They say when u have it, you gotta flaunt it!


 So jealous reactions, anti-brands comments, drools..oohs aahhhs..bring em all!


13 thoughts on “They say when u have it, you gotta flaunt it!

     DAMN! I have a thing for metallic straps, come to think of it, I\’ve NEVER owned a black strapped watch in my life……..but THIS!!
    *Bows down in all glory & awe*
    Its just….AWESUM.! 😛
    Congy! and wait til i get me one of those 😉
    Take care 😀

  2. congrats.
    great stuff
    I love my watch too.
    its a g shock.
    but urs is super.

  3. cant wear metals! Am too acidic – so burn them out soon…

    my only luck is with the aluminum alloy band of Swatch Chrono, still have managed to make lotsa pores in it…

    neways, I pray that you are not too pertrubed by those 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 !

  4. but how can it already urs if u laid eyes on it yest , shops arnt open at night :s
    and 🙂 🙂 bout the kharcha thing

  5. err… wat brand??? 😛
    hey guess wat.. i blogged.. and the title is coincidentally….. 😀
    btw, who are u? save it? spend it? or nothing?

  6. as Mr. Barie said, Neverland is there in out mind maps… when the mind is clearer the map is pretty easy to find; as it gets clouded with age, we tend to lose it. If we can just sit back and blow off the dusty clouds, and hold our happy thoughts, Peter might grace us with some pixie dust and we can fly! Its not lost – its there – just under the cobwebs and dust piles… still there…

    the watch is not confused, it knows perfectly what time it is at any point of time… but actually confuses others… like you?

  7. Ladyyyyy!!!!! Thats a black dial AND steel AND an Esprit AND more steel AND a watch!! This is like my \’watch-God\’ divine…like..yeh *drools*..lik *Ok you have it!!*
    Ahh-mahh-zinng!! Congrats (lik \’Congrats u bought a watch? r u laughin cuz i sed \’congrats\’ ok dont laugh…dis is a \’Congrats u got tat watch\’ kinduva watch okay..*confused? me too*)
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

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