Where to?

Hi! I am called Mr.Save it. I make plans for the long run, I have aims which i wish to fulfill. For those, i work hard, i toil, I do not compromise when it comes to hard work. This doesn’t mean that I sacrifice leisure, its just that I keep my goals uppermost on my mind. I am a person of principles, I follow the rules. I like to enjoy myself whenever I get the opportunity. But what if I falter? How will i face failure after all the hardwork? What if i reach crossroads someday? What if life doesn’t take me where i wat to go? I will be disappointed right? I won’t be a loser if I do not succeed right? Why am I so hard on myself? Is it right? Everywhere around me I see people carving their own paths? How will i chart my own journey? I spent my entire life planning for my future, maybe wasting my present but all for a good tomorrow…Will that tomorrow ever come?
Hi! I’m Mr. Spend it. I live for the moment. Save it can never imagine living like me. But sometimes i wonder if I should be like Save it. I change my path all the time. I switch goals. I change ideas. I might change my career, my destiny too. I try to follow rules, but end up making my own. You could call me confused, I do work hard but i try not to cry over spilt milk. I have no future plans and thats my only worry. Should i save? Should I have long term plans? I have a chilled out life. I somehow try to manage every single day, take life as it comes. Yes I’ve had to face the music a few times too. But for me, its all cool. I believe that I’ll try to wiggle out of life’s situations as they approach me. Am i right in thinking so? I live in the present and am enjoying every second of it. But what about the future..I can’t go along like this forever..can I? Will i ever enjoy any form of stability?
Hi! I’m Mr. Nothing. I believe the present is a toil, which will in the end lead to another thing. I am a negative person but there i firmly believe that my Nothing theory is true. You keep toiling for something and in the end you have to let go..what remains with you is nothing. Stage after stage of your life, you abandon people, places, things..what is the point? Nothing? What do you get in the end? Nothing. Experience? for what? The experience you might have gained may never be required in your life again. I am living, only because Life has been given to me, in the end we are all waiting, to pass onto the next stage and in the end, all we will be left alone with is, nothing.Yes i am negative.
Is there a middle path?
Is there any path?

12 thoughts on “Where to?

  1. most people say that they dont believe in destiny…they say that destiny is just a word that people cook up in order to explain their failures or why things didnt work out for them. you dont always get what you want in life…then again often it happens that when you dont get something you wanted, you become miserable, but a few years down the line, you\’re happy that you didnt get what u had asked for earlier. when something wrong or bad happens with us, we often think that we could have avoided this situation if we wished, or if we had behaved more sensibly…that is probably what ur mr. spend it thinks when things go wrong with him. on the other  mr. save it plans and plans and still things dont work out for him. the only thing left to do is, do your best, do what u like best, without any expectations (if thats possible). accept the fact that things can go wrong in life and stop cursing yourself when things dont work out…believe that whatever has happened, in the long run ull be glad it did…dont know if i made much sense..but i think you and i would both be happy if we could follow those suggestions

  2. jaypee institute of information technology ..noida ..  search on the net if u want to !! .. hahahah !! :-)!

  3. well life is an open road. And you cant drive without a licence. And in this country you can get a licence even if you dont know to drive. And you can loan a car even if you cant afford to pay the installments.
    well that was my philosophy . Obviously cant compare to your epic up there. But i believe in destiny and things like that sometimes. But i believe that you make your own path, Like if i want a job i cant get that on email. i need to go out meet people and show my skills. Anyways about that path. Well if i find it i"ll tell you then we can pack our bags and escape in my ship. LOL.

  4. Whatever that means.Wwell spend it is preobably me cause im very bad with money.Although i do save quite a bit of my POCKET MONEY but if i get phokat ka money,i dont look at my balance and spend it.Like agar dadi gave me 1000 which isnt a part of my pocket money,its gone WHOOOOOOO

  5. Nice post!
    There are so many times when these contradictions take place in my head too,especially when I see something expensive that I wanna buy and then I\’m like \’no,i shud save for future\’ but then its like i am ruining my present cuz of that….
    Anyways,its good to see you writing posts like these, makes me feel that you\’re finally getting all those thoughts outta ur system. And they\’re very well presented too,must say!
    I\’m sure gonna try my hand at this kinda writing,hope ur not feeling this way anymore and are reveling in ur new watch. 😀
    Take cares…

  6. hi,nice writeup!!i believe their is a middle path,provided one chooses to look for it and tread on the same!!bit of spending,bit of saving,splurge oneday,balance out over next few days!! moderation in every sphere of life is the key!!
    thanx for dropping by and kp in tch

  7. MR SPEND IT  gets saddy when he wants to spend and there\’s no money to spend …just kididn ….i have been blank actually for quite a few days …dats the reason , i guess and i have named it NOTHINGNESS

  8. In the morning, before going out, let Mr. Save it do the planning, where to go today; once you are out, let Mr. Spend it take over, he knows the trick of the road best; he knows how to make the journey easier; and when you come back, however you may try, Mr. Nothing might take over – so what, tomorrow morning it will be time for Mr. Save it again.

    In essence, I believe, Destiny is there, we will essentially land up where we are scheduled to; yet how we reach there – today, tomorrow, battered, spruced up, thats decided by the choices we make. Yes, at the end we will be alone, – just as we have come. Yes, the experiences and the memories we gain might not come handy any more – but during our way, we have touched many a pebble, many roads and many souls. Thats where we have made the difference. And if those experiences never come back, that means Mr. Save it has taken note of it and made sure that the ugly one never comes back, and at times the good ones come back as better ones.

    Plan – yes, enjoy – yes, ponder – yes; but lament – not, regret – not; Geeta says – "choroibati" – keep moving, thats the only way. We have a choice, keep your faith burning, keep your heart dreaming, keep your soul loving and keep you feet moving…

    And thats what Simon Says…

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