Extreme joblessness.

Watching tv
Logging on.
Reading again.
Watching tv again.
Logging on again.

Ever sat back with your head resting against the pillows and the wall, and another below under your feet..hands resting comfortable on your stomach..eyes on the fan..yes the fan..
Fans with its blades (or whatever they are called) moving timelessly…constantly…Are we like them? Going on and on..But do we stop when we want to? Or when life forces us to?
Slow songs sort of put me in a pensive mood. hmph and i should be happy.
As time flies by me I meet fewer and fewer people whom I can relate to. Is it me? Or is it them? Its not being stuck up..but i end up tolerating certain people…maybe its compromise and tho i dunno why in the world I’m doin tht…and i guess its stupid to expect people to understand you perfectly and completely and vice versa.
arghh i should just drop this.

14 thoughts on “Extreme joblessness.

  1. yeah!! hahah!! germany is really a beautiful place indeed .. and ah!! forgot to tell you .. its from my mobile … the sony erricson k750i .. its got a 2 M pixel camera .. really worth the money .. and guess what i got a great deal .. costs me ony 5500 in indian rupees .. lol ..
    anyway ..  when are u exams starting up ?? .. i had a dream where i saw ur HOD setting a real tough question paper .. lol .. haha …
    start reading ..

  2. Hello long itme sis..so your eggjams over and stufF???Umm at present its personal like me and this guy fdoing it and were getting cash frm nclmg.Im not a part of nclmb yet and like these ppl just give cash.I wanna do persoanlly..like help dogs not give money.I have to join ncl but ill try to change something…

  3. tsk ! tsk! another person falling prey to expectations? keep your hopes, and dreams and faiths strong – and banish the expectations;

    Hope that you will find someone who understands you
    Hope that you find him soon
    Dream that you be able to spend enough time with him in this life
    Dream that he understands you without you expecting him to
    and have faith that if you have enough patience and belief you WILL find!

    Life does not have a switch or a regulator; so it has a pace of its own – alive; and surprises us every now n then by trowing some bricks or spanners and even some blossoms when we least expect it! So the only way is the hope, dream, and move ahead with faith n belief…

    btw – leave alone the females, even after not being a gay I fall for Abhi!

  4. Hmmm…pensive mood indeed!
    Go shopping and then wear a new t shirt eah day to CCD and Barista and sip on coffee and read a good book there,thats the best thing todo to kill time.
    Arrgghh! Life is a compromise sweetie, and the sooner one realises that the better,one doesnt always get along with everyone but one is still requiredto be civil to the person for whatever reason,thats a compromise too.but the hope of a better day or moment is alwys there.
    Ok,now i\’mnot sure what i\’m gettig atso i shal jus leave 😛

  5. grt idea just drop it,let go ,restart :-)!!!fan can be switched off yes,life carries on…moods are under ur control!get up girl, and go!!live!!ppl are diff to understand,some or not,its inevitable you meet all sorts :-(!!!so filter,choose and carry on…
    smile and happiness always

  6. first u gotta know na dat whether those people mean anything in ur life , coz if they\’re not ur friends (and they shuldnt be ), then its perfectly fine but if they are ur friends then sit them down and sort out stuff
    and we do meet fewer people as we grow up the reason being that we\’re aware now more than ever about who we are, our likes and dislikes and thats the reason we can pin point who we like and what se like about them ….
    and dont ever make compromises when it comes to the few people in ur life …we can make compromises with everything which is not so important in our life but dont you find it harder to make compromises or settle for anything less when the concerned thing./person means more to you ????
    enuff bhashan now , there are only so many reason why a man can get so happy na …i think ur smart enuff to understand wat im sayin 🙂

  7. We need to make some compromises at times, BUT not all the time and with everyone. And yeah, it\’s very stupid to expect ppl to understand you.. no one does and no one can 🙂 like you said, DROP it, CHUCK it, and DON\’T THINK.. have fun! 🙂

  8. hey btw, I dont want my kids to be SO good.. they shd be somewhat spoilt as well 😀 like krits mentioned :p a mix of both, like I am :p

  9. who said life is easy? but dreams and hopes makes it a bit easier. Still when u keep on waiting for them – u tend to be weary, thts when faith and belief helps. Like I know, she will come!

    And the same way, I do not fit into any norm… and continuously get misunderstood? so what? do I care? at the most I put on a mask – show them what they want to see and get along with the real me in my pleasure… I guess isolating myself from all has helped me a bit in these scenarios, and thts not possible for all. But when the closest of souls expects something, I tend to give in; after all u rarely get nething untill u pay for it… right? my principle ( i guess a tough one!) when its my turn to give – I dont expect; when its someone I value expects, I give again! I have so I give… and I know if I have given the right thing to the right person, I will get what I need…

  10. sis umm..read the sunday metro mein that nilanjanaa lady ka article next week..not tomo NEXT WEEK..usme shes publishing bt the NGO;s im visiting..And today im writing abt it..i and the other guy the friend of mine..Were writing for the article..:P..well yeah but people have surely changed around here..it doesnt seem as appealing as before..this refers to blogging..but still…ill write not for the peole to comment or anything…ill write for expressing myself..And dont care whether people visit or not :P…well take care.What you been upto that your so busy?And umm i need some cash..can you loan me osme????:P

  11. havent read much on this cyber visit…just scanned through some of your pictures..i LOVE that cart…i have a bit of a fetish for carts..the kind you see in plenty in market..4 big cycle wheeled things..
    damn..i saw one outside mycollege once,…was considering stealing it..but even if i did manage to..[.which would be amusing.. i  keep picturing myself with an entire pushcart under my top with me looking very casual et al..]
    anyways..if i DID manage to pull it off..(the theft not the top) id not know how to get it home :(…my mother has gotten rather annoyingly anti junk of late….doesnt look too thrilled about my rising collection of ruined keyboards,cellphones, camera,boxes, broken casettes, cds,bits of leather, wood..
    ok ok i can understand her worry…:( but i need to apply for some sort of artistic license which permits me to do all that without all the tension of the worrying mother…
    right then..ill read a little more and be off to some more cyber stalking….
    cheerio love
    *pirouettes off*

  12. ..this is my life at this moment..
    back I am Sups but heart and mind yet not in rhthym…I still need time to put things in my life  in proper perspective ..suddenly I am thinking so much..

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