Notes to self.

Do’s and Dont’s
Bite your tongue before you pass comments.
Especially around over sensitive people.
Its a different thing that you wont be able to hold your tongue.
Its another thing that they will mind anyways…anyhow. (weirdos)
Dont ponder and wonder in amazement at stubborn people.
They will get their way out eitherways.
You will not be able to.
Think of alternative ways. (Read: reverse psychology)
Jealousy is not a subject to be amused at.
You can ignore it.
Or fight the jealous..
But they’ll still be jealous.
So its best to carry on and give it back to them when the time comes.
How many lessons to self do you actually follow??
Lol supriya you’re like a easy going empress. hmph.

7 thoughts on “Notes to self.

  1. what goes out – sound
    always comes around

    cant break ur wall with your head
    get your job done as you want instead

    we fall and rise just to again fall
    thats how we learnt to walk afterall

  2. Think,think think before you shout at someone in anger and say horrible things which u\’ll be reminded of a hundred times 🙂 thats one lesson i must learn.. i\’m trying!

  3. I dunno hw many of the lessons Sups actually follows bt id definitely be writing these to myself some point in time…maybe right now..
    what goes around, comes around..(lol…& also wht Horus said)
    Hey…no hvnt herd of tat movie studyin these days       8-)..nah..Im jus singin Sohneya by Euphoria, a lott!! n its raining!! dis weather is soo \’Euphori(a)c\’ (*wink wink*)..lisn 2 Mhfuz also…ok taadaaaa…!! (oh btw, hwz d Esprit doin?? say "hi!" okay? 😀 )
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

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