Maybe i need a major change in my attitude..my thinking..my ways and my life.

I just dont know what else to write.



6 thoughts on “I?

  1. SUppy..why would you want to change? Theres nothing that needs to be changed…people need to learn to accept you for what you are,..and the little that i know you, im pretty certain theres not a lot they need to put up with!

  2. NOTE: Change in attitude is not a pre-requiste for blogging!
    Don\’t ask for change.. you ll never get it. Don ask for it, and you ll keep changing forever.

  3. We all need change. Change is good. How long should I want to hold on to my everything, at one point, i should just let go!, shouldn\’t I?

  4. thats why I say its not easy to be an eternal optimist… close down ur doors for a few mins… sit down and analyse from outside – do you belive what u think and react as are right? Check that again… what would be your reactions if you were in the receiving end… if you still belive that you are right – then never think again. If its not ur problem then how can u do nething about it? and if u feel u wont be too happy taking what you give n think – then and then only u may think of a change…
    Change is neither good nor bad – sometimes its a requuirement sometimes its the pitfall – look well before u decide but once decided dont stop in the middle of the road and think – just cross it…

  5. Remember that ad ? "Mujhe change chahiye?" :PP
    Change is inevitable my dear friend, and with power and age comes responsibility too so you see indirectly we are asking for more responsibility 😛 But chill automatically with growig up,more maturerness will set in and thus there will be a change in attitude and thinking..and oh well,i\’m hoping to be growing up soon too u\’no:P

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