Youth for what??

Since the last 2 weeks or more…in between my vacation AND examinations (its weird how it all happens so at ‘light speed’ as our Falcon puts it) we witnessed (not like witnessed in first person but witnessed thanks to stars and the times and other news channels –the endless list)  a few cases where one of us, the youth, the so called bright/shining youth have found themselves under constant public scrutiny..
First there’s the much talked about Rahul Mahajan case..Drugs and everything. So much has been said and Soo many rumors and baseless facts  i heard while i was in Mumbai that i didnt know whether to correct those facts or to laugh at all the gossipmongers i came across..So many viewpoints have been thrown around regarding this issue that i don’t really wish to comment much upon it…
Moving on, the question that remains with me is–Whats the entire fascination about drugs? I guess the answer lies in addiction and for the urban youth-there’s a whole lot of things–the cool factor/ steady supply of cash from the filthy rich parents/experimentation/escape from tensions/show off.. and for the rest u can read India Today. The funny part is..they take drugs while they’re happy, they take drugs when they’re sad/depressed. such is the power….Are the youth that weak? And why? I mean personally i’d feel like slapping a person who takes drugs just cause he/she is depressed.
The second case is that of Army Officer Lt.Sushmita Chakrabarty who committed suicide..for reasons which are said to be dissatisfaction with her job. Being an officer she expected greater responsibilities..and all the duties she got were those of organising army parties etc. Since 2002 there have been 430 suicides in the army..To top it all the army chief makes comments like..’we prefer male officers to female officers’…Its sad that people who make such comments still exist at such high posts. They need some lessons on gender issues 😛
Even the mysterious death of Delhi University student Neha is said to be a case of suicide..
Also Nafisa Joseph the succesful actress/vj who committed suicide a few years back..
All these figures, whether celebrities or not are one of us..and its pretty sad that they have to resort to such measures. Yes some of them are spoilt rich brats who were out there to have just a bit of fun and are probably not even worth being made a scandal about, because thats how they and a 100 other rich brats lead their life. It was only one of them who managed to come into the public eyes..
For those who earnestly sought a life, worked towards it..seeked a single moment they decided to end it all. Psychologists..Nidhi and everyone..answer me..Why?
Is it the pace of today’s life thats taking its toll on them?
Is it peer pressure?
Why do we feel depressed over the smallest much so that we might loose our minds enough to end our lives?
If thats the added baggage to fame and money and success, then I really wonder if success is worth it?

15 thoughts on “Youth for what??

  1. i totally n entirely agree wid u….d youth has been coming in d limelight 4 all d wrong reasons recently….
    as far as drugs r cocerned i guess dat d spoiled brats do it cz they have been getting all d other luxuries in life without evn thinking twice bout it…So basically derz no attraction left 4 nething nominal….n then wen there is no craving 4 things which v normal souls have 4…like a branded watch…or n mp3 or simply new clothes…these ppl want 2 experiment wid drugs….
    a very thoughtful entry….
    p.s: updated my blog 2…..drop by sometime…

  2. Today\’s youth has no control over anything; be it their emotions, their desires, or their anger. And it\’s getting worse with each generation. Dunno how my children are gonna be! :-s

  3. First my philosophical response to your philosophical question(s).
    Answer is YES and NO. It was such a tough one yeah. : )
    About ur entry. Well what can I say? It\’s time to quit blogging and thinking about advertising because i think you"ll do super with news and investigative journalism = )
    About drugs, well some people just are willing to pay huge amounts of money KNOWING THEY WILL EVENTUALLY DIE OF AN OVERDOSE BECAUSE it leads to addiction.
    All that shit about it being and this and that is all a bunch of trash. Gimme a break. Few people do drugs thinking its a huge turn on for women. Wtf? I mean women are harassed by normal guys anyways so do they ALSO need some druggies to harass them further. About women who do drugs, well they are just misled and most of them don\’t know what they are doing anyway.
    About politicians and whatever is going on. Well it has been going on for 50 years. Only now electronic media makes it feel like more in your face and they keep looping the news over and over again. I mean i would rather like to know more about the new food in town then be bothered by somebody who\’s doing drugs. I mean you get to hear about that anyhow anyway,
    About life at light speed and the fast pace of life. Well, life changes and goes at a rapid intensity but that doesn\’t mean you don\’t stop to think. Spend time with your family and a decent bunch of friends, cousinz etc etc. I mean when you don\’t stop that\’s when life gets stressfull. People have truly forgotten to enjoy all the small things of life and end up getting depressed about issues that are of no consequence. I mean so what if students get low grades. The people who give you those grades in this country are not exactly the descendants of albert einstein or isaac newton so why bother about a bunch of enterprise driven academicians out to make a quick buck in the name of education. Why waste time and emotion over a buncha quacks.
    About the future of this country? Yes two things we desperately and yes DESPERATELY need are
    a) teen education in schools and colleges. Yes not sex education. PEOPLE need to know what life is all about because life is more than sex drugs and rock and roll.
    b) Agencies like The fbi. So people will be more afraid before they commit any crime.

  4. can we stop blaming the youth of today ( im one of them, id like to believe so , atleast ) and they are not as bad ….yes , th number of drug addicts is more , but that is becoz of more money available to the kids and lesser supervision or time spent with them …who is to be blamed for that ??? doesnt a person reflect his family , i will not point a finger at anyone\’s parents but cmon man , they\’re the one\’s running from their responsibilities ..
    the pace of life today is hectic , the so called peer pressure is more than ever but that is not an excuse for anything …drugs is not cool but then y look at drugs , why is noone bothered about the amount of smoking population or the one\’s eating zarda …no matter what is said and done, those numbers, the deaths due to them are far more staggering than the numbers of kids doing drugs ……
    dont lash out at them , and the youth do know , any species has a talent and instinct for survival , the one\’s takling drugs are either or the spoilt brats or professionals …either way u cannot blame them , brats dont know wat to do with the money and there is no restriction upon them and the professionals WANT to do it and as long as they are not messing up their lives , tell me one good reason why shuld anyone pick at them , if a person wants to do coke at the end of a week after slogging his/her ass , then why not , is it not similar to the need of another being wanted to get drunk on friday night ……
    the fact remains that drugs are simulants , each individual has their own choices , and no one can change them once they have been instilled in one\’s mind ….and for that reson only …its the one\’s around them who need to take up responsibility and more importantly , the youth need to know what they want 
     im sorry to break the bubble that the coke snorting youth is not a true representation of the hard working others who learn to cope with pressure and conditions

  5. just ….and one more thing for this entry ,
    rock n roll is life but then obviously it depends on how u perceive it  🙂

  6. Society wants everyone to fit in. People want to rebel and be individuals and who can blame the youth who have been subjugated to nauseating uniformity right thru their schooling and sometimes college days. This craving for individuality leads to so many things one may or may not be proud about. Whether life is worth living after such things is for the individual to decide. Living on is a positive statement of intent and that indicates subjugating oneself to goals, ties and responsibilities. Dying is the easy way out n a sorry end too. Live on; blog on; it\’s after all one life as whoever u are!

  7. no comments…sooner or later, you get the answers to all the questions that have ever plagued your mind…people live in different circumstances, situations, and environments…its only possible to understand if you can really and truly put yourself into their shoes. i not supporting the drug addicts. i am not saying suicide is a convenient way out. i wouldnt want anyone close to me to fall into the clutches of drugs or commit suicide. but i really and truly feel sorry for those people who are facing problems in life…(as usual i wonder if i made any sense)

  8. hi,how are you doing?
    i feel depression sucks the life uot of you slowly and rationality takes a back seat! everything is viewwed with negativity and the sad part is ppl around do not ralize the problem and it becomes too late for many! depressed ppl need careful sympathetic positive handling!!! and talking about the lady officers case,she did take an extreme step!!! she wanted out,but could not!!! many a time young officers are put on such duties,esp women..and thats not the dreams they had when they joned the forces! things are diiff in reality than what is portrayed abt he forces(i am frm an army background).gendre bias still exists in the army!  The jawans in the army come from traditional rural backgrounds  where a woman really has no identity,sad but a fact,and these guys are not used to taking orders from a lady officer,thinking needs to change and that will take time!!!
    suicide is still NOT the way out!! of any situation…..
    success comes at a cost,balance and moderation is the key 🙂
    liked the way you have written


  10. Actually…it was one of my long lost junior col frend….Had 2 spend a good 20 mins chatting wid her wen v were absolutely desperate 2 enter d place….Tho it was gud 2 c her after a long time…it was sort of a hindrance at dat time……
    Neways….byee…Drop by on n off 2 check whethr i\’v updated…i\’ll do d same…chal den…byee

  11. negativity! negative energy filling the world!

    I guess we need the "Justice League" to come to rescue.

    however, the fact is that at one side the competetion and to cope up to the expectations is killing most of us. Some die in soul, some in heart and some choose to die physically! on the other hand the same negative energy making ppl feel powerful and "Devil\’s own", but still cannot meet the expectations- result to indulge and feel the high, from all the wrongs…

    So the primary culprit – expectations, as I always say! Devils primary weapon to spread negativity; can we stop this expectation and race to prove ourselves? If we can just change it to "Accepting" and build a little more faith and belief… we all can crush this negative energy and the devil – what do u say?

    and btw – theres a new update to indulge u in something apart from TV and loging in…

  12. Hmm LISTEN O YOUTHS OF INDIA FOLLOW ME.IF I WERE DEPRESSED ID RATHER GO AND SPEND TIME WITH ANIMALS THAN TAKE DRUGS. see thats easy isnt it.Thats forsure that i havesomewhere else to look upon when im depressed.aND YOUR info on youths from INDIA TODAY just shos how sad and immmature todays youth are.This reminds me of a debatingtopic HAS THE INDIAN YOUTH BARTERED ITS CULTURE FOR A PAIR OF FOREIGN JEANS.! Enjoy sis

  13. so much to ponder over..really!
    world is all going haywire Sups
    * I have to update myself on lotta here..*
    cheer up

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