write..not much time to express…so save the best for the last!
Thank you for the all the good wishes…and Mster Hawk n Falcon –SHUT UP!!
mYSITQUE–Shut up too.

32 thoughts on “Notice.

  1. *looks around and panicks* Wht??!!!!!! U left already!!!!! Oh haaan accchhhaaa, alright, got it!!!!!! But there is a waaaarr!!!! And hawky just managed to get Falcon intoooo!!!!!! This calls for real huddles to discuss further straterdy, So pretty Super Sups………..even trough the trip, we gotta stick together!!! The boys are out to get us!!!!!!!!!
    How did it go with the HOD today??? Kicked his bottom didya?? : P: P  Oh! I am soooooooo glad ur finally leaving on the jetplane!!!! u sooo wanted too!!!! well, thts great!!!! tell u wht…..forget abt it,  i\’ll hold the fort, but hurrrryyy back, theek hai?? = )
    Will miss ya and have ooodles and ooodles of fuuuun!!!!!

  2. ur leaving on a jetplane? I would\’ve sent my ship. :p LOL. UR NOT CHICKEN. there i publicly acknowledged it. And whoever thinks ur chicken is a a squirrel. Atleast a chicken can cross the road. 😛

  3. westward ho! uh oh, just when I updated… no sweat! I guess a blogoholic like ya, cant be off for long!

    Bon voayge! and hope that you dont ravel on the footboard; footboards on air are too windy!

  4. haha u got scared!! Dont run away and give vacation as an excuse!! haha
    Anyway, i will let u enjoy ur vacation.
    We won the war Mr. Falcon!! We did. Ekta is getting soft these days. So, we are in!!

  5. heheahaha…woohoo!! gr8…im happy 4 u…at least u ARE on vacation…where r u neway..??yeaha..we shall bear with your posts …:D
    Till then..
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  6. You know mr Hawk. All these women think too much. Thing is they can\’t do much at all. We won the war even without going once into battle with them WHOAAAAAAAAAA.
    Sups – 😛 ( tongue out at you bahhhhhhhhh)
    Ekta :O  ( ekta – naynanyanananana)

  7. so sups is on a vacation to amchi bombay :p (i know u dont like saying mumbai, kolkata, chennai etc etc :D)
    btw, missing u :p

  8. OKAY ———————> TODAY thought about u. msn said user missing.
    but that doesnt mean there aint no war. :O

  9. maro maro maro maro
    zor se maro
    shor se maro
    pakad ke maro
    chod na dena
    mar hi dena
    maro maro maro maro…..Goal!
    Enjoy the cup of life!

  10. OI….hope youre having fun and a vlast in mumbhai and dude dont forget to party and if shop til u drop and send me sumthin also…:P
    Errr about the shutting up thingy,i have so much to catch up wth that im not even gonna try! and i think its time we moved our friendhsip one step ahead by talking on the phonre sumtime so that u can hear my sweet voice and vice versa.. so drop me your number sumtime when u reach cal or ur cel number,whatever suits, that sounded so gay…leaves disgusted with self! 😛

  11. i resent that…!!! HUMPH..!! WALKS OFF LEAVING A LITTLE DUNG BOMB IN PLACE….how can you tell me of all people to shut up?? heruclean task my friend…actually not my friend humph
    besides me being angry at you how is your vacation….have you finally come to your sense and turned non-vegetarian and learned to love chicken like me?? hyuck hycuk….*ducks when she feels something hot whizzing past her* do not throw tantrums at me young lady i am now one year older to you…although you may be one year less younger to me too soon but still i am one year older to you than i was before…;p;p;p;p
    coooooooooookieeeeeeeeeeee may you fart long and be happy and may you showered my endless words always,,,,,amennnnnnnnnnnnnn ;p;p;p;p;p;p

  12. Now that I\’ve got u going it\’s time for me to goof off and enjoy the pursuit I guess. How\’d the vacations go?

  13. a little birdie told you?? i must be more careful if little birdiess also carry my secrets…hmph…although it might be abig one and a predator like the hawk perhaps?? or a sniggering prick..hmmm slowly but surely the news will spread far and wide…;p
    i wont come online nyah nyah nyahhhhhhh

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